A Comprehensive Guide to Proviron and Clomid PCT

Post-cycle therapy is the most important part of each cycle. It is like a final dot in the long story. That’s why we are going to tell you more about proviron and clomid pct so you will be sure to make the right choice during your therapy to gain the best results possible.

What is PCT

PCT or Post Cycle Therapy is a thing used by sportsmen and athletes to anchor gained results while using anabolic steroids plus to avoid unpleasant consequences. What could possibly happen to a man if he decided to skip post-cycle therapy? Well, nothing good actually. The use of any anabolic steroids besides all other effects also suppresses the excretion of natural men’s hormone. And as we remember, testosterone is the most important part of a man’s body, it regulates almost all significant processes in the body. So, when its secretion is lowered it affects the whole organism causing different kinds of pain, alopecia, low libido, and other awful stuff.

But why is it so important besides side effects? How does it work? Suppressed testosterone influences also result after course. Don`t forget about the rollback phenomenon. For different AAS users, the rollback does not occur with the same speed and intensity, but this phenomenon awaits everyone without exception. What are the main reasons for the rollback and can they be resisted? To answer this question, you first need to decide how we get high results when using steroids. The rollback phenomenon is a term used in bodybuilding to describe the process of losing muscle mass after stopping the use of anabolic steroids or other anabolic drugs. It lasts about 1 month after the course. The rollback phenomenon especially occurs with the use of steroids in large doses, as well as with unreasonable courses.

So, to avoid it one should be cautious when picking the course, plus – don`t skip PCT. It is better to start PCT as soon as you finish your main cycle. If you use prohormones or selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) you can start right after their cycle. However, if you used steroids it is better to take a little break and start your therapy after a week. Of course, the best will be if you have a professional specialist who will guide you from the starting of your cycle to the and post-cycle therapy, you can find one online or among your friends in the gym. If you are a qualified veteran and boss of the gym, well, it’s good for you, make sure you help newbies not to kill themselves.

Normally, if we are talking about post-cycle therapy, we always hear about Clomid and Nolva. But there are a lot of options actually, like Proviron and Clomid PCT. First things first. Many athletes, after the steroids cycle, try to restore testosterone levels using dietary supplements, herbal infusions, and other questionable means. This should not be done: after the cycle, the body is in a hormonal pit, when the level of follicle-stimulating and luteinizing hormones is practically zero.

When starting taking Clomid, LH and FSH levels quickly peak while testosterone levels rise. In just a couple of weeks, testosterone levels return to the state that was observed before the course of steroids. However, the duration of taking the drug depends on the individual characteristics of the athlete’s body: for someone, two weeks are enough, for someone it takes several months.

Proviron is less toxic to the liver, therefore, it is most often taken during the main course and not during therapy. Its action is aimed at blocking the transformation of testosterone into estrogens, but its effectiveness in this matter is very low. Therefore, it is not equated in action to aromatase inhibitors (it will not cope with aromatization on the course). However, Proviron can actually decrease the sensitivity of estrogen receptors, which further increases its effectiveness by attenuating circulating estrogens in the blood. As for the cycle PCT, start with a bigger dose of Clomid and then slightly decrease it, 150mg per day is considered to be a safe zone, and combine it with no more than 50mg per day of Proviron last it for no more than 6 weeks.


We really hope that the information in the article was useful to you and you will be more attentive to your post cycle therapy and will never think about skipping it ever again. Clomid and Nolva are considered to be the best stack for PCT however science does not stand still, there are new drugs popping on the market, or modified old formulas. So it is only your responsibility to choose the right dosage and medications for yourself.