iCloud App for Windows 10 Officially Released – How to Use

Good news for all Apple and Windows users. Apple has just released a new version of iCloud for Windows officially. Earlier iCloud is not available for Windows but recently Apple has announced its new version for Windows 10.

You can manually download the most recent version of the iCloud app for Windows.

With iCloud Drive, the service has become a genuine online storage solution. Though other services make it possible for you to upload any sort of file, Apple chooses to place your data into various compartments.

Recently Apple has announced that the new version of the iCloud App will release on Microsoft App Store and now the app is available.

Windows 10 users can download the iCloud App for Windows devices. The new iCloud for Windows app allows users to manage iCloud files, Photos, and more. users can also sync contacts and other data.

iCloud App for Windows 10 Officially Released

iCloud has been available for Windows for years but now it is released for Windows App Store. You can manage your iCloud data using iCloud App for Windows.

iCloud App for Windows 10

It is very good news that finally Apple and Microsoft came up together with the new iCloud Drive app for Windows 10. This new iCloud for Windows app is available today in the Microsoft Store for free download. This new Windows 10 iCloud app will use the same technology as Microsoft’s OneDrive.

Users can now sync and use photos, videos, mail, calendars using the iCloud App on the Windows app.

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Earlier users have to download iCloud for Windows software and then have to sign in to your Apple iCloud Account.

You cannot sync data with your PC but using this new App, you will sync all data. You can also use iCloud Drive on your Browser but this is a very bad experience.

You cannot sync data to Drive and also it takes too much time to upload and download data. Mac users already have an iCloud App.

But now the same app is released by Microsoft for Windows users.

It is good news that now finally Microsoft and Apple are working together. We are expecting to see more Apps on Microsoft for iOS devices including iTunes. Now all you have to do is, connect your iPhone and iPad with your Windows PC and then access iCloud App to sync data.

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