Fix Your Password Has Expired And Must Be Changed Issue

Windows has set an expiry timer. Frequently updated Windows password to get much more protection. Nowadays personal privacy is the most important thing. Users are most worried about their privacy because of which they are very protective of their password. Users usually forget those password which is constantly changed. Users have to change their password constantly because of that. many users have complained of password expiring. But the windows password is set with an expiry timing. It is a defence program developed y windows to prevent password stealing. This feature also slows down any negative usage of the windows. But people are really annoyed by this feature.

How You can solve Password Has Expired And Must Be Changed Issue

Here are all working methods that you can use to fix this Password Has Expired problem in Windows 10. Please follow these steps very carefully.

Your Password Has Expired And Must Be Changed

Method 1- With a Password Recovery Disk

Step 1- Use another Computer to create a bootable disk.

Step 2- Download and install the windows password Refixer from here.

Step 3- open the software and follow the instructions to burn it into a USB or a CD drive.

Step 4- Connect the USB drive or the CD drive to your locked computer.

Step 5- turn on your computer and access the computer boot menu or BIOS screen.

Step 6- Set the computer to boot from the USB drive.

Method 2- Change password

Step 1- after the windows password refixer screen appears.

Step 2- click on the user password has expired.

Step 3- click on the reset password button.

Step 4- it will ask for permission whether to reset the password or not, Click the yes button.

Step 5- it will leave your password blank and then click on reboot.

Step 6- turn on your computer to see that your issue is solved.

Method 3- sign-in screen

Step 1- Go to the screen where you see the message ” your password has expired and must be changed”

Step 2- click on the ok button below the message.

Step 3- type in your old password in the first blank.

Step 4- Type your new password in the second blank and confirm that password in the third blank.

Step 5- click on the Ok button to reset your password.

How to disable Windows 10 password expiration time

Step 1- Tap on the folder option place on your taskbar.

Step 2- look for this PC and right-click on it.

Step 3- click on the manage option to open the computer management window.

Step 4- click on the local users and Groups placed on the left side of the window.

Step 5- expand the dropdown option.

Step 6- click on the users option.

Step 7- double click on the user account whose expiration you want to disable.

Step 8- a new window will open, under the general tab look for the checkbox labelled as password never expires.

Step 9- check the box and click ok to save changes.


Can I change the time of the expiration of a password?

Yes, you can change the time of the expiration of a password and there is a method to do that. Windows allow you to set the time of expiration for your own convenience. Because people complain so much about the acceleration process and time. Windows suggest you set your password expiration time between 30 and 90 days depending on your environment. It is up to you to set the password expiration time. many people do not know how to change or extend the password expiration time.

How to change the time of the expiration of a password?

The method to change the expiration time of the password is as follows.

Step 1- press Windows key + R to open the run dialogue box.

Step 2- type in the search war “gpedit.msc” and hit enter.

Step 3- we will open the local group policy editor window.

Step 4- now click on the drop-down menu labelled as computer configuration placed on the left-hand side of the window.

Step 5- now expand the drop-down menu labelled as Windows settings.

expand the drop-down menu

Step 6- now expand the label called security settings.

Step 7- after that click on account policies and after which click on password policy.

Step 8- double click on the option called minimum password age place in the centre of the video.

Step 9- change the expiration time according to you.

This is how you change the expiration time in Windows 10. You can also disable it with the last method we told you above. It is is a feature given by Microsoft for better privacy to its users. This feature enables the user to have high security on their system.

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