The Top 8 FREE Video Editors for Windows of 2021 – (Complete List!)

 Almost everyone owns a camera these days: either as a stand-alone device or integrated into a smartphone, tablet or notebook.

Accordingly, films are created frequently – which are not always perfectly straight away. For example, the fun is blurred by wind noises, a wrongly taken picture or unnecessary sections.

On the other hand, free video editing programs help. Computer Bild has looked at video software and put together free tools for video editing that make your clips true masterpieces.

It always depends on how expanded the video program should be in the right way. If you are not sure about this, you will find what you are looking for in the test and instructions section on YouTube for some programs.

The number of tutorial videos is in the thousands. By the way, pretty much all tools are also suitable for slideshows from photos and the like, and can also enhance video recordings with pictures between individual scenes.

Video editing is an art in itself. It is not for nothing that the profession of “cutter” is prestigious if mostly underestimated this activity in Hollywood and film production in general.

A few years ago, people snipped and stuck to actual film reels in the same way; this task also leapt digital and virtual in the 80s and 90s.

The corresponding software and associated hardware is and was highly specialized and complex after all, the various manual tasks had to be made possible in a centralized way in one program.

The software resulted in different prices which amounted to many thousand dollars. Since then, however, a few years and decades have passed and both industries and customs have changed.

Recording films, editing videos, editing clips, and publishing finished projects is, among other things, thanks for a while now, YouTube and the like have not only been something for professionals.

Almost everyone can implement their ideas – even if it is only with a smartphone – and make film creations accessible to the public.

It is hardly surprising that corresponding software has also become a whole lot more user-friendly – and that starts with the (sometimes non-existent) price. The video editing software is still expensive today.

The range of video editing programs has been adjusted accordingly so that there is now a large selection of free editing programs.

As with many other software genres, there are of course a whole lot of rejects that can and should be avoided due to low quality, missing functions, or even hidden cost traps.

If you cut this “garbage” away, there are still some powerful video editing programs that even beginners can work with without problems and at low or no cost and thus maybe become a professional themselves.

It does not matter whether you are a user of Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems, there is at least one suitable editor for each platform. If you are going to make your video on high quality you must need high video editing software with the best options in it.

In the photo gallery, you will find numerous programs with which you can cut more than just video clips and store music.

FREE Video Editors for Windows!

Best Free Video Editors For Windows

Video editing programs such as DaVinci Resolve and Lightworks have already been used in commercial movies and it offers a number of functions and technical skills which is very useful for commercial shoots.

For example, you can adjust color, brightness, contrast, and sharpness in great detail. Those who want to get the best out of their recordings and can invest some working time are right with such video editors.

Other beginner programs are easier to use for editing because they have more filters and customize functions that help the editor more while working on videos.

This procedure saves video editing time. The “Windows Movie Maker” from Microsoft is a top tool for free video editing but has not been developed for years.

In the market of freeware, we have more substitutes editing software in windows which can also help you in friendly mode. Officially, Windows Movie Maker no longer supports Windows 10 in principle, of course, it still works.

However, if you want to use more modern software, you have to use a “Windows Movie Maker” alternative. We have arranged the software according to the level of difficulty everyone from beginners to professionals is thinking of.

We presented the following best video editors for you. It helps you to choose the best editor for your work.

1- Avidemux


For a long time, the open-source editing program Avidemux was only available for Linux, but it is now also available as a version for Windows and Mac.

Grown quite “patchwork” like over many years from various code sources, the program has a wide range of different and also powerful features. Various formats like codec are also available.

At the same time, however, this is at the expense of user-friendliness. It encodes different tasks like filtering and simple cutting in windows 7, 8 and 10. By using different codes it supports a few files including MP4, DVD, MPEG, and many more.

It is not for stylish purposes but for practical uses. If you use a video editor for the first time it is easy to use and quick to learn.

The features of Avidemux have input and output formats like MOV, MP4, AVI, DIVX, XVID and so on. There are no limitations for video effects.  

2- Shotcut


Shotcut is open-source and it is available for windows. It is completely free of charge.

It brings powerful editing features, filters, and effects for video and audio, can HD and 4K, allows the use of various third-party hardware and supports various file formats and codecs thanks to FFmpeg.

A single project is also possible while mixing different frame rates and different resolutions. Video editor windows shortcut is the best choice for you and it is safe to download.

YouTubers have a great choice if they want to edit their videos. You can customize and add your text in shortcut windows software. You cannot face any problem in this software because viruses do not enter easily in it.

