Best Gaming Monitor for PS4 [2021 Reviews]

When it comes to gaming, you need to be all in or you get Pwned. Now, Without a doubt, the display is the most important aspect other than your console or your PC is the Monitor, and what better time to buy them than right now?

This is that time of the year again! Welcome, Black Friday Deals!  You can get the Best Gaming Monitor For PS4 at a crooked price! 

You Can’t Kill What You Can’t See. 

It is vital to get a good display for any gamer as the best monitor will push your performance and your setup to it’s best. With a good display, you can spot that camper that has been taking you out every time you get respawned!

We Understand rage quits all too well. This is why it’s vital to get the Best Gaming Monitor for PS4.

Get the Jump on them.

With making the choice of having a good display monitor, pull one over on your opponents as you make better shots all thanks to the new screen that helps you see better. With the best Gaming Monitor for PS4.

Better Graphics; Everyone’s Guilty Pleasure:

Admit or not, these days, better graphics are appreciated more than a better storyline!

If you don’t have a good display, no matter how latest your console or gaming setup is, you will get the standard graphics.

Do think about spending a bit more at the monitor so you can notice the special effects and improvements than your old consoles. 


To help you take the fight to your online friends or to enhance your gaming experience, we have put together a list of the 10 best gaming monitors for PS4

 Best Gaming Monitors for PS4:



You know it’s the real deal when it’s ROG. 

The 27-inch gaming monitor comes with an additional feature –  DSC.

DSC is the latest technology standard for display. Displays with this feature ensure that you get a rich picture, Top Quality Video Streams at speeds up to 144 Hz, without costing you the tremendous visual quality.


This gaming monitor can deliver a 4K resolution which has become an optimal standard in today’s world easily.

It has 144 Hertz Refresh speed when connected to an individual Display Port. The display provides 4K results without reducing image quality or chroma subsampling.

From Republic of Gamers: 

From the nation of gamers, this 27” inch monitor is the most premium option to look for when shopping for a new monitor.

ROG is famous for making the best hardware when it comes to gaming. They understand the needs of a gamer.

The display includes an RGB light at Monitor’s Bottom and ROG eye, making it one of the Best Gaming Monitor for PS4. 

Adjustable Height and Pivot: 

You can adjust the monitor’s height, pivot, tilt, and swivel to fit at the best angle that you find both comfortable and peaceful.

The features that this device offers make it the Best Gaming Monitor for PS4.

The Ultimate Experience: 

By now, The ROG monitor has provided its users with one of the best gaming display results.

The flawless high-end picture resolutions that this monitor provides one with is indeed a delight to a gamer.

It would make it appear as if the image itself has come to life and gives a little bit of vibe as if the picture was taken in real life. 

Great Size; Great Style; Great Performance 

The 27-inch monitor is an ideal choice for you if you prefer displays with a rich picture and if you are tired of your TV playing at the old-school 720p.

The 4K resolution with 3840 x 2160 pixels will take you by surprise when you actually see how good the monitor is.

It has a 144 Hz Refresh Rate which is the ideal Refresh rate as set by professional gamers and catches up with your speed. 

This monitor is just what you need to be a winner.

2. LG 34GN850-B 34 Inch 21: 9 UltraGear Curved QHDUltraGear Curved

Latest Features: 

It is a must-have to have the equipment that is up to date when you start gaming as your equipment improves your performance and you get a richer experience of the gameplay. With this  34” Amazing Display, get ready to take on the world and have one of the Best Gaming Monitor for PS4. 

Amazing Design: 

The amazing design of this display is what makes it an eye-catcher for a gamer.

The height and tilt are both adjustable in this choice of a high-end performance monitor. It also comes with 3.1 USB ports

Unusual Refresh Rate 

This display comes with a 4K display at 160 Hertz refresh rate that is a rare number to reach even with so much competition.

This specification makes it ideal for high speeding, running, and football games. 

A New Take on VESA HDR Support 

LG’s VESA HDR support came off as a disappointment. Despite its terrible benchmarks, you will not encounter any brightness issues; such as dimming out.

The brightness of this monitor is set at 400 nits which won’t have a high impact on your eyes, allowing you to use it for longer times and thus being one of the Best Gaming Monitor for PS4.

Enjoy The Compatibility 

The compatibility with this 34” inch monitor is straight out amazing, making it an amazing choice for those who have a computer as well.

The Monitor is in total sync with compatibility as it has Good support with Nvidia G Sync and AMD FreeSync both.

The display also has G-sync ability but that renders useless usually. Nevertheless, A good gaming monitor indeed! 

The Perfect Monitor. 

This monitor should be the ultimate choice that is looking for amazing experiences in gaming.

Although the price of this display might put a bit of a stretch on your pocket. But if you can afford it, no harm no foul.

