PT-141 Therapy In Canada – All You Need To Know

Peptides are a relatively new way that can help you change your appearance and your life along with that. There are thousands of them, but today we chose pt-141 Canada to talk about. We`ll discuss what peptides are, their peculiarities, side effects, and what to expect. Let’s wait no more!

What Are Peptides

Peptides in bodybuilding are becoming more and more popular every year. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that they give a really noticeable result, on the other hand, the fact that they are much easier to get than anabolic steroids. This is also due to the fact that their turnover is practically not controlled at the legislative level. By the way, peptides have little in common with steroids, even though they are often placed in the same row. But one way or another, the fact remains – they are very popular, quite effective, relatively affordable, and, importantly, legal. It is by the sum of these factors that they enjoy considerable authority. Today we will understand what peptides are for in sports and bodybuilding.

Peptides are amino acid molecules linked together in a chain. They can be of both organic and synthetic origin, and each link in the chain can include tens, hundreds, and even thousands of amino acids. As you know, amino acids are the structural elements of protein, and those of them that are of organic origin is produced inside our bodies. Those amino acids that the body produces themselves are called replaceable, and those that it cannot produce themselves are called irreplaceable, one way or another, our body needs both. Both the former and the latter can be obtained from both conventional foods and sports supplements.

What Is PT-141 and How Does It Work

The pt-141 Canada or it is also called Bremelanotide is a cyclic analog of the lactam heptapeptide from an analog of X-MSH (s-melanocyte-stimulating hormone) with the amino acid sequence Ac-Nle-cyclo-OH [Asp-His-D-Phe-Arg-Trp-Lys] and an average half-life of 2.7 hours. It is an active metabolite of the Melanotan 2 peptide, which does not have an amide LED terminal group, however, PT-141 does not significantly stimulate melanogenesis unlike Melanotan 2. This peptide mainly strongly increases and stimulates libido, sexual arousal, and sexual activity in men and women. PT-141 can be used as a treatment for generalized hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), erectile dysfunction (ED) in men (even in men who have not responded to other erectile dysfunction treatments such as Viagra, Cialis, etc.), and similar sexual arousal disorders.

When pt-141 Canada enters our body it connects with specific receptors and this, in turn, causes a cascade of chemical reactions, helping men raise their instrument and putting women `in the mood`. Since human sexuality and desire is a complicated process that isn’t entirely understood by science, and it is still hard to tell how hormones work we can’t really describe how pt-141 Canada works. However, its main purpose is to stimulate natural reactions.

PT-141 Effects And Side Effects

Bremelanotide has different benefits. Its main benefit is, of course, increased libido. Some say that it can give you 7 hours of boner. This, consequently will improve your self-esteem and push your relations with a partner at a higher level. Moreover, it is more effective than widespread Viagra and works the same for men and women. As it is similar to melatonin it can also give you a nice-looking tan.

The most common side effects of PT-141 are nausea and discomfort around the injection site. Other side effects that may occur, but are less likely, like hot flashes or pressure spikes, but you won’t really think about them, the only thing you can think of is sex. Deal with other stuff, approximately after 7 hours when PT-141 will stop working.

Dosage and Precautions

The recommended dosage is 1.75 mg injected under the skin. It should be administered approximately 45 minutes before sexual activity is expected. Bremelanotide response times vary from a few minutes to several hours and have been reported to be effective for up to 72 hours. PT-141 is available in different forms, like tablets, creams, and even nasal spray, however, they are less effective than its injectable form. One must not take more than one dose during one day and please do not try to use it longer than one month and no more than 8 doses during this period.

As for precautions, Bremelanotide should be used with caution in the case of severe liver or kidney impairment. You should not take it if you have any heart diseases like cardiovascular conditions or uncontrolled hypertension. The last thing is quite obvious, you should not use PT-141 during pregnancy.


In contrast to its peptide relatives, PT-141 is more focused on one purpose – increasing your libido and helping you to get back on track. It is relatively safe and approved by scientists for human use. However, it still has side effects and contradictions, so be sure to consult with your doctor before starting the PT-141 cycle.