15 Common macOS Problems and How to Fix them!

It is actually very annoying when your macOS is not working properly and you have a lot of work to do. In this article, we will be discussing 15 common macOS problems that you may encounter during the use of macOS.

We will discuss in detail several aspects; What tools can help you resolve the problem? Should you consider replacing your Mac or take it to the professional shop? All these queries we will cover in this article.

Just read the article carefully so that you don’t miss any important information. Below are the problems that we are going to discuss in this article.

They are in order, so you can just directly jump to the problem you are facing and do not have to waste your precious time finding it. 

  • The MacBook Keeps dying suddenly
  • The MacBook Cannot Charge When Plugged In
  • The Startup Shows Only A Black Screen
  • The FaceTime camera image is very poor quality
  • iCloud does not sync
  • Flickering Mac Screen
  • Slow macOS
  • Bluetooth issues
  • The MacBook Sound Suddenly Cuts Out
  •  External Devices Aren’t Connecting Properly
  •  Some MacBook Stopped Working
  • The Mac won’t shut down
  • macOS Catalina Download Problems
  • macOS Catalina Install Problems
  • Login Crashes

The MacBook Keeps Dying Suddenly

When you face such problems, check if the battery is properly charging. If not, then in the below-mentioned point, we have talked about this issue, so heads down there.

But, in case of your Mac shutting down with a full or enough battery percentage then this means that there is some other problem. If that is the case, restart your Mac and wait until MacOS is loaded and activated.

MacBook Keeps Dying Suddenly

As MacOS is being prepared, you can reboot your Mac. It allows a safe, full shutdown process to be performed on your MacBook. Now you can update the System Management Controller (SMC).

This manages many of your Mac ‘s essential hardware processes such as battery charging, sleep modes, etc. If something goes wrong, it is an easy way to reset SMC and fix the problem.

However, if the SMC approach does not work too and your system continues shutting down, then consulting to the Apple professional is the viable option here. Check the warranty, if you are lucky enough maybe you get the replacement. 

The MacBook Cannot Charge When Plugged In

Before we move further, confirm the basic things. Have you plugged-in correctly? Is there any sign of damage on your charger and cable? Is there any blockage that is not allowing the charger to connect properly?

MacBook Cannot Charge

Moreover, you must note that Mac and chargers can overheat and they need to be cooled down before plugged in for charging again.

If you are done checking with these things, and none of it helps then we would advise you to try any software updates. Restart your Mac and reset SMC and PRAM settings, this may help to fix the problem.

You may hit the Option key and click on the battery icon on your monitor simultaneously if no effective results have been achieved. This enables you to pick advanced battery options and check the battery support.

It is time to put your Mac in store for better inspection if the menu says to replace or service a battery.

The Startup Shows Only A Black Screen

When a MacBook crashes, the startup starts displaying different coloured screens. And each colour represents a different problem.

A blue or black screen means that your Mac has frozen while trying to load a login function or problematic app. You should restart your system, holding the power button till your system boot again. 

Black Screen

Even if this does not help, then booting in Safe Mode is a safe option here. After that, you can consider removing unnecessary apps or login items that are not compatible. For this purpose, CleanMyMac is an effective tool.

If you encounter a grey screen with an Apple logo in the centre, it means that important software is malfunctioning. You can restart your system and boot in Safe Mode.

Also, if any updates that can be installed to macOS are available, then do so and see whether or not it helps. If this still does not give the results, boot in Safe Mode and try using Disk Utility Tool to identify and resolve the problems that are preventing your Mac from working properly.

The FaceTime Camera Image Is Very Poor Quality

In most MacBook Air Versions, this facetime problem was reported. The image of your FaceTime camera shows a very poor and grainy face, and it isn’t even worth using FaceTime. 

FaceTime Camera Image

This is possibly not a hardware problem, meaning your MacBook camera probably functions normally and can perform certain tasks related to your camera. So it’s worth it to be checked.

