How to Recover Deleted Files On a Mac? (Step by Step Guide)

As being human we make some mistakes and some of the people make mistakes while deleting their important files. 

This can be devastating as if you have ruined your world if you have deleted some important or useful files. Especially in Mac as it is not as versatile as Windows your worries might escalate when you delete some files that are of use in Mac.

Here in this article, we are going to talk about some effective ways and methods through which you can recover those deleted files and reuse them again.

These methods are tested and verified thus there are no additional software and some integration required to perform these methods and steps.

This is a step to step guide that will help you understand how you can recover those important files if you accidentally deleted them on Mac OS.

Without further ado let’s jump right into the article and let’s get started with how you can recover deleted files on Mac.

How To Recover Deleted Files On Mac?

Part #1- How To Recover Deleted Files Ion Mac From Trash Bin:

Part #1- How To Recover Deleted Files Ion Mac From Trash Bin:

Whether you drag any files by accident in the trash bin or you right-clicked and then deleted the file of course accidentally all the files that are deleted are store in the trash bin. 

If you haven’t cleared out the trash bin and deleted recently deleted files then your files can be saved and recovered through the trash bin space.

By just clicking on the trash bin that you can see on the finder area of the mac there you can see all the files that you have deleted recently and through them either you can recover them all or you can browse them to find your preferred file that you want to recover. 

Coming to how you can recover them, well, that is easy. Either you can drag them back to the desktop and recover them or you can right-click on the preferred file and then click on “put them back” in Mac and by that all your preferred files are recovered.

This process is limited. What I mean is? You will have only 30 days of recovery time before all of your files vanish into the oblivion. So, remember that from the day you deleted them you will have only 30-days of time to recover them from the trash bin of Mac.

Part #2- How To Recover Files When Emptied The Trash Bin On Mac:

Part #2- How To Recover Files When Emptied The Trash Bin On Mac:

Here I will share with you some of the effective tips and tricks that you can follow to recover all your deleted data and files on Mac OS X even if you have emptied the trash bin. 

iBeesoft Data Recovery Program:

If your concern is that how you can find the deleted files on Mac if you have deleted them and emptied the trash bin then you should not worry about that.

The method and the step that I’m going to tell you is the safest and the most effective way to recover your deleted files even if you have not created a back-up in Mac OS X. At this stage, I recommend you use the iBeesoft Data recovery program that is specially created for mac users.

Why this is the best software to use to recover mac deleted files? Well, the answer is simple as when you delete the files and empty out the trash bin then you can’t see the files and this software can. 

The interface of this software is extremely simple and easy there are various tutorials present on other platforms such as YouTube through which you can understand how to use this software.

But the final verdict I would say that this software is easy to use and extremely effective when it comes to recovering your deleted data on Mac. Using this software is not rocket science when you download it then launch it, and there you can select which type of file that you want to recover.

Then hit the start button and wait for a while as it will scan your Mac. And then it will show you all the deleted files that you can’t see.

Part #3- How To Recover Files On Mac Without Any Software:

Including me, some people like to empty their trash bin right after they delete any file and that can be disaster right.

Part #3- How To Recover Files On Mac Without Any Software:

But this part is for those who don’t trust the software you can easily recover those deleted files through restoring Time Machine Back-up.

  • Step#1: Search for Time Machine Back-up through the spotlight search on the right top corner of the Mac.
  • Step#2: Then open the Time Machine Back-up program when the search is complete.
  • Step#3: When that is done you can click the upward arrow to categorize all your back-up and through that, you can find all your accidentally deleted files and recover them easily.
  • Step#4: You can restore them by holding the command button on the keyboard and then selecting them. Then you can restore them easily.

NOTE: This is possible when you Mac is properly backed-up because if not then this Time Machine tool will not work to help you recover those deleted files. 

Part #4- How To Recover Data Using Undo Option On Mac:

Part #4- How To Recover Data Using Undo Option On Mac:

As most of the people, I know they delete unnecessary files to keep their drive clean in case of lag issue. Through this action, they accidentally delete something important that can change their life.

When that happens and you realized it then without doing anything else you can recover them immediately. This can happen if you immediately click or use the “Undo” tool that Mac provides.

But the thing is that it will not work if you have emptied out your trash bin this process can be used when you have realized right after deletion that you have deleted something important of yours. 

This process does not require any software or any in-depth survey of Mac you can see an Undo option in the view when on Desktop and from there you can easily recover those accidentally deleted files.

Part #5- How To Recover Deleted Data Through Terminal Command:

Part #5- How To Recover Deleted Data Through Terminal Command:

The terminal provided by Apple is a direct interface that connects you to Apple’s bash Shell of OS X. So, because of that, you are able to perform several tasks by just using the Command Prompt. 

For example, restore files, change process priority, delete files, view driver status, create new directories, change file permissions, and much more. As I mentioned you can check deleted files that mean you can also recover them and here are the steps to do that.

  • Step#1: First, go to “Applications” > “Utilities” > from there you can open the terminal app.
  • Step#2: Then when that is opened you can type UNIX command “cd. Trash”, and then press the return key to proceed forward. 
  • Step#3: Then type in the name “mv name ../” and then again press the hit the “Return” key. Take note that you have to replace the name with the proper file name that you want to recover. 
  • Step#4: To exit the terminal type quite and then you can exit the application.

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