Safari vs Chrome for Mac: 9 Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Chrome!

Google Chrome was one of the most popular web browsers among all who had a very good reputation because of its efficiency and less memory consuming.

At that time it was a special and smart working browser than Firefox and Safari for the people.


As time passes this truth becomes a fast Safari compete Google chrome because of its efficiency speed and fast browsing and lightweight and Safari makes a good combination with Mac.

In this article, we will discuss why users avoid Google chrome on Mac and what are the reasons that they prefer Safari on Google chrome.

Extra Battery Consumption by Chrome On Mac

The MacBook is always famous for its battery life. And it is one of the best features of Apple. In Mac OS maverick introduces an amazing tool to check the energy impact in the operating system when you click the battery icon then you can easily find the percentage of the battery.

But if you run Google Chrome on the Mac OS you will find that Chrome will make your battery drained and your battery life will fall very fast.

If you want good battery timing in your MacBook you must avoid Google Chrome.

It doesn’t mean that Google is not working on this issue. They are trying to lift the weight off Google Chrome but it is still in process.

If you want to see the difference with and without Google Chrome then you have to open activity monitor on your MacBook then go to the energy section and just open some of the tabs in Google Chrome and do the same activity in any other browser then you will find that Chrome is taking more energy for the same job as compared to the other browsers especially like Safari.

Price for Extensions

When we ask people which software they prepare the very first thing that persuades a user is the price of the software if the price of the browser is low as compared to the other browsers the user always prefers the lowest one. 

Most of the users hate Chrome because of the extensions that are paid. And you will find in Google Chrome there is an extension library in which every extension has a separate price that’s the reason users do not prefer Google Chrome.

And as we have discussed, Google Chrome also consumes most of the battery life and also shows the memory of the CPU.

Extensions that are installed by Google Chrome also bring privacy problems with them as per the reviews of the users especially users of Mac OS.

Google keeps an Eye on You:

When you are using the product of a competitor like if you are using a Google browser in an Apple device both of the companies will feel insecure due to security reasons. 

If you talk about the business model of both the companies Apple has the product and Google earns its revenue by Google ad and views on the advertisement and collects data publicly. 

Now if you look from the eye of Apple you will find that your customer is not completely safe because there is an application in your device of a company that works on the data of the people by obtaining it from devices.

Apple Respects Your Privacy!

Privacy and security depend on the business model of the company.

Apple is a company that is always famous for its products and especially for innovation and major differentiation in the product which makes them unique and smart among customers.

Apple has a secure and trusted backup of their customers. 

Apple does not keep an eye on its customers as other big companies do and it is one of the good faith of Apple also introduces a highly trusted suit for the privacy and protection in Mac OS.

They also introduce intelligent tracking that makes your web browsing more secure than before and it makes it hard to find or track you. Apple also introduces fingerprinting which makes other websites more difficult to find your identity while you are browsing on Mac OS.

Chrome Slow Updates:

Mac OS is upgrading day by day but Google Chrome still does not meet many of the requirements that are why when Mac offers you to update for free many of the people then do not want to update just because of Google Chrome because it does not support the latest version of Mac OS.

These are some of the most awful things about Google Chrome.

Safari is a Good Choice:

When Google Chrome and other browsers do not perform well at this time Safari starts giving its best.

Safari introduces its new version with the fastest speed, lightweight and better than Chrome.

If you are a Mac OS user and have ever used Safari on your device you will agree with me.

Safari and it’s all extensions are the best performers in the Mac OS and even if we talk about the ecosystem extension of Safari it gives you a great time while using your Apple device there are some very good extensions of Safari which will make you feel better than using any other browser and especially Chrome.

Reader Mode by Safari

Safari offers you separate mode just for the readers.

It is one of the best features of Safari which attracts readers a lot because if you want to know about anything on the internet the best thing you have is to read an article about it and if a browser gives you a separate model for it yeah readers mode then you love this feature of Safari.

If you search on the Internet about any article you have to consume your time, Safari gives you the best quality articles as per your requirement.


Users always want to make their device or system fast and efficient while they are working on their projects but if the system is not good for not performing well due to any course. The user will move towards the next system or device.

Most 3D systems are very good and up-to-date but the applications which are running inside these systems are sometimes too heavy or too slow that they also slow down the system. 

In this article, we learn about Google Chrome and Safari and how these applications work on Mac OS and which one of them is a better option for an Apple user.

We have discussed both the applications and also have seen which one of the applications is performing good in Mac OS and other Apple devices and which one is getting fail and what is the reason behind the failure. 

Most people think that Safari is one of Apple’s official browsers but in reality, Safari is not an Apple product but Safari is a browser that is completely suitable for Mac OS users and is the priority of the Apple user for web browsing and another browsing in their devices. 

As we have discussed above that why they do not choose Google Chrome for their Mac OS as we have learned after reading all the article that it Google Chrome is not a good choice for Mac OS users one of the big disadvantages the battery timing of the Mac OS after using Google Chrome it has been seen and reviewed by most of the users that Chrome uses a lot of battery life in Mac OS as compared to to other web browsers especially Safari.

And in the comparison of speed and efficiency Safari competes with Chrome and makes itself the best for Apple users.

People want to update their operating system as the update comes and if the update is free then people love to do so. 

But if the browser does not give updates with the operating system the users get confused.

This is also one of the major problems of Google Chrome with Apple updates. Google Chrome is a browser of a company which is one of the big data-collecting firms.

Apple is also worried about the data of their customers if we are using the browser of a well-known company which is famous for data collecting.

And Google Chrome is also so found involved in the high price of extensions available in the browser most of the people find free extensions in other browsers and if you talk about the security Google is one of the data collecting company as discussed before then its browser also works on it and secretly consumes your public data and sometimes personal too. 

And people have good faith in Apple because of its privacy policies and its secure data protection systems.

One companies keeping eye on your data and another is securing it the last but not the least reason that why you should not use Google Chrome on your Mac OS is Google Chrome mostly works on its operating systems instruction and which is not suitable for Mac OS systems when this occurs both the operating systems come in front of each other and the customer gets infected in all the situations. 

In this article, you will get much knowledge about safari and chrome for mac users. Make sure to follow the best 9 reasons for not using Chrome.

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