Tips to Help You Fix the Windows 10 Blue Screen Error

This thing does not happen really often but when it happens people always get confused, what to do in this situation or what they can do in this situation.

For this, we have arranged this article for you, so you can understand what you can do when this situation takes place.

Although this error can happen with anyone while you are using the Windows operating system.

The error is very common and everyone in some place in their life faces this error. 

This Blue screen error can be frustrating because it can pop-up at any time and can disturb the work that you are doing, it can interrupt your work and if you did not save the work you are doing then it might be a problem for you because this error will restart your computer as soon as this pop-ups.

However, you do not need to worry about this problem any more because we have put this article for you so, you can learn what things you can do to fix this error.

There are 11 tips to make this error go away so, read all the tips below and let’s see which tip helps you get through this problem.

What is Blue Screen?

Before we come to the tips part, we would like to share some information on what this error is all about and why do we call this error a blue screen error.

This error is commonly called a blue screen of death and as on the Windows terms, this is called a stop error or a fatal error. 

The error occurs when your operating system crashes, which means the operating system is not running safely and it has a problem within it, when this happens a blue screen appears while showing the problem that is come up in your PC and then restarting immediately after showing where the problem is lying.

There can be many reasons for this error to happen as the common things that can make this error happen are bad drivers, problems with hardware, and operating system errors.

As a matter of fact, the newer versions of the Windows are easy to interpret and you will not get into much error situations much like a blue screen or any other.

You should also know that this error can occur many times but in some situations, this error shows only one time, and then your system works perfectly fine after you reboot it.

Note Your Windows Blue Screen Stop Code

There are many different things that can cause a blue screen on your system so you should take notes of the stop code before you take any action to fix the blue screen error.

So, if you look into Windows 10 BSOD screen then you will find a sad face and below that you wills ee a link to Microsoft troubleshooting page, a QR code and a stop code.

If you just scan the QR code with your phone’s camera then you will get into a Windows support center webpage, from where you can see what the actual problem is.

Try Specific Troubleshooting for Your Error Code


As you know, what this error is all about so, now you can try troubleshooting the error and can specify more about the error code.

Review Recent Computer Changes 


This error can occur when you try to do some changes in your system and these changes can be troublesome and can try to make your system crash and show a blue screen.

If you just identify the problem that is causing the blue screen, you can figure out the solution as well.

You can take an example of the printer. If you have just plug a printer into the system then try to unplug it and see if the blue screen comes to warn you or not.

If you have updated the windows recently then you to the update settings and see the details of the update.

After that, uninstall the updates that are recently installed in your system and then see if the problem is still there or is gone. 

Check for Windows and Drivers Updates

As you know, some updates can create issues, just like that there are some updates that can creatively solve the problem as well.

These updates can be found in the Windows update settings as well. You can select which update you have to do first and then update it as you want it.

You should also check for drivers updates because they can be also responsible for blue screen error if it shows up.

You can check for drivers updates in the device manager window. You can choose any driver in there and right-click on it to show you the update option.

Scan for Malware


There can be other problems as well that can cause a blue screen such as malware or a virus. So, if you are facing the blue screen problem, you should check for malware on your system and for this, you will need an antimalware scanner that will remove the malware from the system. 

You can find all sorts of malware scanners on the internet and we assure you all the scanners are great to scan and remove any malware you want.

Run an SFC Scan

Windows has a built-in command-line tool that checks the drives for some errors, this tool is called a safety file checker tool and in short words SFC.

There can be a 90% chance that your blue screen problem can be solved by running this file checker.

It can easily detect files and tells you which file is causing trouble. 

If you want to apply this tool then you must go to command prompt window and write this command SFC /scannow.

Then press the enter button on the keyboard, then just wait and watch and all the work will be done by the system.

Reinstall Windows


If all these tips do not work and none of this work for you then the last choice for you is to reinstall the windows.

This method will erase all the errors and will reboot everything in your system files.

Although your personal files will not be removed and will be safe in the drive.


As we have put this article for you to understand the blue screen error and to interpret it accordingly.

We hope this article helped you in every way possible.

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