5 Best Ways to Free Up Disk Space on Windows PC

Have you been trying to install new applications or games on your PC, and it keeps giving you notifications that your storage space is low? Or does the clutter on your pc drive you nuts and you can’t seem to get rid of it, well relax its not just your PC. Recently, a lot of applications and games require more disk space, and this makes your hard drive gets filled quickly.

Also, most computers today have Solid-state drives which offer less space compared to the traditional mechanical hard drives

Different Ways to Clear Disk Space on Windows PC

Here are a few tips on how to clear up disk space on your Windows PC by discovering what takes up space and getting rid of the clutter.

1. Clear the Recycle Bin

A quick fix for storage space problems is to get rid of items in the recycle bin. The files, photos, videos, etc. left in the recycle bin are part of the clutter that plagues the hard drive.

Freeing up the recycle bin is a straightforward process; all you have to do is right-click the recycle bin icon and select the ’empty recycle bin’ option; this automatically gives you more space.

2. Use Disk Clean-up utility

Every windows PC has an In-built disc clean-up utility. It is used for clearing system error memory dump files, temporary internet files, and other files it deems irrelevant. Sometimes when moving to Windows 10 from a previous windows version, certain parts of the former windows may be left behind. Disc Clean up helps to get rid of such.

Step 1: Open Start Menu and then search for the disk.

Step 2: Now click on Disk Cleanup App.

Step 3: Now select the drive for the cleanup process.

Step 4: Now select the items that you want to delete and then click on ok.

clean disk options

Step 5: Wait for some time and then reboot your computer.

3. Burn Files to DVD

One of the things that take up space is media files. These files may be relevant, and one way to store them is to transfer them to DVDs. You can decide to learn how to burn a DVD hassle-free or pay for an application that offers that service does it for you.

Files stored on DVDs maybe the ones you don’t use often. Using a DVD burning software and saving to a blank disc, you can store data that you don’t want to be stored in the cloud, e.g., OneDrive.

4. Analyze Disk space and delete where needed

Sometimes, it is difficult to ascertain what exactly is consuming space on the computer. Using a hard disk analysis program, you can scan your hard drive to know what files and folders are consuming the most space.  You will also see what programs take the most space and need to be uninstalled, especially when it is not used often. During this process, you have to be careful when deleting files, so you don’t delete any system files mistakenly.

5. Store files on the cloud

Essential data and documents should be stored in the cloud alone. You have to set your device to have folders stored only in the cloud storage and not duplicated on the PC too. This helps to avoid double storing while creating more space on your PC.

It is possible that in the process of clearing up space, you lose important files and data. You don’t have to panic, all you need is an excellent data recovery software to get your files back. Using these tips, you can get your computer back to optimal working status.

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