The FaceTime software is the problem if you can make other video communication apps work properly. You can not do much here but wait for macOS updates to see if the problem is fixed.

If none of the apps is supporting your video, then there might be another problem. You should take your Mac to the Apple Store near you.

 iCloud Does Not Sync

With new macOS, iCloud syncing is another common problem that many users reported. This problem occurs when you try to remotely access files or open screen sharing.

 iCloud Does Not Sync

Just log out and sign up again from your iCloud account. If the issue continues, go to the folder “Cloud Docs” and delete it. You can then download the iCloud files again and connect to fix the problem.

Flickering Mac Screen

Often these flickering problems seem inconsistent, or even an absence of resolution, that seems to be reproduced quickly. A few different things can trigger this problem on your macOS.

Flickering Mac Screen

First of all, check for physical screen damage which, when this problem starts, is always a good idea. You should take these measures if the screen seems good and figure out if the aid solves this problem.

  • Try resetting NVRAM or PRAM, this is often useful in solving flickering problems.
  • Check if there is any new update available. If there is, apply it and see if this helps.
  • Both Chromium and Firefox browsers are reported to cause flickering problems in Mac. You can try deleting or disabling these browsers to see if this resolves the problem.
  • if you can identify any program that is triggering this problem on your Mac, then consider booting in Safe Mode.

Slow macOS

You want it to be faster when you install a new 64-bit operating system. That might not be the case, however.

Slow macOS

Despite the fact that your computer is getting rid of the 32-bit architecture that slows down your system. Here’s what you can try to fix this problem.

  • Restart your system, as this is the most common solution to most problems.
  • Check for updates and install them, if you have not for a long time
  • Open Activity Monitor to check whether an unknown application is working and consuming a lot of resources. This could be a malware sign or a separate issue. It would be wise to delete this program to fix the problem.
  • Clean your desktop from unnecessary files and folders, this often causes slowing down of Mac.
  • Try scanning your system with anti-virus software or run Apple diagnostic to see if they catch any problem. 
  • You should not wait any more moment and take your Mac to a nearby Apple store if there is a slowdown combined with unusual noises.

Bluetooth Issues

If you’re facing an issue related to Bluetooth and unable to turn it on, go to System Preferences and click on Bluetooth to confirm if all the settings are working properly.

Bluetooth Issues

Also, you should be able to see the devices you have paired with previously. In some cases, this problem is this simple to solve and you just need to turn your Bluetooth on.


If you can not connect a Bluetooth device with full power, make sure that your Mac is being updated and restart the MacBook and Bluetooth to see whether it resolves the problem.

If not, we advise going away from electronics to a more open area and try again: Bluetooth systems can often not function properly because of bad interference. At last, if nothing benefits you try to open the terminal and manually perform a reboot.

Here’s the command you will input.

“sudo rm -R /Library/Preferences/com.apple.Bluetooth.plist”

Press Enter, type your password if asked and press Enter again. After that, restart your Mac, turn the Bluetooth on and hope that this will work.

The MacBook Sound Suddenly Cuts Out

First of all, you will make sure that the issue is not triggered by a specific application. Do you still get reliable sound, like iTunes from other sources? If so, it may be necessary to update or debug the app for its sound. 

MacBook Sound Suddenly Cuts Out

You have a common problem if the problem occurs with all your MacBook sounds. To see whether this fixes the problem, try first resetting PRAM / NVRAM and SMC. A programming error can keep the audio from playing properly and can be resolved by restarting.

This problem can be discussed in a lot more detail, but if the above-mentioned solutions are not effective then there must be an issue related to hardware.

We would advise you to take your Mac into a nearby Apple story for better inspection rather than trying to fix the problem yourself. As this can lead to another problem.

External Devices Aren’t Connecting Properly

Before you do anything, make sure that the devices you are trying to connect with your Mac work properly with other devices. Also, if it is compatible with your Mac version?

