Is attcm.exe Safe or a Virus? 2021 (Guide)

Here we are going to tell you whether attcm.exe is safe for your computer PC system or not! You can check out the below-written details.

You need to understand that this attcm.exe is a kind of executable file. Furthermore, it is part and important section of AT&T Communication Manager Program.

This program was developed and launched right by AT&T Inc. Moreover, these respective and specific software is approximate of the size range of 26.11 MB.

Whenever you see a file that comes with a .exe extension, then you can get an idea that this is an executable file. But there happen a few of the times that such files can put your computer PC system on a verge of risk and damage.

We hope that with the help of the below-written guide you can have an idea whether attcm.exe is safe for your computer system or not.

At times, this file comes in the form of a virus and Trojan horse and it is a must for you to delete this file program from your computer.

What is attcm.exe?


First of all, we will give you all the basic and main information on this attcm.exe file. Some of you consider it a virus and some take and assume this file in the form of malware.

If you come across such a file, then you have to verify and see whether this one is a legitimate file or not. Moreover, it has to be linked with a legitimate windows process mode.

In addition, that file linked with attcm.exe version, it will remain to stay safe and secure for your computer if it manages to run from C:\Program Files\AT&T\AT&T Communication Manager\attcm.exe path.

If you want to confirm this fact whether this file is safe or not, then you can carry out this process for your convenience.

Like, you can open up the task manager and reach to the View tab. Then you have to select and choose the option of Columns and simply click on the button of “Image Path Name”.

In this way, you will be able to add up a location column right and easily to your Task Manager. Besides, if you find and look for a suspicious directory in your system, then you need to further interrogate and investigate this respective processing.

You can take help and assistance from Microsoft’s Process Explorer as well for the sake of identifying any kind of these bad processes occurring and happening in your PC system.

What you can do is to start and run this respective program. After that, you can activate it by clicking on the option of “Check Legends”. Reach to View and hit on Columns.

Finally, add “Verified Signer”. If your file gives this message as “Unable to Verify“, then you should be avoiding opening that respective file.

If your windows have any sort of error, try using reimage repair. If you want to know in-depth about it, then check out our review of Reimage Repair.

Attcm.exe File Information


Moving on to the details of attcm.exe file information, here we have penned down some of the important data on this file.

It is located and present right there in the C:\Program Files\AT&T\AT&T Communication Manager\ subfolder. The publisher of this file is AT&T Inc.

The full path information is here provided to you, C:\Program Files\AT&T\AT&T Communication Manager\attcm.exe. It has got a 26.11 MB size.

The minute you start to suspect any of the difficulties and suspicious processing with any executable file of yours, then it means that the attcm.exe file is not safe for your computer PC system.

You need to determine beforehand whether it is trustworthy and reliable to be used or not. First, carry out this verification process and then delete that attcm.exe file.

You can carry out this proceeding in Task Manager. Look for the file location and then make a comparison of its size.

Hence, if you see and feel and this attcm.exe file is infected with some kind of virus and malware, then do fix this issue as soon as possible and remove that file from your system.

You can download and install full security application software for deleting this attcm.exe file. Furthermore, you should be enabling and activating the safe mode with networking option to keep your PC secure and safe.

By doing so, you can create and make a secure environment for your PC system. You will bring it in a position to disable any of the risky processes.

Best Practices for Resolving Attcm Issues:

If you are thinking that is it possible to remove this attcm.exe file, then here we can properly guide you on this area.

If it is a safe executable file, then you should not be deleting it without putting forward and giving any of the valid reasons.

A safe attcm.exe file, it does not negatively affect the speed and performance of any of your linked and associated programs.

You can avoid the risk by keeping your programs and softwares all updated and upgraded. If antivirus software is running at the backend side of your PC system, then your files will not get corrupted at all.

On the other hand, when it comes to all kinds of software functionality issues, then you make sure that you do check driver updates and the rest of the software updates.

There was this study conducted in which we came to know that only 8% to 10% of users removed this attcm.exe file from their systems.

It means that this file is not risky and damaging for your PC. But to keep your computer safe, always verify the reliability factor of your executable files.

Furthermore, you should be carrying out a complete and proper system analysis. This analysis will help you get rid of malicious files and will be able to delete attcm.exe.

If you have come to know that the attcm.exe file is not in the form of a virus present in your PC system and you still want to remove it, then you need to uninstall and remove AT&T Communication Manager right there from your computer.

You have to look for its uninstaller to complete this job. By doing so, you can completely delete and eradicate attcm.exe. Moreover, you can make use of the Add/Remove Program functioning present and located in the Windows Control Panel.

Resolving Attcm Issues by Using the Windows Control Panel

Windows Control Panel

With the use of the windows control panel, this is the best and ideal practice for resolving all kinds of attcm.exe file issues. To perform this job, firstly, you have to go to the Start menu.

If you are using Windows 8, then the user has to right-click on the bottom-left corner section of your PC screen. After that, click on the Control panel and reach the section of Programs.

In addition, if you are using Windows Vista/7/8.1/10, then simply hit on the option of Uninstall a Program.

However, if your PC system is operated by Windows XP, then select the option of Add or Remove Programs. Look for the program that is named as AT&T Communication Manager and Click Uninstall.

Follow all of the prompts to remove and take out this AT&T Communication Manager from your PC system.

Other Ways to Handle and Manage Attcm Issues:

More of the ways of resolving these attcm issues, you have to keep your computer neat and free from viruses and malware updates.

This is how you can fully avoid the possible problems and issues connected with AT&T Communication Manager. Most importantly, you have to keep on performing and carrying malware scans.

You have to clean and maintain your hard disk. Moreover, keep on uninstalling and remove unwanted programs that you are not in need of!

It is important for you to keep on monitoring the performance and accuracy of auto-start programs. Enable the section of automatic Windows updates; this is how you can resolve attcm issues.

Go on making regular backups and properly identify the suspicious processes that are causing and bringing any problem for your system. You can be reinstalling Windows and repair the process of your installation.

You have to keep on analyzing the attcm.exe pattern and process.

There is this single security risk rating that has identified and indicated this fact that the probability that this attcm file is spyware and malware, it is minimum.

Most of the time, this attcm.exe file does not appear as a potential Trojan horse. You can make use of good-quality anti-virus software types so that you can remove such spyware, adware from your PC.

These softwares help you remove Trojans, keyloggers right from your hard disk.


There is more to come from the side of resolving attcm issues, so keep tuned and in touch with us.

You also need to keep in mind that you should not download and install any of the replacement exe files. They contain viruses.

However, if there is a need to download attcm.exe, then what you can do is to reinstall the main and primary application that is linked up with the zone of AT&T Communication Manager.

More details are coming up, so stay with us over here.

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