Eyelash Serums for Chemo Patients

Beauty tips for when you're going through chemotherapy

Along with hair loss, you may lose part or all your body hair after beginning chemotherapy, including eyebrows, eyelashes, nose hair, underarm and pubic hair, and chest hair for males. This might be jarring, particularly if you aren’t expecting it. If you’ve lost hair beneath …

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How to Pump Your Brain

purple and pink plasma ball

Our brain is a big mystery. No other living creature known and studied by scientists has such a developed “gray matter”. That’s why we are able to think and have high self-consciousness. But no human being has yet been able to reach the top of …

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10 Main Effects of CBD on Your Health

Cannabidiol treatment is a medical phenomenon increasingly popular in the US as a panacea for a variety of disorders. For residents of large US cities, including Washington DC, Cannabidiol products are freely offered in bars and cafes, grocery, and specialty shops. There are thousands of …

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A Guide To Choose Water Softener

Hard water is a common problem faced by people all over India. This leads to numerous problems. You may notice a thin white film on the tiles of your bathroom and will face problems such as dry skin and hair. Clogged pipes are another problem …

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