What is GameBar.exe? Is it Safe or a Virus? (Complete Guide)

You might be wondering what is a GameBar.exe Windows Process. here you can check out the details about it. One needs to know that the .exe extension present on filename shows and tells you about an executable file.

Executable files at times harm your computer system. Talking specifically about GameBar.exe, this one is an Executable file. Moreover, GameBar.exe is belonged and linked to the software Xbox.Apps.

It is this original GameBar.exe that is marked as an important part of your Windows system. It rarely causes any of the issues or problems.

It is located and present in a subfolder of “C:\Program Files”—and mainly in the C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft. Its known file sizes are 3,859,456 bytes, 3,911,680 bytes and also consist of 8 more variants.

Below you can explore further details about this executable file. From the below-written details, you can well conclude whether this file is safe to be used on your computer or not:

What is GameBar.exe?


This common question might be pondering in your head regarding what is GameBar.exe! For your information, it is also given with the name of GameBar.exe file.

It was created and designed by Cerulean Studios. In addition, it was made just for the sake of development of these Xbox.Apps.

Most importantly, GameBar.exe was launched and released with Windows 10 only for the Windows 10 Operating System. Trillian was their latest and recent version update.

If you are troubleshooting EXE file issues and problems with GameBar.exe, then there is a guide to be followed to get rid of this problem.

This GameBar.exe is a Windows core and one of the main system files. This specific program has no visible or upgraded window. This app has also passed and approved the Windows Store certification.

This subjected file comes with no data, details and information about. And its technical security rating falls at the riskiness level of 20%.

If you wish to uninstall this variant during the times if you are facing any of the problems linked with GameBar.exe, then you can do that by safely and wholly removing this program. Make use of the uninstall program that is the part of Xbox gaming overlay.

Or you can complete this uninstallation process with the help of Xbox Game Bar control panel section. You can even consult and take advice from Microsoft’s Customer Service.

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There is also an important piece of information. A few of the malware camouflages have themselves titled as GameBar.exe. And these malware camouflages are particularly and specifically located right in the C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folder.

What you can do is to check in-detail the GameBar.exe process present on your PC. In this way, you can see whether this program is a threat to your system or not.

You can make use of the Security Task Manager for this process of verification. This is a simple process to keep your computer’s security system functional.

Is GameBar.exe safe, or is it a Virus or Malware?

Virus or Malware

GameBar.exe is safe. It is not a virus or malware. Just a few of the cybercriminals have named their viruses and malware with this program.

You can run a regular scan on your system and get rid of such viruses who are titled with this program name. Furthermore, Gamebar.exe is a renowned and genuine application. It is 100% safe to use.

It does not matter how many malware program writers have named and titled their programs with this name. Regular scanning of your system can keep your PC all secure.

Even more, these criminals have named their malware programs with this GameBar.exe name just to fool the uses. Though it is a legitimate file avoid getting fooled.

Can I Remove or Delete GameBar.exe?

Remove or Delete GameBar.exe

There are a specific process and method to remove GameBar.exe from your system. If you think that this program is existing on your system in the form of error, then it is better to delete it as soon as possible.

You can follow the below-written guidelines. Still, if you face any issue, you can contact us any day and any time.

Do to remove this GameBar.exe, follow thee steps. By doing so, you can disable this program from your system. You need to right-click right on the Start Button.

This button is present at the bottom-left section of your screen.

Then you have to go into Settings and then click on Gaming. Choose the Game Bar that is located on the left. Tap on the switch that is below Record game clips, Screenshots as well as Broadcast. Simply, turn off this switch.

Common GameBar.exe Error Messages

Bar.exe Error Messages

There are Common GameBar.exe error messages. Talking about Runtime errors, these are basically and generally Trillian errors. They occur and happen during the time of “runtime”.

These EXE errors are generally triggered and activated when GameBar.exe is loaded either whenever Trillian is starting up, or when it is already running.

A large number of GameBar.exe error messages give us this explanation that Trillian was unable to search and locate this file. Or you may get an error that the file is corrupt. All these errors lead to prematurely-aborted kind of startup process.

As an example, you can get these errors GameBar.exe – Bad Image, GameBar.exe Application Error. Or you may get to see GameBar.exe could not be found, GameBar.exe could not be installed.

A few of the errors appear like GameBar.exe could not be started and GameBar.exe is being failed to initialize properly.

How to Fix GameBar.exe

You can check out these guidelines that tell you how to fix GameBar.exe:

First of all, you have to keep your anti-virus all up-to-date. Keep on scanning your PC system regularly. It is important to look for the authentic source of this GameBar.exe error. This is how you can resolve these errors.

A large number of EXE errors, they affect and impact your GameBar.exe during startup, So, do keep in mind this important point. Besides, you might be encountered with a runtime error while you make use of Xbox.Apps.

This is a major hint that the virus has attacked your system. Even more, this GameBar.exe virus can occur because of the poor programming operating in your system.

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If your programming section conflicts with some other software, then this virus may reside in your system. It may arise due to the usage of 3rd-party plug-ins. It might be caused because of using any kind of damaged and outdated kind of hardware.

You may have observed that these GameBar.exe errors largely and extensively occur because the program is unconsciously and accidentally moved by any of the malware infection.

He or she may have deleted, or corrupted any of the programs. It is for this main reason that your anti-virus has to regularly and consistently remain up-to-date.


To fix and tackle these GameBar.exe Errors, you can keep in mind these troubleshooting steps. This is how you can resolve your GameBar.exe major problem and issue.

You can restore your PC right back to the latest and upgraded restore point or you can make a backup image exactly before this specific error occurred.

Besides, if you have recently installed Trillian or any of the related software, then what you can do is to uninstall that software. And try to reinstall Trillian software one more time.

This may ease your problem of having GameBar.exe Errors. The last solution is to perform and carry out a Windows Update.

Download or Reinstall GameBar.exe

Download GameBar.exe

To Download or reinstall GameBar.exe, there is a proper method to be followed. This method is 100% tested and proven to give results.

However, it is strongly advised and suggested against downloading, installing and copying GameBar.exe right to your appropriate Windows system directory section.

It is observed that Cerulean Studios does not release or launch Trillian EXE files for installation and downloading purposes. These Trillian EXE files are always bundled and compiled together in some software installer.

If you are installing GameBar.exe, then you have to ensure that all of the correct verifications are processed and made before downloading and installing this file.

It is this incorrectly installed and downloaded EXE file that may make your system unstable. It can even cause your PC system programs to stop function.

If your windows have any sort of error, try using reimage repair. If you want to know in-depth about it, then check out our review of Reimage Repair.


If these troubleshooting steps and tips do not work for you, then you can go on opting an aggressive approach. This approach is not recommended and hence not suggested to amateur PC users.

To perform this method, you can download and replace your appropriate and specific GameBar.exe file version.

As we have penned down the complete description on GameBar.exe Windows Process. Now, it is up to you how do you want to tackle this problem. A large number of users face this issue.

And the proper solution to handle this problem is written above for you. In case, you are facing some other troubleshooting problem, then you can convey those issues to us and we will provide you with a correct guideline.

Keep tuned with us and get informative guidelines like these.

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