3. Dell Gaming Monitor SE2417HG 23.6″ TN LCD MonitorDell Gaming Monitor

Purely Made for Gaming 

When you go through this one, you must keep in mind that this monitor was made keeping in mind the needs of a gamer.

While the other monitor may take a lap around faster than this one, Expect a powerful yet quality rich experience from this one! 

Two Colors; You choose 

It comes in Black and Grey colors and follows the typical path of the Dell Monitors, but has a more sleek design than the previous and other models.

Conclusively, this will make a good companion for your gaming experience 

Impressive Design 

Dell has always been solid at designing monitors. This one is one of their better models as comes with more than one feature.

You can use this device as your standard LCD or Plasma; You get to choose.

It also comes with Five Dedicated hotkeys which you can use to course through the monitor settings, such as setting display area or adjusting Brightness

23.6 Inches of Awesomeness 

Granted, the display size is a bit smaller than the other models, but the extra features make up for it as it provides good picture results and you can rotate it to 160 degrees vertically and horizontally, the display remains rotatable to 170 degrees horizontal angle. 

This 1080p offers IPS Angles which allows you to have wider angles where you can enjoy the displaying picture and immerse into it completely! 

Shining Bright Like a Star 

This monitor has a 100:1 ratio, meaning you can achieve maximum brightness.

In terms of performance, this monitor offers an adequate amount of performance as per the standards of a professional gamer.

It goes without saying that you can expect one of the best results when using this device

4. MSI Optix G27C4 FHD 1500R CurvatureMSI Optix

The Budget Friend

If you are a little tight on budget, then this one is for you, as it offers remarkable performance in its price tag than the other monitors.

Without HDR support, this monitor still offers to put up one heck of competition for other competitors. 

The video processing capability of this monitor is outstanding. Just what you need to have a full-on experience of gaming. 

Bezel-Less Design 

The MSI Optix features a bezel-less design that looks aesthetic and provides more clearer picture as well.

It comes with a curved screen so it soaks in all of your focus when you put your mind to gaming. The 16:9 Aspect Ratio makes up for the fact that this display is rolling without HDR support. 

FHD Resolution 

This monitor offers a vibrant FHD resolution at 1080p. Given the price tag and the other specifications, we’d say it’s a pretty good option if you want to go with it.

5. BenQ EX3203R Curved Gaming MonitorGaming Monitor

An Experienced Veteran Manufacturer

BenQ has been manufacturing great displays since the beginning of this century, but they really outdid themselves with this EX3203R Curved Gaming Monitor. 

HDR is Back

The aesthetically curved monitor comes with a 144 Hz Refresh Rate, with HDR 400 feature.

This is the sole feature of this display that makes it stand out more than the other ones. And We all know, HDR means high-quality pictures! 

Well Done Design

Although the monitor is heavy, this characteristic of the monitor is neutralized very well as its weight gives the user a sense of high-quality product 

Impeccable Performance: 

The performance this monitor offers is a solid one which gives the other models strong competition.

It is free of annoying problems that you encounter with a standard monitor maintaining the color quality at the same time. 

One-Stop Solution: 

Whether you need to play games on it or watch a movie, or Netflix and chill, this monitor has got your back as it offers vibrant and sound picture quality.

6. Acer Nitro XV273 Xbmiiprz 27” Full HDAcer Nitro

The Ultimate Gaming Equipment 

This piece of hardware seems specifically designed out to be taken out by a gamer. It keeps up with the Gamer Aesthetic also delivering the quality at full-on speed. 

Lights or Not; You Choose

This model of the gaming monitor comes with RGB lights but the option to use them is totally on you as they can be turned off if you are not a fan of the RGB lights feature.

Multiple Display Support

This display comes with Two HDMI ports which means that the functionality of this device isn’t just limited to one setup.

It also has a USB hub. The On-screen menu allows you to move along the provided customization option of the monitor.

Menu with multiple options 

The Device offers multiple modes and features which can be accessed, such as black frame insertion; via this mode, the clarity of the picture comes out – A feature you will appreciate when it comes to console gaming 

4K Display

This monitor when connected to a single display offers a 4K display when the monitor is put into the SDR mode.

The Brightness peaks out at 430 nits which is just about optimal for you to have the best gaming experience. You can also enjoy a 120 Hertz refresh rate, all thanks to SDR mode. 

Have the ultimate gaming experience with this monitor.

7. SAMSUNG LC32HG70QQN, C32HG70 32″ HDR QLED 144Hz 1ms Curved Gaming MonitorSAMSUNG

Enjoy The Ultimate 4K Experience: 

This display offers a 4K resolution, which is pretty much the standard set for gaming in 2021.

The curved monitor comes with Samsung’s Display Enhancement Technology or as they like to call it QDEF(Quantum dot-enhancement film layer). 

