How to Fix Mac Installation Errors You Encounter? (Guide)

Many people complain about installation errors in Mac operating system. As if the operating system carries some errors which only occur when the operating system is installing.

Which gives a thought to the developer that this problem needs to be fixed. It also makes us wonder how the operating system is managing to get through the installing process or the beta process. 

The problem is occurring in both the versions of Mac which are the beta version and the original version but it seems that there are more users of the original version than the beta version that has this problem and are facing installation errors. 

When all the users of the official version start installing the Mac operating system then it seems like with the sheering of the hardware, software and the peripherals are occurred with a bug which is most likely found in the beta version of the operating system and then is transferred to the original version of the operating system. 

So if you are having such problems while installing the Mac operating system then this article is just for you. We will discuss various things about the error and how to fix this error in this article.

You will find various things that are useful for you while you are installing the operating system on your PC.

You will definitely find something that will be allowing your system to finish the installation or will prevent this problem to occur in the first place. So without further due let us start with this article so you can have your problem resolve quickly.

Installation Issues Commonly Seen with macOS

Before we start with this fixing your Mac operating system installation stuff we would like to tell you that you should keep a backup of your system because in this article there are some things that can disrupt you from the current version of the operating system as well.

So if you do not have a backup system in your place we recommend you to arrange one so if something happens the backup will be there to resume to the old version of the operating system.

Installation Issues Commonly Seen with macOS

You should consider a Time Machine backup or a clone of your current operating system that can easily save your life. You can make your backups in a portable device as well as you can move them anywhere you even carry them where you want, the portable devices that.

I am talking about can be External Enclosures, drives, SSDs, high-performance USB 3.0 or any other storage you like to create a backup of your system. As we have mentioned all the aspects of storing the operating system backup, now let’s get back to fixing of the Mac operating system installation errors. 

Could Not Write Installation Information to Disk

‘Could Not Write Installation Information to Disk’ is a message that shows up when you start the process or you can say the error occurs after a short time when you want to progress to the next stage of the installation process.

This kind of error only occurs when your installation wizard is corrupt and if you want to fix this issue you should delete the application of the installer and download a new installation app copy.

Installation Information

This mostly happens when you download a copy from a third-party site and if you just download the application directly through the Mac site that will fix the problem.

If you do not have to buy the original installer application of Mac operating system then you should apply for the free trial beta version of the operating system to check if the version is better from the previous or not. 

There is another possible way of this error to occur which is the damage of the boot drive. The problem can be solved by using Disk Utility First Aid capabilities to repair the disk which is corrupted.

Could Not Find Installation Information for This Machine

This error occurs when you are performing a clean install of the Mac operating system and you have erased the previous startup from your system.

If you have removed the startup from your system then you are using installation process y booting it up from an external drive which can be a flash drive or USB and if you have used this portable device then it means that you have made the device a bootable device.

Installation Information for This Machine

If something happens while your installation then you will be forced to reboot with the Recovery Partition or Internet System Recovery which is a builtin software of Mac operating system.

And as soon as you start repairing Could Not Find error will appear in front of your eyes.

This error will create many problems for you as the system does not have any local area connection or a WIFI connection and is still Recovery process is trying to reach the Apple Service Centre to download the missing file of the installation process.

And the worst part is that even all these things are happening at the same time, the system should show a message of WIFI or Ethernet is not connected to your system instead it is showing the Could Not Find the error.

It can frustrate you as most of the people gets frustrated and leave the Mac or just return to the previous version with the help of the backup that they have made. So the question is how can you fix this situation.

The fixing can be done by making sure that your system is connected to the Ethernet or if you have a WIFI connection then you should remember the password of the WIFI.

Then, you just have to restart your system by holding down the Command + R key on your keyboard so you can access the Recovery settings of the system.   

If we do not automatically access the Network connection or Ethernet then the system will be asking you of any WIFI connection and if there is they will ask for the WIFI password.

If there is no WIFI connection as well then they ask for any other connection. If you have connected with the WIFI then there will be a possible chance of getting rid of this error quickly. We hope that you will find your network connection and can continue to the recovery process and reinstall process.

The Computer Is Incompatible with the Operating System You Are Attempting to Install

This error is kind of an old and will only show up who are using or upgrading from the Mac version of OS X Yosemite or an earlier version to the OS X El Capitan or a later version from that.

Computer Is Incompatible with the Operating System

You should start by checking the operating system compatibility if it’s compatible with the next version of the Mac operating system or not.

There are some cases in which you can not upgrade to a newer version because Apple has dropped support on the older versions of the operating system.

If you want to check compatibility list whether your operating system is compatible for this newer version, you should check in these versions that are following.

  • Mojave Compatible Mac
  • Sierra Compatible Mac
  • High Sierra Compatible Mac
  • El Capitan Compatible Mac

If your Mac is in the Compatible list then you are using OS X Yosemite or an earlier version of the operating system but if you are still seeing this error that means you have a problem with your startup drive and it needs repairing. 

So check for the startup drive permission and try to repair and if you are having problems in repairing it then tries to see an article from where they have enlisted the instructions to resolve this error.

macOS Could Not Be Installed on Your Computer 

The error is much similar to the above error that we have mentioned. The change between this error and the above is that this error includes all the Mac operating systems like Mac Sierra and others.

macOS Could Not Be Installed on Your Computer 

First, you should make sure that your Mac is compatible to this version or not and you can check them by using the compatibility list which is provided on the Apple site or we have mentioned above the four compatibility check.

You check from their too. Once you have to make sure that your operating system is in the list of compatibility then you should check the Mac time and date settings.

It is a hunch that the interruption of time and date setting can prevent the installation from happening. To check the time and date settings you should follow these instructions.

  1. First, launch system preferences, you can launch it by selecting the icon that will be found in the docs or you can select from the Apple menu as well
  2. After that, open the date and time preference pane
  3. After opening the preference pane make sure to check the date and time and if they are not correct then correct time and second, you should also check the time zone and correct it as well
  4. If you want to make changes you will have to unlock the padlock by the administrator password

Make sure that all the settings are correct and if there are not correct them. You can also use the internet so you can set your date and time automatically so there should be no more problems with your setting. You can select the local Apple time server by using the drop-down menu. 

If you are having problems accessing the time and date settings and can not change them then you can do it from the Recovery settings by using the Terminal window which you can find in the recovery menu.

If you have any trouble using the terminal window then you can search for the instruction to guide you. 


As we have learnt all the things that can fix your installation errors on the Mac operating system. As for the instructions you can Google them if you are having difficulties.

Apple has created these operating systems for Mac and so they are kinda good for an operating system and can suit some people as they are found to work in a difficult condition.

If you have any queries regarding the installation of the operations system or if the error is still not fixing then you should contact us and we will find a way together. You can contact us by commenting in our comment section. 

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