Is Apoint.exe Safe? How to Remove a Apoint Error?

Today we are going to discuss and cover all the information regarding the “Apoint.exe” and its working nature.

You will also get the answers to its safety and how to remove the “Apoint error”. It will give you a complete set of details of even uninstalling the 

Want to know the interesting part of this review?

In this review, you will get to know everything about the “Apoint.exe” and all its related things. You will get to know whether this executable file is safe or not.

We will also tell you how to install and uninstall the file safely. It can save you from multiple breaches in security too.

We will provide you the right instructions to remove the error caused by this file upon removal from your computer.

All of these will be the best practices that you can adopt to remove Apoint issues from your computer system. 

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Without taking more of your precious and important time we will head straight towards the amazing collection of information.

You will get to know everything regarding “Apoint.exe” and how it impacts your computer system. Its role and functioning devices would also be elaborated here in detail. 

As you go through this article you will get to know is this “Apoint.exe” is safe for use or not. You will also know the details of this executable file and its functioning.

It will allow you to operate it and know its features thoroughly. 

What is Apoint.exe?


Alps Electric Co. developed a program called the Touch-Pad Driver. The apoint.exe is a part of the program and an executable file; the size of this software is 9.35 MB.

Here apoint stands for Alps Pointing-device Driver. As the .exe extensions mean the file is executable one but can also be harmful to your computer.

So you can read and decide whether the apoint.exe file is a valid Windows OS file. Or it is a Trojan, malware, etc. that you should delete.

Usually, you get these drivers preinstalled on your laptops. If you intend to terminate the process, it might cause problems with the touchpad of the laptop.

It is something you do not want to let happen. This is because it can cause you a lot of problems without some easy solution. Alps Electric Co. is a Japanese company and manufactures various electronics.

Initially, the company was Kataoka Electric Co. founded in 1948. Its headquarters are in Tokyo, Japan. It is one of the prestigious companies that create remarkable Softwares for your computer peripherals. 

Till now, the company produced above 40,000 types of electronic components. This number is remarkable and helps the company to build its market with efficient products.

There are thousands of device manufacturing companies like Dell, Sony, and Toshiba.

If your windows have any sort of error, try using reimage repair. If you want to know in-depth about it, then check out our review of Reimage Repair.

Apoint.exe File Information

file information

Though the file is not an essential component for Windows OS and causes problems. The location of apoint.exe is in the C folder:

 C:\Program Files\Apoint2K\

For Windows XP/7/8/10 the known sizes are 118,784 bytes, 1,814,552 bytes, and 95 other variants. This file is a trustworthy one from Microsoft and is not a Windows file.

Though there is no visible window of this program. Yet it can record not only the keyboard and mouse inputs. Also, it can manipulate applications and various other programs. It can be quite useful if you use it in the right way. 

This amazing executable file can help you with a great deal. You just need to know what are its security breach ratio and how much it can damage your system.

Hence the overall security rating is only 16% dangerous but you must read the reviews of other users. If you intend to uninstall the program/variant, follow these steps:

  • Try to look for help from Dell company.
  • Look for any new version; if available.
  • Simply uninstall the program from Control Panel > Uninstall a Program > ALPS Touch-Pad Driver.

These three steps are not only effective but also help the users to uninstall the program perfectly. There would be no residue files left in your system if you follow these steps properly.

These residue files may become a little bit problematic because they can produce malware in your computers.

If there are some residue files left in your system after the deletion of any program then they are the direct threat for your system.

It is because they are prone to generating different types of malware and damage system integrity.  

Is apoint.exe Safe?

Is apoint.exe Safe

It is pretty easy to estimate whether a file/program is legitimate or malicious software. All you need to determine is the location of that particular file.

Any legitimate program/file resides and runs from the C folder (Program Files). So check the location through:

Task Manager > View > Columns > Image Path Name.

This will add a location column to the Task Manager. Thus any suspicious directory present here means you must further investigate.

Apart from this, you can use another tool to detect any harmful processes in MSProcess Explorer. First of all, start the program as there is no installation required.

Next, activate Check Legends from Options. Go to View > Columns > add Verified Signer as a column.

Here if the status of a process is Unable to Verify then take a quick look at the process. As not all Windows processes (good ones) have a Verified Signature Label.

Whether you doubt that the system may have a virus, try to fix it. You can either delete the apoint.exe virus; use an application for this.

Such viruses and malware can be hard to detect so you will need to try various options. Then the functionality of these viruses can also have an impact on the deletion of apoint.exe.

If you face such a scenario then enable Safe Mode with Networking. This option will provide a secure environment that loads only required services/drives.

And will disable the majority of processes so you can complete the analysis.

Best Practices for Resolving Apoint Issues:

If your computer is clean, free from any issues, your apoint will also run smoothly. You should run a scan to ensure that there’s no malware and must clean the hard drive.

For the cleaning, you can use 1cleanmgr, sfc /scannow, and uninstalling programs. Such programs that you won’t need should not remain installed.

Then check for autostart programs with the help of MSConfig. You can also enable Windows’ automatic update. Here is a tip; don’t forget to set restore points or carry out a periodic backups

Since this program can be harmful sometimes so if you face any problem. First, try to remember all the last actions you performed on your system. It can be any installation or another action that led to problems in the system.

For such cases use the resmon command and identify the process which caused the problem. Even if your system is facing some serious issues, you don’t need to reinstall Windows.

Once people find out that apoint.exe in their system is not a legitimate file but a threat. The first and immediate response of the majority is to delete/uninstall the system.

But we urge you not to do so, even experts suggest the same. As you may not realize but eliminate the process will cause more issues. The running of your touchpad drivers will get affected.

You might have to face errors like apoint.exe error on startup. Or apoint.exe alps_setmousemonitor error, apoint.exe bad image error, etc. Still, to uninstall the program then rely on professional security programs only.

Rather than that, engage in repairing your installation for any version of Windows. Execute the command:

 DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth  

It will let you repair the OS and there won’t be any data loss.

Another way to determine the system is legit; check the processing. If your system has issues/lagging in the normal processing speed. Or you notice problems with booting, then your system has malware.

  • Press ctrl+alt+delete keys altogether, it will open the Task Manager.
  • Next, check the file list to see the storage occupied by apoint.exe. If space occupied is a larger portion then it is a malware for sure. You need to remove it from the system.

In case you want help with analyzing the apoint.exe process, here are a few helpful programs:

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

It detects and removes all sleeping adware, spyware, malware, and key loggers. And tracks, Trojans in hard drive.

Security Task Manager

It will display all running Windows tasks, either embedded hidden processes. Like the keyboard, browser monitoring,

Autostart entries, and more. The security risk rate will point to the process being malware.

Wrapping It All Up!

These are the best practices that you can perform for making sure there is no Apoint error on your computer.

They are not only effective but are applicable for a longer duration. I am sure you will love the contents of this review.

This is because everything in it is perfectly organized. This makes it easier for the readers to look for the exact information that they need from this review.

You can ask us anything if there is still some kind of problem because we will love to assist you in every possible way.  

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    I have been dealing with APoint for to long and want it off my computer…..I do not even have a touch pad….I just have a regular key board……it is beginning to mess with some downloads that I do….Please can you help me….I am 83 yrs old and afraid to do anything with this because I am mess something else up…Please can you help me….I did go to the files and there was an uninstall there and I tried to use that but it said that the uninstall would not work with my opperating system….much appreciate any help you can give me..
    Thia soooooo annoying.


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