Numerous Features

The 32” monitor isn’t short on features as it offers different connectivity features and HDR 600 Certification.

Therefore, we guarantee that you are going to be blown by the quality this display has to offer.

Good Quality with Good Price 

In its range, this is a lone ranger when it comes to giving the kind of performance it is delivering.

It will definitely give the other monitors a run for their money as it gives vibrant and well-saturated picture results! 


The Display has a 178 Degree viewing angle which makes it a flexible option in displays.

The Display can be boosted up to 600 nits when you play games that Have HDR support; Every PS4 game ever created 

Customizable Response Time: 

The display time of the monitor may stutter sometimes as it tries to adapt to give out the best result.

There is a setting to change Response time with two options “Fast” or “Fastest”. 

Keep in mind, mingling with this setting will cost you the FreeSync Feature or HDR.

 8. ASUS VG279Q 27″ Full HD 1080p IPS 144Hz 1ms (MPRT) DP HDMI DVI Eye Care Gaming MonitorASUS

Believe us when we say this, It’s good if it’s from Asus. 

Built to Impress

Without a doubt, this is one of the best Options when it comes to gaming monitors.

This powerful machine offers us a contrast ratio of 100,000,000:1. The adaptive technology that this monitor comes with is what makes this one of the top picks of all time.

Ahead of its Competition

It features a bright display of 400 nits, and 1 ms response time is an improvisation that Acer should be credited for doing their due diligence of needs of a gamer. 

Innovative Design

When it comes to design, The VG279Q doesn’t cease to impress as it comes with customizable options that a user can alter to fit their need, such as the height, and tilt.

Numerous Features

The advanced features that this device offers entertain the need for a professional and a casual gamer as well.

The features this device offers allow the performance to reach another level on which many other displays cant work.

Value for Money

Although this device comes off a bit expensive, it really seems justified when you see the number of features and quality and performance it gives. 

9. Razer Raptor 27″ Gaming Monitor

Razer Raptor

Sleek Design

This gaming monitor has a sleek design which makes it the center of attraction in the eyes of every gamer.

The QHD Display offers a crystalline display, which is what makes it one of the Best Gaming monitors for PS4


It also comes with a grey fabric over it, giving off the classic Razer Look which looks nothing short of revolutionary. The height and tilt of the screen can be altered per user’s convenience.

Multiple Features

It also lands different gaming profiles, such as racing, FPS, and MMOA. The raptor has a contrast ratio of 1100:1, which delivers 88% Adobe RGB, which seems pretty impressive considering the price range this product comes in.


The wiring issues are a lot persistent on this monitor which drops the bomb of having to deal with the wiring clutter.

10. AOC C32G1 32″ Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor

AOC C32G1 32

Big Display, Bigger Performance

This monitor comes with a  32” inch curved screen which soaks in your focus when you get playing, which is ideal as gaming should be done with the sole focus to win. It provides a solid gaming experience proving to be one of the Best Gaming Monitors for PS4.

Modern Design

The modern-looking monitor has a black matte finish, and along with that, red accents are placed just right. The most desired thing which it features is a bezel-free face, and it is relatively more responsive compared to other TN panels making it one of the Best Gaming Monitor for PS4.

Vibrant Picture

The monitor comes with a 1800r screen, which allows the monitor to show an immersive display. 


It features a 1980×1080 p FHD screen resolution with a fresh rate of 144 Hz and a high contrast ratio of 3000:1

Importance of Having a Good Gaming Monitor:

Importance of Having a Good Gaming Monitor

When you are thinking of upgrading, the monitor indeed comes at the end of the list when listed on the items you need to upgrade. Believe us, It is just as important to upgrade the monitor as it is to upgrade any other component.

The better the monitor is, the better in-game effects, details, higher resolutions can be achieved. A rich picture means a good picture.

 As a cherry on top, having a good gaming monitor is very important as it will put a lesser strain on your eyes and you won’t have to tilt your head to get the complete picture or to see those Easter Eggs all thanks to Best Gaming Monitor for PS4.

💸 How to Choose the Best Gaming Monitor for PS4?

How to Choose the Best Gaming Monitor for PS4

So many options! 

After seeing so many options, you may have or may not have made up your mind about which monitor you are going to buy. Don’t worry, it wasn’t easy for us either. 

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A good Gaming Monitor Goes a long way. 

Make sure that you weigh in on these things before choosing the gaming monitor as it will last for a long time before you have to go out and search for a new screen for better experiences. 

Resolution and HDR:

This goes without saying; you need to buy the monitor that offers the Resolution at which you can get a picture that will keep you give you the ultimate vibrant picture.

The PS4 is compatible with displays that support as long as HDR 10  This HDR technology improves the overall visual experience and can capture wide colors along with different shades.

