Fix Fingerprint Login Problem in Windows 10

The idea of putting a fingerprint scan on your system might sound interesting, but sometimes you might get yourself into trouble. Fingerprint scanning is one of those features that helps you to improve the security of your system. It helps you to protect all the confidential data stored on your system, by not giving access to anyone other than you. But some users have reported Fingerprint Login Problem with a Fingerprint scan, especially after the Windows 10 Anniversary update.

How to Fix Fingerprint Login Problem on Windows 10

Fingerprint scan is an inbuilt biometric feature that scans So if you too are facing any issue with Fingerprint login, then you can resolve the issue. So check out for a tutorial on how to fix Fingerprint Login Problem in Windows 10.

Method 1- Check the Fingerprint Scanner

You might be facing the fingerprint login issue due to the faulty hardware. So to begin with troubleshooting methods, firstly you should check the Fingerprint scanner. So without giving your precious time to get into the internal working of the PC and the Fingerprint scanner, start with the following.

Step 1: Check for grease on the scanner. If grease is present, wipe it off with a clean cloth. And from now on try to keep it as clean as possible.

Step 2: Fingerprint scanners are sensitive devices. So check for scratches on the sensor of the device. If the sensor of the scanner gets damaged, then you will have to send it for repair.

Now restart your system and check if the fingerprint scanner login option is available or not. If you still cannot access Windows 10 via Windows Hello, then hop to the next method to fix the issue.

Method 2- Use Command Lines

With the help of command lines, you can make your work of troubleshooting the error easy. Command lines help you detect the troublemakers. For this just follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Launch the jump list by pressing the Windows icon key+ X at the same time. Now select Command Prompt.

Step 2: In the Command dialogue box, type sfc/scannow. Hit the Enter key.

Windows will start its job and identify the corrupt files.

Step 3: After the scan is over, restart your system. Then open the Command Prompt once again and type the following command line-

Dism/online/cleanup-image/restaorehealth. Then press enter.

Step 4: Restart your system and check for the login problem.

Method 3- Check other Devices that can Affect the Working of Scanner

If the Fingerprint reader is not causing an issue, then you can check for the other devices that can cause the Fingerprint login problem in Windows 10. Check for any recently installed updates or any third-party apps.

Or you can also perform a clean boot via Windows 10 to identify the reason behind the issue. You can even use Event Viewer and analyze the error causing the fingerprint not working issue on Windows 10. Follow the steps given below to check the System Event logs.

Step 1: Enter theĀ Event Viewer. On the column on the left side expand the Windows Logs category.

Step 2: Then check the Applications, Setup, Security and System. Then move to the middle column.

Step 3: Here observe every event-related o fingerprint reader and double-click on it. Then read the information given in the Details and General tab.

With the help of Keywords given in the Details tab, analyze the cause of the error and then go ahead with the solutions.

Method 4- Turn On Biometric Device

You can check if the biometric device is turned off by entering the BIOS. After you disable this feature, your fingerprint will not be read by the Fingerprint scanner. After enabling the Fingerprint Scanner in BIOS, save the changes made, and then enter restart your system to login via Fingerprint in Windows 10.

So, guys, we hope that with the help of these troubleshooting ways you will be able to login to Windows 10 through fingerprint login. A fingerprint scanner is an amazing feature to keep the people spying on your work far away. If you still face any issue, share it with us in the comments section.

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