10 Ways to Tweak Windows 10 Taskbar! – A Complete List!

 The taskbar plays a central operating role in the start menu, it records started programs and open (Explorer) windows, minimizes or maximizes them and offers quick access to the tools attached to them.

Microsoft is further developing the bar in times smaller and larger – as part of new operating system releases and free Windows 10 function updates. Only you can create your ideal windows 10 taskbar.

The guide provides you with optimization tips for design, speed, scope and overview.

This makes the taskbar even more deserving of its middle name – Superbar, the marketing name in Windows 7 times. The following tips have been tested with Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 1809 (October 2018 update).

The Windows 10 taskbar is the most fun. It shows jump lists in modern black – even the first version of Windows 10 (1507) behaved like this.

Furthermore, since the Anniversary Update (1607) you have activated a second display via a registry hack. You can see such a click with Windows 7/8/10, but permanent information would be better.

You can only activate them up to and including Windows 8.1 using an additional tool – 7+ Taskbar Tweaker makes it possible. The tool configures the taskbar extensively and is worth a look at every system version.

The taskbar is always visible even when a program requires your attention. This can be a started messenger program or another program that would like to show you a message.

A good operating system is a stable and fast operating system. We show you how to set up your Windows 10 perfectly and optimize for productivity – both under and over the hood.

And best of all we leave out additional programs because they often only make it worse. You can also use the taskbar for things other than displaying app icons and the time.

You can personalize them in many ways, such as colour and size. You can pin your favourite apps on it, move them around on your screen, and resize or rearrange the taskbar buttons. 

10 Ways To Tweak Windows 10 Taskbar

10 Ways To Tweak Windows 10 Taskbar:

1: The above applies not only to the larger pinned icons in the taskbar but also to the small icons in the lower right corner of the notification area. Sometimes they also have a certain need to communicate.

And sometimes they cause the taskbar to jam for no reason. Close with a right-click and a command like an Exit one by one. As soon as the taskbar disappears properly, you have found the culprit.

2: Either it’s a bug – and you may get an update of the related program soon.

Or you have to live with the taskbar jamming. Or you don’t need the program in the notification area to right-click on the taskbar and open the properties. In the tab, taskbar click behind “notification area” to adjust.

In the case of notifications and actions click off the icons that you do not need in the notification area. Also, click on the link select icons for display on the taskbar in the upper area. 

3: The classic solution under Windows is to switch it off and on again. In this case, show the taskbar again Right-click on the taskbar, properties remove the checkmark next to ‘Automatically hide taskbar’.

It is best to restart Windows now and then check the box again at the same location. 

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4: The taskbar is located in Windows at the bottom of the desktop. It doesn’t have to be that way, you can also move the bar up, right or left.

To do this, click on it with the mouse, hold the button down and drag the bar to another side. If this does not work, the bar must first be removed, right-click on it and select Fix taskbar in the menu.

The checkmark in front of it disappears and you can now move the bar.  

5: The taskbar is too small, you need more space? There are several solutions to this.

You can enlarge the actual area by pulling the bar open: Move the mouse pointer to the upper edge until a double arrow appears. Hold down the left mouse button and drag the bar to the desired size.

Alternatively, reduce the symbols; then more fit on the free space.  To do this, click on use small buttons on the taskbar in the taskbar settings.

Then Windows automatically switches off the notification fields on the icons. They use numbers to indicate new events in programs. You can also deactivate these badges for large symbols.

Slide the switch in the taskbar settings to show taskbar buttons to Off.

6: You can pin programs and applications to the taskbar for quicker access.

To do this, drag the corresponding icon from the desktop or the start menu while holding the left mouse button down on the bar and let go. You can move the icons to any position with the left mouse button pressed.

If you want to remove an app from there, click on the icon on the right and select Detach from the taskbar.

Windows 10 automatically displays the most recently used items, such as Word files or folders, when you right-click on icons in the start bar. 

7: Do you often go to a certain website or do you want to remember one for later? Pin them to the taskbar for quick access.

In Chrome and Firefox, mark the address bar of an open page by clicking on it and pressing the CTRL+A key. Then drag the text with the left mouse button pressed onto the browser symbol in the taskbar.

The page name appears when you right-click the icon underpinned. With the Edge browser, you simply create a standalone icon for a webpage:

In Edge, click the three dots at the top right and choose Pin ‘this page to the taskbar from’ the menu. 

8: In Chrome, you have to take a detour. Go to a website and click the three dots in the top right corner.

In the menu, go to Create more tools and shortcuts. A small window appears in which you can give the page a name. If you confirm with OK, the link appears on the desktop.

From there, drag the left mouse button to the taskbar.

9: one more option to tweak your taskbar is that there is a Show Desktop button right at the corner of the screen to select the small windows taskbar in the lower-right corner.

When you click the show desktop button all open windows switch back and forth between the desktop. When you click the Show Desktop button few windows and apps will appear on the desktop.

And when the ShowDesktopbutton clicks again those windows and apps you open in the foreground will start reappearing. 

10: Taskbar control has another way to fit the icons. Your screen should Scroll Down the taskbar setting until you can’t see the option for Combine Taskbar Buttons.

You will see three options here by clicking on the drop-down box. This option shows how many times you will handle the situations of the same application. This will also show you how many files can attach in one application, like word documents.

It also hides the names and label of the icon. Similarly, if the window is open many times you will see how this option works. The window separates the icon taskbar display normally of the same application.

No matter what when the taskbar gets full you will select the Never option and it will not be able to combine.

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