Is 8 macOS Catalina Features You Can Get Without Upgrading Your Mac

Many people do not prefer a new Mac operating system version as they are compatible with the previous version and all the apps they want to run can be run on the previous version of the Mac operating system.

If you want to upgrade to Catalina you should have a greater version of Mac operating from 2012 or you should have the 2012 version. 

There is another way to resolve the problem of upgrading to the version of Catalina.

If you can not upgrade to the latest version then you can take help from the third party applications that are similar to the application that Catalina runs.

The third-party apps are compatible with the older versions of the Mac operating system and can be installed easily.

It will help you to experience the Catalina version of the apps in the older version of the Mac operating system as well.

As this article is here for telling you that you can install 8 features of Mac Catalina in the older version of the Mac operating system as well. So what are you waiting to read about all these 8 features and then start downloading them?

1- Use Your iPad as a Mac Screen with Duet Display

This feature is one of the Mac Catalina operating system features that enables you to connect the Mac screen to the iPad screen.

All you have to do is to have an iPad with a version bigger than 2019 or just 2019 iPad will be good too.

Mac Screen with Duet Display

And the iPad should be running the iPad operating system to work with this feature. The Apple company named this feature Sidecar.

This duet display feature is similar to Sidecar but it is available in every version of Mac OS and iOS of the Apple device. You just have to connect your Mac with WIFI and then drag your system to your iPad.

The application to perform duet screen is not free and will apply so expense but the expense is still less than the amount of a new monitor. 

2- Focus ME Presents a Breakdown of Your Screen Time

As we are working constantly and we do not know how much time we are spending in front of a screen so for this Apple thought of this feature screen time.

This application will keep a check of your time how much you are sitting in front of a computer screen.

The feature came with the iOS 12 of the version of the mobile operating system.

As this feature was great to use and the reviews also talk about, Apple introduced Mac Catalina as well.

However, if you do not have the Catalina update in your Mac so do not worry the same feature was also introduced by Focus ME.

It works in a scheduled way and shows the Mac usage in a pie chart and lets you enforce to use less than your actual time.

3- Visit the iCloud to Find Your Missing Devices

This feature app was introduced on iPhone first but now they have enhanced it and introduced it on Mac Catalina as well.

iCloud to Find Your Missing Devices

The app is a combination of Find my iPhone and Find my friends which will find friends, family members and even every device of Apple. 

4- You Can Still Use iTunes for TV, Music and Podcasts

After so many years of all in one iTunes application, Apple distributed the app into three different ways which are TV, Music and Podcasts.

This will help you find new contents easily and can arrange all your favourite shows as they can come to you as you likewise suggest what to see.

iTunes for TV

You can also search for personalized recommendations as to what you prefer to watch or listen.

However, Apple has made three new different apps and split one into three but there are no new features available and you can still listen to your music from the Apple Music and by your favourite movies from iTunes store and can also subscribe to your latest podcasts as you like.

5- Steam has All the Games and More

If you are into games then you will love this feature. As Apple Arcade is a feature that provides you with all sorts of games.

This subscription gaming service is offered in all three platforms of Apple which are iPhone, iPad and Mac but you can use this feature completely if you are upgraded to iOS 13, iPad OS and Mac OS Catalina.

There are many games on this app but this is not the only way to play these games on Mac. As the Steam app is featuring all the games that are on Apple Arcade and is the storefront of all the games in the world.

You can use this app to play all your favourite games and can be installed on older versions of the Mac operating system. If you want to play games this app is best for purchasing and installing any kind of game you want to play. 

6- Give a New Look to Your Photo Gallery with Mylio

If you are a photo expert and love to put photos in a beautiful manner then this feature is just for you.

New Look to Your Photo Gallery with Mylio

Photos with Mac OS is the best way to put it as in Mac Catalina there is no such thing or new features regarding the pictures gallery only they have added few editing options and some presentation options to make your photos feel something different.

If you are updating your older version only for this feature then you should install Mylio instead of updating the whole operating system. Mylio works the same as the photo gallery which is introduced in Mac OS Catalina. 

7- Todoist has More Features than the Apple Reminder

The Reminders app from Apple is another feature that they have introduced in Mac OS Catalina.


As this app can put smart lists for upcoming tasks, improve natural language recognition and you can attach photos and other images on your reminder list as well.

However, all these tasks are also available in Todoist and are the best app if you are not updating to the latest version of the Mac OS. 

8- Use Dictation to Control your Mac OS with Your Voice

The best feature of Mac OS Catalina because of this people want this update in their system so they can have this feature. As this feature concerns all the disabilities people that can not run Mac OS but now they can do with their voice.

Mac OS with Your Voice

You can do many things with your voice but if you think there is not a single thing referred to in the previous versions then you are wrong because in the previous versions of Mac OS dictation app is there but has little features compared to these new features.


We hope that this article was understandable and will help you fight the updating to a newer version despite you not doing it.

If there are any queries of something else feel free to ask by commenting in our comment section. 

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