What is Atiptaxx.exe? How to Remove it? (Guide)

If you searching and finding the ways as to how to permanently delete this Atiptaxx.exe file, then we can help you out.

Here we have put up this guide for you. You need to keep in mind that this executable file is a part of a valid program.

It is all up to the user whether he wants to keep this program in his PC system or not. The choice is up to you!

Through this guide, you can decide whether you are in a mood to run this program available in the Atiptaxx.exe version to operate and start on your PC or not.

Furthermore, this program runs automatically and it does not get disabled on its own. To stop its running, you can either delete it or you can disable its operations.

You can now have a look at the brief description that we have collected for you about this file. If you need more of the further assistance, then take help from us anytime.

What is Atiptaxx.exe?


Atiptaxx.exe file is a part of the ATI series. This ATI series is part of the control panel. In this set of series, you are going to delivered with video cards.

Moreover, this file allows and permits you to access display resolution features. You can use features like those of color depth.

This file permit you to customize your settings in any manner that you have desired!

Regarding the startup type and version of this Atiptaxx.exe file, it is started and operated automatically from a Run mode.

Giving you more data on this file, this respective file is the part of the ATI desktop control panel. It is manufactured and too developed by ATI technologies.

This component belongs to the software category. Most noteworthy, it is this ATI desktop control panel that is the part of advanced and upgraded configuration ability.

This file is mainly utilized to process and operate ATI Radeon graphic cards.

Upon using this file, you can have access and be able to use the advanced options that are linked to modifying and revising ATI graphic cards.

But this file does not hold any worthy and significant place in the windows process zone. You can delete it if you wish to do so!

You can disable it too. As this Atiptaxx.exe file belongs to ATI technologies incorporation, so giving you a few details of this company!

This is basically a Canadian company. It develops and makes semiconductor technology.

Furthermore, this company has its specialization in the making and manufacturing of all kinds of graphics processing units and also chipset units.

In addition, this company was founded in the year 1985. Initially, it came into being with the name of Array technologies.

There is another important that you can remember about this Atiptaxx.exe file, it is that Atiptaxx stands and terms for ATI desktop control panel executable extension.

This is a normal practice opted by virus writers and malware makers to name their viruses with these executable files.

So, stay away from such files and executable file folders. Only use those files that are linked with the trusted application source.

If your windows have any sort of error, try using reimage repair. If you want to know in-depth about it, then check out our review of Reimage Repair.

Atiptaxx.exe File Information:


The location of this Atiptaxx.exe file, it is C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies\ATI Control Panel\atiptaxx.exe.

On the other hand, you have to type this command to make use of this file and it is, C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies\ATI Control Panel\atiptaxx.exe

If this file atiptaxx.exe is located and present in the C:\Windows\System32 folder zone, then the overall and average security rating will be falling at 15% riskiness and the file size is going to come around and about 344,064 bytes.

It means it will be 33% of all occurrences. Or the size will be 270,336 bytes, 315,392 bytes, or 151,552 bytes or it can be 290,816 bytes. 

The file is not marked and termed to be linked with the Windows system file. The file of atiptaxx.exe version, it comprises a visible window.

And it records and keeps the actual track of keyboard inputs and mouse inputs.

Besides, if this atiptaxx.exe file is there in a subfolder zone of C:\, then the security rating is approximately at the 33% riskiness state.

Its file size is about 335,872 bytes, in other words, it will be 50% of all occurrences. This is not a Windows core and main file.

Lastly, if this respective file is located and resided in the C:\Windows folder zone, then the security rating and danger state will be at the 225 riskiness and the file size range is 335,872 bytes.

To use this file, you have to access the start-up. Go to Settings, reach to Control Panel, and click on the button of Display. 

Best Practices for Resolving Atiptaxx Issues:


To remove or delete this Atiptaxx.exe file right there from your operating system, you can follow the below-written method.

This is a reliable method for you and it will not allow this executable file to get enter into your hard disk premises.

This is an easy to follow removal guide for you.

If you are using Windows 7 or 8 or if you are the user of Windows Vista or Windows XP, then you can follow this removal guide to get rid of and be able to resolve these Atiptaxx.exe file issues.

Before that, you have to make sure that you do not remove necessary executable files from your computer.

Verify their significance and importance level and then remove them.

If you delete important executable files from your PC, then there is a chance that your operating system may experience difficulty in working.

The first step is to start creating a Restore Point. This is an important step because if this removal guide went wrong, then you can revert and redo the changes in a trouble-free manner.

Open the standard search window bar and type the name of this file, that is Atiptaxx.exe file, After some time, the windows search bar will show the copies of this executable file.

Once results are presented, then delete those files. Or there is a manual method for you.

If the above way does not work for you and this Atiptaxx.exe file is still present in your computer, then access the search bar results and delete all of the possible numbers of occurrences of atiptaxx.exe.

Still, if you find this manual removal guide process not so suitable for your PC system, then you can stop this Atiptaxx.exe file process by accessing the Task Manager.

Just click on the “Processes” pane and choose atiptaxx.exe and simply you need to press the “Delete” key.

More of the easy to follow ways are here collected that are linked to resolving and seamlessly handling these Atiptaxx.exe file issues.

For your convenience, we have mentioned quick and simple to follow approaches with our readers.

Firstly, it is for one time in a week that you should entirely scan your computer. You never know when your PC system will be attacked by adware and malware threats.

This regular scanning will keep your PC not to be packed with virus traces and hints. You can use any cleanmgr tool for this scanning job.

Or you can uninstall the program that you think is causing trouble to your computer.

Moreover, if you fail to initialize and run any program, then you can auto-start it or you can configure its settings on further notes.

During scanning jobs, you might lose your important data so make a backup before you scan your whole PC computer system.

There is resmon command device and made for you. It works in an amazing way. It quickly and instantly identifies those processes that bring your computer on the riskiness verge.

Upon using this command, you can know about the threats that are about to attack your system, and then you can remove them right away.

Besides, there is another great command that you can make use of! It restores health command. It helps you solve your Atiptaxx.exe file issue.

This command will identify all potential spyware present in your PC.

It helps you locating and aiming at malware or virus or Trojan present and about to attack your PC operations.

So, you can use these commands and make the right use of these executable files that may have a virus in them.

If you using some other command for this same job, then share that with us and educate us about the effective use of that command.


This is all information on the removal guide of this executable file subjected to the Atiptaxx.exe file.

If you are new to this concept, then this guide may have helped you a lot.

Besides, if you have had some experience with this file, then share that with us.

Our PC operating systems and hard drives and also C drive folder zones, they are jam-packed with such executable files and they are often camouflaged as big virus threats.

So, to tackle these threats, it is advisable to remove them.

You can keep in touch with us, in the coming uptime, more updated details on Atiptaxx.exe file are coming up.

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