How To Fix Discord Search Not Working on Windows

Discord is a free text and video chat service, which is an excellent platform for gamers to communicate. Discord being platform-agnostic allows players from different platforms to accumulate in a single place. Although it’s a great app, its search function sometimes acts funny and stops working.

There are plenty of causes behind the discord search function not working, naming the few to be server problems, lousy internet connection, etc. In this article today, we will present some solutions that can help you fix discord search not working in the easiest way possible.

How To Fix Discord Search Not Working

Here are some working methods that can fix discord search function not working issue on Windows 10. You can follow these guides to fix all major discord related issues on Windows.

Fix #1: Check discord servers

First of all, you need to check if there is an issue in discord servers. You can check significant discord outages which are displayed in red lines and partial ones with yellow lines.

Current and past services can be checked on Discord services pages. If the servers are overloaded, you need to wait for the situation to get back to normal. More or less, you would get to know the exact issue here so that you can fix it.

Fix #2: Update Discord

If your discord search function isn’t working correctly, you can update discord to fix the same. Restart the app to check for updates. To restart discord, head to the bottom right side of the Windows 10 taskbar, right-click on discord icon and choose Quit. Now relaunch the app, and the update process will be done itself.

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Fix #3: Check your Internet connectivity

If you are using a slow and buggy internet, it is likely to witness such discord issue. We recommend you to switch your internet network with the one having good speed. Check again if the issue is gone by now. Sometimes the slow internet connection creates hindrance in the smooth working of the discord app.


Discord app is a widely used app, and hence due to a large number of users, there can be server overload. In such situations, you may face some issues while using the app. Such problems are solved by itself with the time being. But when the servers aren’t the culprit, you should try out other fixes as mentioned here.

In the case of server overload, the best solution is to let the fix deploy from the development team. Otherwise, we have given some doable, easy to do fixes that you can try to solve the issue within no time.

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