Is APSDaemon.exe A Virus? Complete Guide

On this piece of writing, we are here to remove your query and ambiguity that whether this APSDaemon.exe file is marked as a virus or whether this is a secure file to be used!

We have collected a complete guide for you. Do check out all of the details and share with us your experience that whether you find this guide useful.

All of you might know about this piece of information that this APSDaemon.exe file comes in the category of the executable file.

Moreover, it is the official part and introduced by the Safari program. Furthermore, this file was developed and manufactured by Apple Incorporation.

The size of this software is around and about 40.33 MB. In some of the cases, these executable files may harm your computer system. 

So, in this scenario, you should delete these executable files. If these files will remain present in your PC, then its performance scale will get damaged.

This guide will give you a clear cut hint and signal whether this file is a virus or whether it will not pose any damage to your system.

What is APSDaemon.exe?


If this APSDaemon.exe file does not have a virus trace in it, then it is safe for your computer.

Though it is a legitimate Windows process, it no longer remains a legitimate file if it gets injected with some malware.

In addition, this file has to run and operate from the location of C:\Program Files\Safari\Safari.exe and it should not at all be running and functioning from elsewhere location.

So, if this APSDaemon.exe file is present in some other PC location, it means it is not safe for your computer.

To confirm and verify its location, it is recommended to open and access the Task Manager. Then you have to go to the View tab and choose the tab of Columns.

There click on Image path name and incorporate a location column right into the tab of Task Manager.

If the directory file comes out to be suspicious, then take it as a signal that this APSDaemon.exe file is not secure for your PC system.

Besides, you need to investigate the proceeding of this suspicious directory so that it does not more and further harm your PC.

Most probably, you can detect such kind of bad processes and the presence of suspicious directories by taking help from Microsoft’s Process Explorer.

It is suggested to start and turn on the program, click on the activation button of Check legends, go to View, and finally Select Columns.

There it is required from you to add “Verified Signer”.

If this column does not identify or somehow recognize your APSDaemon.exe file, it means it contains a virus or any malware in it.

If your windows have any sort of error, try using reimage repair. If you want to know in-depth about it, then check out our review of Reimage Repair.

APSDaemon.exe File Information:


This APSDaemon.exe file is located and present in the subfolder zone and area of C:\Program Files\Safari\.

Apple incorporation is its publisher and this file full and complete path details are C:\Program Files\Safari\Safari.exe.

Its size range is 40.33 MB and this file is compatible with a large number of window types.

Moreover, if this file gives you any of the tough times while running and using it, then that is a sign it is not useful for you.

That is why it recommended removing these executable files likewise we have this APSDaemon.exe one for you.

Even more, if this file is not present in its genuine location and if it is not available in its exact size range, it means that file is acting as camouflage and it is a virus.

These are the two main hints and signals that you can help you fix this problem as soon as possible.

There are many anti-virus tools that detect such suspicious files; you can use such tools for sure.

Lastly, in the worst-case scenario, you can run your PC system in the safe mode. By doing so, your system will remain safe. It will remain to operate in a secure environment.

Furthermore, this safe mode option disables most of the risky and virus filled processes and only run those services and processes that are most needed by your PC system.

Best Practices for Resolving APSDaemon Issues:

APSDaemon Issues

You might be wondering and still be thinking that how can you get rid of these APSDaemon.exe issues, below we have mentioned more of the elaborated guide for you.

If this executable file is camouflaged as a virus, then get rid of minute without wasting a minute.

Such files act as a security threat for your system and below we have collected a few of the handy solutions for you to deal with these issues.

No matter, you are using Windows XP or you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, these solutions are applicable and can be followed on these windows.

Regarding the risk level of this APSDaemon.exe file, if you have got this file from any manufacturer, then it will be less risky for your PC system.

On the other hand, if you have downloaded this file apsdaemon.exe from any of the untrusted sites or from any of the anonymous sources or hackers’ websites, then its risk level will come out to be higher.

So far, no evidence is collected whether this file contains a virus in it or not.

In addition, if your PC system is infected with a serious virus, then there is a high chance that these executable files will get infected too.

To resolve these APSDaemon.exe issues, you can make use of a reliable and good antivirus program.

Furthermore, you can keep on using top-quality multi-antivirus scanners that keeps your PC virus-free and malware-free.

Before you download and install such files, make sure to have a look at their size range and consumption scale.

If these file sizes are huge and if they consume more CPU memory, it means your executable files like APSDaemon.exe files are infected.

Apart from that, to, well tackle and instantly resolve these APSDaemon.exe issues, you can look into your software functionality issues.

The user can check the driver and look for the software updates on a regular and frequent basis.

These are small and effective practices that you can carry out to keep your executable files safe and secure.

We have this survey stat for you, there 11% of users have removed this APSDaemon.exe file from their system.

It means that this file is harmless for your computer. You can remove this program as well by using and availing the Windows Control Panel.

Go to the Start menu, click Control Panel, and then you have to go and access under Programs.

Look and hunt for the program that is titled and named as Safari, click on it. To remove it, click and hit on the Remove button. 

APSDaemon.exe Error Messages:


Below are the common APSDaemon.exe file error messages that the user will often get and these messages will be shown on your computer screen if you download and install these programs. 

Check out these error message details and let us know whether you have ever received these messages or not:

“apsdaemon.exe Application Error’’ or you get this message “apsdaemon.exe has encountered and witnessed a problem.

” Some users get messages like, “apsdaemon.exe is not a genuine and valid Win32 application.” Or this message appears on your screen in a way that “apsdaemon.exe not found.”

At times, you are going to see this message, “Error starting file/program: apsdaemon.exe.”

Make sure that you always keep a record of these error messages. This way, you will be in a position to handle APSDaemon.exe issues.

Besides, your computer system should never contain a virus in it. A single trace and hint of virus damage your PC performance on drastic and scary notes.

Such virus-filled files, they damage your important data, files, and folders. So, it is better to make a backup.

Lastly, if this APSDaemon.exe file acts in a suspicious style, then reinstall your windows and boot them for one more time.

Pass your windows through an effective and reliable scanner and anti-virus software.

These practices are going to decrease the probability that your computer will ever get harmed and damaged from this malware.

Hence, you need to keep in mind that these executable files can have and contain viruses in them.

You have to keep an eye on every single activity performed by these executable files and keep your computer safe, sound, and secure from adware,

Trojans, and too from the attacks of keyloggers, malware.


This is all about the comprehensive information on the APSDaemon.exe file. We have mentioned all the basic data about this executable file.

Furthermore, we have told you regarding the sufficient number of practices that how these issues can be resolved!

There are lots of other kinds of executable files that are camouflaged as viruses, you can implement and follow these practices and ideally tackle these issues and troubleshooting modes.

Just stay tuned with us, more details on the APSDaemon.exe executable file category will sooner be shared and conveyed to you.

If you found and explored some more details and stats on this .exe file, then share that and forward that to us.

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