SD Card Reader not working in Windows 10

After installing new Windows 10 security update, if SD card does not appear in Windows Explorer if you plug it in your PC’s card reader, then there is some issue with your hardware or drivers. This is a common Windows problem, and usually quite simple to repair. Here in this article, we are going to share how to Fix SD Card Reader not working issue in Windows 10.

Below are some easy solutions to Fix this error. Due to new Windows 10 update, users have reported SD card reader isn’t working error. Microsoft also tweeted about this error.

When you insert an SD card reader to your Windows PC, it isn’t detected. Now, first of all, try the SD card reader with a different system and confirm that SD card reader is working fine.

SD Card Reader not working in Windows 10

Many Windows users encounter upon the SD card reader not working mistake after the Windows 10 upgrade and don’t acquire access to their own important SD card information. It is a really nerve-wracking but common problem which Windows 10 is stuck on the “SD card not known” problem.

When they insert the SD card in the correct slot, the device only fails to discover it and SD Memory Card Drive no longer functions in Windows 10. This is only one of those most popular Windows 10 update and setup errors encountered.

Some individuals encountered the exact same SD card not functioning mistake after Windows 10 update. The card is detected by Windows 10 PC nor showing up in device manager. To fix SD card issue within Windows 10, you have solutions.

Method 1: Update your drivers

First of all, try to update the SD card reader driver. Now you have two ways to download latest SD card Reader Drivers from the official site or you can use 3rd party driver software to download and update Sd card Driver.

Sometimes to due to faulty or outdated drivers, you will face this issue.

Method 2: Clean SD card & reader

Another frequent cause of SD card not working is a really easy one: a dirty SD card or even a card reader. Either will lead to a bad contact between reader and card.

So the next thing that you should do is provide your card with a tidy, and eliminate any dust out of the reader, then try the card. To wash your card, take a cotton fabric in a small water or alcohol, and gently wipe the dirty place, paying special attention to the metallic contacts.

To wash your own reader, use a compressed air. As an alternative, you can purchase contact cleaner on Amazon.

Method 3: Check if your card reader is Working

Remove your SD card from that system and then connect it to another system. Now if it is working with that system, the issue is with a driver. Or if not working then SD card reader is not working confirmed.

Now hope the issue SD Card Reader not working is fixed. Comment below if you need any further help with SD card Reader not Working.