How to Download iMessage for Windows 10 – Complete Guide

The latest Microsoft Operating System for personal computers, tablets, embedded devices and the internet of things, etc. in Windows 10.

iMessage for Windows is extensively being used by the PC users, along with the benefits of many extra features than the previous OS versions for the same.

There is a time when windows users want to use an Apple app or software onto their windows system. One such most desirable app is – iMessage.

What is iMessage?

iMessage ​is basically a messaging app meant only for Apple users, which is quite popular and extensively used in the market. On the other hand, using this app for iOS users is a piece of cake while for windows users, it becomes a little cumbersome process.

But with the help of some tools and emulators, Windows users can also use iMessage for Windows App.

If you also have a windows device and you would like to use the iMessage on your Windows device easily, then you’ve come to the perfect place. Here is how you can download and use iMessage for Windows 10/7 and 8.1.

iMessage for Windows 10 – How to Use

Once you are finished installing the emulator, you will see that the whole outlook of your windows somehow has become a type that’s very similar to Mac. You will first have to download the emulator named iPadian. In conclusion, emulators are the ideal software to run apps on the platforms.

So all you have to get an iOS Emulator. To do so, you must have an iPadian iOS Emulator. You can also use many other iOS Emulators. You can find them in Google.

If you think it is an Apple app for chats with some great features but how could a windows user use it. Well, in this article we are going to tell you about the tricks using which you can access iMessage on your windows system.

Yes, you heard it right and believe in whatever we are gonna mention here, it is genuine, free, authenticated and 100% working. So let’s get started without any further delay…

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Trick 1: Use Chrome Remote Desktop

This trick is pretty amazing if you have both the Mac and Windows desktop in front of you. A stepwise guide for the same is as follows:

Step 1: ​First of all, download “Chrome Remote Desktop” on both the devices with the help of a browser.

Step 2: ​Then click on an option as “Add to Chrome” and wait until the download is complete.

Step 3: ​Once you have downloaded, proceed with installing it on both the system.

Step 4: Under​ the Browse apps panel, you can see an option as “Launch App.”

Step 5: ​On your Mac system or device, you can see “download chrome remote desktop host installer.”

Step 6: ​Now on your Mac device, set the “Security pin or password” for accessing another screen on windows.

Step 7: ​On your Windows system, try to locate a remote Mac device and click on it for sharing the windows screen with Mac.

Step 8: ​Now as your windows screen can be shown on Mac, you can now get iMessage using Chromebook.

Trick 2: Use Bluestacks Android Emulator

As we have mentioned before, that iMessage is meant only for iOS users and for the windows users to use it is not that easy or straightforward process. So if you are a windows user and want to get iMessage app on your device, you can get it using an emulator known as ‘Bluestacks.’

It is one of the most commonly known emulators and let windows users use apps or software that are meant for other platforms like iOS, Android, etc. Using Bluestacks for getting iMessage on your windows system is explained in the steps below:

Step 1: ​First of all, download “Bluestacks” with a browser.

Step 2: ​After downloading the install Blustacks on your windows system.

Step 3: ​After successful installation open Bluestacks.

Step 4: ​In the search box type “iMessage,” and then locate it.

Step 5: ​After locating iMessage on Bluestacks, you can use it in a hassle-free way.

Trick 3:​​Use iPadian Emulator

Just like Bluestacks, there is another emulator you can rely on for getting iMessage on your windows system. iPadian is considered a more reliable source and a boon for Windows users. How can an iPadian be used for getting iMessage on windows platform? Let’s find out.

Step 1: ​Open your favorite browser and search for iPadian.

Step 2: ​Locate its official website and download it from there onto your windows system.

Step 3: ​After the successful download of Padian, install its downloaded exe file.

Step 4: ​After installation, open the iPadian.

Step 5: ​Accept all the terms and conditions and proceed.

Step 6: ​Once all the installation steps are done successfully, you can see the iPadian home screen.

Step 7: ​In the search box, type iMessage and search. Once you find it open it and you are good to go.

Trick 4: Use Cydia

You can also use Cydia for using iMessage on the windows system. The stepwise process for which is as follows:

Step 1: ​First of all, download ​Cydia ​from a browser.

Step 2: ​After downloading, install it.

Step 3: ​After successful installation, open the Cydia.

Step 4: ​Search for ‘Remote Messages.’

Step 5: ​Proceed to Settings and choose Remote Messages.

Step 6: ​Choose on ​user authentication ​option and enable it.

Step 7: ​Create a ​Username and Password​and make sure your iOS and windows both are connected to the same wifi.

Step 8: ​Open your browser in the system and then enter the IP address under the enable tab and enter the colon.

Step 9: ​Click the Enter button, fill in the details, and the setup is finished. Now you are done and can get iMessage in this way for your windows platform.

Thanks for reading this article on how to download and install iMessage for Windows 10/7/8.1. If you are still facing issues, then comment below.

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