Top 7 Best Windows Music Players for Hi-Res Audio Review in 2021

Best Windows Music Players

Everyone wants a good audio player in their system because if the display of the system is good the user wants a good sound with it.

Many users can use the iTunes options for different Windows things by which the Microsoft operating system built-in different options always like groove music and Windows Media Player.

But when we search for Windows users so they prefer their music player.

The search gets trickier if you are using an audio file and can also support hi-res audio in MQA format or FLAC which try to search for music players in your slim options.

If you were rounded the best music player applications for best Windows so hi-res is the best music player audio for you.

Best Windows Music Players Reviews:

In this article, we will give you the 7 best Windows music player hi-res audio which is as follows:

  1. Amara luxe
  2. Hy solid 
  3. Foobar2000
  4. Andirvana
  5. Roon
  6. Jriver

Now, let’s get started with the review:

1- Amara Luxe:

If you are using Amara luxe, it is placed in the best hi-res music player application for macOS which can also be earned in many places.

This application is not cheap and has a premium music player by which it can be packed with the best features of hi-res music players.

You can also include the Hi-res formats supported system like DSD and MQA and FLAC. macOS can also be supported by the current MQA.

This application is liked by hi-res stream audio as well because it is a handy application but if you want more music collection players in your list so Qobuz and tidal from Amara luxe can stream in it.

With the help of one application if you want to control your music so you can easily look for Amara luxe hi-res music player application which is for macOS.

2- Hysolid:

HiFi system who tops the qualities if you have a PC so if you are looking for hysolid it could be exactly what is in your list.

The software is not a traditional media player but it can control that transform to the music player in your computer and can control the Android devices with iOS.

If you want to hear the music you have to kick back on the couch and can also play the HiFi system on your computer.

This application can format the most hi res playlist you throw at it. WAV, FLAC and PCM audio are compatible with this application because it has 384 kHz DHD and 11.2 MHz from 2.8 MHz in the format system of DSF.

USB DAC can be displayed on the operating system mode in high solid which can use the playback bit perfectly.

3- FOOBAR2000:

Windows foobar 2000 is the most popular music player for you which can practically hold the name of this application.

This application is very fast and has a great name which interferes with the dated letter and most importantly it is free for you.

The traditional media player is the only one that can resemble it while it is not only a free player on your list.

DSD is not foobar support but FLAC is foobar support which is out of the box. You can easily download the Foobar 2000 website which can support you if you want to add the DSDIFF in your list.

If you want to make it more powerful to your audio player so you have to install the components information.

It is especially for handy if you love foobar 200. You can also download this application for free.

5- Roon:

Now, this is time for my favorite audio player Roon which is not just a simple audio player like many others.

I like it most because I love digital music with the tune of guitar, violin, and all the latest musical instruments and when you play electronic data recorded on Roon then you will feel the difference between Roon and the other software.

The best thing about music is that it makes you involved in it and if we have an audio player like Roon it is the best option for you that a good audio player has.

You can avail these qualities not only with the music available on your computer even if you have a local NAS or any other local music file which you play on Roon you will find it very well believe me Rone is worth trying.

6- Jriver:

Jriver is a multi-tasking software for several people.

The best thing about it is that it fits on every person’s choice it can support several formats in it especially PCM and DSD.

It also has a subsystem for audio which helps you more in supporting different audio formats and it can also transmit your audio to DAC.

Many other features are present in this software and are not available in many other software and audio players.

The most common example which we have is that it contains an audio great optional system in it yes crossfeed reviews about this software is very positive and developers recommend headphones to get more natural and real sound by this audio player and if you have big speakers in your room then this audio player will make your room Paradise.


Anyone who can listen to an audio file so you has proudly declared that this software is perfect for you and can also describe the audio files when taken which can be developed by this software.

You can also deliver the signals of audio from the source of DC and can also optimize everything which has possibly the highest quality.

The PCM audio features support to improve the quality of sound and DSD of tidal and Qobuz.

This is not a player like hysolid but it is a server instead. You can also use it with compatible UPnP once it is running in your application or hardware.

Android developers can recommend the UPnP bubble for Windows, Kinsky, iOS and macOS which can also be tested in this application.

It has the best feature in JPLAY FEMTO which is Hibernate mode.

It can also create the background noise which it aims to reduce in your computer and it can also process and thread the eliminating jitter producing software.

During playback, you might not use a computer but it can also sound fantastic in your system.


You have seven best audio players in your memory now it’s up to you which one you choose for your system.

These all are better than each other in different ways some can produce good sound some can make the sound more digital and some can give you the natural tune.

I hope that this article helps you in choosing the best hi-res audio player for your system.

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