External Devices Aren’t Connecting Properly

And have you connected it into the right port? Older USB ports and older devices can be a problem if all works fine. In such cases, you can try resetting  PRAM / NVRAM and SMC as there can be a setting glitch that is interrupting the connection. 

If this still does not give the results, try connecting another compatible device into the same ports to confirm if the ports are working properly and there is no built-in problem.

And if there is an internal issue with your port that is unable to connect to your Mac, then it’s time to take your Mac for inspection to a nearby Apple Store. 

Some MacBook Stopped Working

This is a common cause and especially reported with the 2016 version of MacBooks. The keys stop working suddenly or start producing unusual sounds or just do not feel good.

This problem is particularly highlighted when your Mac overheats. This is a universal problem and not the case with one or two devices, therefore, we would advise you to take your Mac into an Apple store and if you have warranty left then they would probably replace it. 

There is a second option also and that is trying to fix it yourself. How can you do it? You need to grab a can of air, then hold your Mac carefully so that it is vertical in position.

After that, blow the air between the keys and this will help in removing all the dust under the keys and might also solve your problem. 

The Mac Won’t Shut Down

Instead of shutting down properly, certain MacBooks will freeze. When it is obvious the Mac doesn’t shut down for as long as you wait, try to make sure all devices are disabled.

It could also be important for your Mac to shut down (if a device ever freezes and triggers such problems, be sure that all the apps are updated and make sure that this helps). 

Mac Won’t Shut Down

Try to reset the NVRAM and the SMC if the shutdown issues persist. If that is not helping, Apple Diagnostics should be applied to see what bugs can be found. Try to boot in Safe Mode and restart the Mac in the current mode if shutdown issues continue.

Lastly, you will navigate to System Preferences. Select Security and Privacy, and open the FileVault. Here, you will confirm the FileVault is turned OFF.

This is for the reason because FileVault is sometimes responsible for shutdown problems inadvertently. 

macOS Catalina Download Problems

As we tried to install the update last year, we bumped into macOS Catalina installation issues twice. This isn’t a big concern, but if your connectivity isn’t strong, you can always have download issues.

macOS Catalina Download Problems

When we tried to update,  the error “The network link was lost.” we had to restart. Slow updates were also noticed.  There are two options and you can only consider one of them depending on your situation.

The best way to access macOS Catalina update is to put in an ethernet cable. It will fix those update problems and speed downloads gradually. This will not be possible if you do not have an ethernet adapter.

However, if this does not work on the first attempt, you need to try again later. This can be annoying but it can help you fix the problem.

Or the last solution can be that you restart your networking gear or simply take your Mac to a place which has a better internet connection.

macOS Catalina Install Problems

We also had a problem installing macOS Catalina in the middle of the process. The installer determined that we did not have enough room to boot in the Mojave login display and to go back to the installer. 

macOS Catalina Download Problems

We fixed the issue by stopping the installer and then in a macOS restore menu we use the Disk Utility to uninstall the unused partition.

You may also try to rebuild the time-machine update you did just before you began, which will take you back to Mojave macOS and enable you to delete some data. Or you may also try booting into Safe Mode to delete some data.

Hold the shift key when you see the Apple logo to enter Safe Mode. 

 Login Crashes

Apple’s integrated applications and OS always collide against one another. This is the reason that your system faces login crashes. 

To prevent this problem, you simply need to remove the needless login items. After that, you will remove the “plist” files from Preferences. It contains particular user settings, therefore, reset them in safe Mode. 

Packing It All Up! 

With that being said, we come to an end of our guide about common problems that Mac users usually face. It is important that you are well aware of the problem you are facing and not just rush towards different solutions.

If you are not able to identify the problem on your system then we would suggest you take your Mac to a nearby Apple Store as it is better to consult a professional then try doing it yourself.

Moreover, there is a risk doing it yourself because if you are not a tech nerd then it may cause another problem to your system. Other than that, we are hopeful that we have provided you with the solution to your problem and this guide was helpful for you. 

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