Through FFmpeg, this editor supports image formats, audio, and videos. Non-linear video editing and multiple tracks use the timeline of shortcuts for various file formats.

We can also recommend the freeware tool shortcut for smaller private projects. It copes with modern codecs and HD material and offers editing options with multiple tracks, simple transitions, and effects.

3- Blender

blender 3d

It is one of the best video editors. Blender is an outsider on the list. It is the open-source freeware for windows specializes in 3D modelling and animation and is an undisputed champion in these areas.

The complex workflows bring with them a violent learning curve that you have to dare to start with. Video editing is also on board not quite as extensive as some alternatives but specially tailored for 3D animated material.

It also has many features like powerful animation character tools, material non-based tools etc. 

4- Davinci Resolve

Davinci Resolve

If you don’t want to spend money on Adobe Premiere or other professional video editing software, you should take a look at DaVinci Resolve.

The absolute specialty of DaVinci Resolve is the color correction in combination with the use of third-party operating hardware. Pro-level editing is available in this video editor.

The high-end software can be used free of charge for Windows but can be expanded with additional professional functions for a fee.

The program can also do video editing, so that film production is theoretically possible from start to finish however, it is correspondingly extensive and complex.

In the notepad version of the Davinci editor, it can edit the blur motion effects, noise reduction, and multi-camera editing. In Davinci resolve 14 you can also edit professional videos and audio and also do the correction of colors easily.

It has excellent features and stunning quality. Professional video editing at a very high level is possible here. In comparison to the purchase version, you only have to do without 3D video editing and some effects. 

5- Videopad


For beginners, this software is cross-platform.

The trial version of the tool is ideal for small edits in between and not only on Windows and Mac but also on iOS and Android devices. Paid versions are also available for extended functions.

Care should be taken when installing. The advantage of this editor is that it has intuitive interference. It also has some input and output formats like WMV, MPV, AVI, DIVX and so on.

The effects in the video pad are more than 50 thousand.  You also adjust slow and fast motion in the video pad. It is professional and free to make films and short clips and you face no difficulty while using it because it is very simple to use.

6- Lightworks


The Lightworks professional tool, which is even jointly responsible for some blockbusters such as Shutter Island, Pulp Fiction or Mission Impossible, should not be missing from such a list. 

The software is available in a pro version. The new version comes with 14.5. Professional video editing also requires a free version of all tools in lightwork. This is almost unique in the freeware market.

The free version is primarily cropped when exporting the finished video clips, but you can export to Vimeo in full HD that should be sufficient for most users.

There are more editing skills in this software like it edits 256 videos, audio at a time. It cost $25 a month. The output and input formats of Lightworks are MXF, Quicktime, new video or audio formats.

It has advanced features that are well designed. You can edit 4k videos, films and also have the ability to edit youtube videos.



The VSDC Free Video Editor is much more professional, but also more complex. The software can handle almost any format and offers almost everything you could want from video editing software, from simple editing processes to complex image corrections.

If you want to cut several videos in a row, you will also receive suitable transitions such as cross-fades or transformations. VSDC is free of charge. It is an excellent video editor for windows.

It can correct the colours and also has a wide range of filters. You can enjoy the creative project in VSDC. The function built-in converter can easily convert the format of audio or video.

It also has input and output formats like AVI, DVD, VCD, M4V, MP4 and so many. It also has the power to export your video on youtube and FB. 4k HD videos also edited in this function.

8- Vidiot


The freeware Vidiot is aimed primarily at laypeople. That is why the tool comes with a decidedly simple user interface and with complex nested features.

Through primary video, it gives you different functions like editing, scaling, positioning and rotations of the videos. All the common video formats such as MP4 and AVI are being supported by beginner programs.

It also offers simple functions and extensive file type. So if you want to tailor quick home videos and back them up with the right music, Vidiot is a perfect choice and it is a non-linear video editor.

It is free of cost and is a powerful video editor for adobe users. 


Windows Movie Maker cannot be killed. Although the video editing program integrated with earlier Windows operating systems was left behind by Microsoft years ago.

It is still very popular and although Microsoft no longer offers the application under Windows 10, it no longer releases any updates and even removed its website.

Many filmmakers and video editors still appreciate the program for its ease of use. But with the limited functionality of the Movie Maker, you quickly reach the limits of what is possible when editing video.

Windows Movie Maker is still suitable for simple video editing, but this is not a pleasure. The software is hopelessly out of date, offers very few functions and tends to simply crash on larger projects.

I hope this article helps you to find the best video maker of Windows.

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