Fix tcpip.sys Blue Screen of Death on Windows 10/7/8

If you have installed Windows 10 Fall Creator Update then chances are you are facing tcpip.sys error on your computer or laptops. The Error is reported by so many Windows 10 users. But no need to worry because there are some solutions are available to this error. Here in this article, we are going to share how to Fix tcpip.sys Blue Screen of Death Error.

Tcpip.sys is an SYS file that came with the Windows security updates. When you install new Windows 10 update, the system automatically updates the sys file and tcpip is one of them. tcpip.sys file is important for various Windows functions, including the April 2011 Security Release ISO. If you are facing the issue then you have to Fix it.

tcpip.sys Blue Screen of Death

Sometimes while working, you will see this blue screen of Death Error. The most recent known version of Tcpip.sys is, that has been created for Windows 10. Without catalyst documents like tcpip.sys, you would not have the ability to perform simple tasks like printing a file.

Why Do I Have SYS Errors?

SYS file mistakes generally occur due to faulty hardware or corrupted device driver documents. The blue display tcpip.sys or tcpip.sys addresses error will be recognizable to anybody who has used the Windows OS for any duration of time.

The error is generally brought on by a corrupt or invalid registry entry. The registry will be the component of the hard disk which decides how programs are conducted on the PC, and in which their data is saved.

BSOD happens when a few of the machine documents are malfunctioning. To stop additional damage to the machine, Windows shuts itself, leading to the blue display. Following the restart, the computer attempts to recover normal operation.

Method 1: Reset TCP/IP

Press Win + S to open Search and then type CMD. Right Click on it and then choose open as Admin.

Click Yes and type this command and press Enter.

netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt

netsh int ip reset

Restart your computer.

Method 2: Update the network card driver(s)

Sometimes due to faulty or outdated drivers, you will face tcpip.sys Blue Screen of Death on Windows 10/7/8 Error. So its time to update the drivers.

Now you can use two methods to update drivers. One is manually downloading drivers from the official website and install them manually.

Or you can use 3rd party driver tools to download and update drivers automatically.

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