HDR means better image quality, but you can skip out on it if you are short on money to spend.

The latest HDR technology is 8K QLED these days.

However, it has not been introduced in most gaming monitors because it is quite rare.

So we will recommend you to get a 4K monitor if you want to get crisp and vivid images as it is desired by most of the gaming consoles.

A word of advice from Sony, It is best to use a 4K supported display with a  PlayStation 4 as it reaches an optimal level of performance and shows the exact level of details it is supposed to give the user the ultimate gaming experience.

Refresh Rate:

The refresh rate is a vital factor to consider while searching for a gaming monitor for your ps4 or ps4 pro.

It plays a crucial role in playing racing, fighting, and first shooting games over it. 

It just gives off a better, vivid, and precise image while playing first-person games and has to perform quick actions and fast movements.

Most of the best latest monitors offer us a refresh rate of 144 Hz, which is enough for a gamer and would prove to be very helpful for him. 

So if you don’t have any sort of budget problems, we would highly recommend you to go for 60 Hz of refresh rate.

Moreover, refresh-rates of 60 Hz and 75 Hz would be relatively low; thus, we might not get the full benefit of buying a gaming monitor for our ps4.

Response Time:

Even nanoseconds can mean a huge difference when we’re talking about gaming.

Either if it’s loading, or installing any game, it just feels as if time has stopped and is taking forever. and thus prefer getting a monitor which offers us a low response time.

The Minimum you should look for is 3 ms while a better monitor can give us up to 1 ms of response time.


Advantages of Having Best Gaming Monitor For PS4:

Advantages of Having Best Gaming Monitor for PS4

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Higher Refresh Rates:

It is translated to how often a monitor displays another image per second. It is more commonly termed as Hertz, and it is essential to know that the higher the Hertz, the more frames could be displayed on the screen; thus, we get a more smooth gaming experience.

Most of the causal monitors are designed to have a refresh rate of 60 Hz per second, which could also be further referred to as 60 frames per second. However, most of the latest gaming monitors and screens offer 120 or 144 Hz per second for a better visual and gameplay experience.

Despite this, some of the rugged gaming monitors deliver us a fresh rate of 240 Hz so that you can experience an unlagged gaming experience with the Best Gaming Monitor for PS4.

What we might be thinking is that where will the rest of the frames be going if all of them are not fully utilized? In similar cases, the frames are either lost and unused, resulting in screen tearing.

Quality Colors And Black Levels:

Many latest gaming monitors use the HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology, which widely expands the monitors’ colors.

Thus, we have a higher contrast range with different shades. In much simpler words, we get to play our games in more visual details.

Good gaming monitors will produce more vibrant and punchy colors, and the black sides will have equal and fair shades, so none of the sides are overexposed.

These technology terms might seem quite boring to most of us. Thus, to make it easier to understand,

we may say that a good gaming monitor provides us with the best colors possible with thousands of different shades to have a more realistic gaming experience than ever.

Prevention of “Computer Vision Syndrome:

Indeed, our usage of computers and other smart devices has widely increased. So have increased the disorders associated with them.

Many modern-day monitor brands care about our health; thus, the latest models introduced feature built-in EYE Care Technology to prevent the increase in the number of victims of disorders such as Computer Vision Syndrome.

High exposure to blue light can be very harmful to the retina and corneas inside our eyes, which may cause different disorders such as headaches and more.

Whole Science and research are behind this, which might be quite dull to our users; hence we haven’t included those details in our article.

Many gamers tend to play games in low-light or dark conditions; thus, only the monitor’s light is the source of illumination.

In such cases, prolonged use of a computer might harm your eyes. Therefore, we need to consider this factor before purchasing a good gaming monitor to play games on our Playstation 4.

Improved Positioning:

It is something you might be unaware of, but it matters. Spending a lot of wealth over gaming chairs is something widespread and in trend these days, but no one cares about adjusting our gaming monitors.

Spending hours on gaming might cause neck and back problems, so to overcome such issues, the latest models have come up with a solution.

New latest and good gaming monitors allow us to adjust our monitors according to our requirements and comfort-zone.

So we should now look for monitors that allow us to rotate in 4 axes so we don’t lose our comfort zone and don’t face any sort of back or neck problems.


📋 Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use a Ps4 Pro gaming computer with Xbox One X?

Yes. Most of the gaming monitors are compatible with all kinds of consoles i.e. PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox360, Xbox One X, etc.

One thing you just need to take care of is that your gaming monitor must have HDMI ports available so you can connect your console with it.

But overall, almost every gaming monitor is compatible with PCs, Xbox, and Playstations so you don’t need to worry about that.

So you can connect and enjoy the most blissful gaming experience with your Xbox of your life.

Can I use 144 Hz or 240 Hz monitors with PS4 Pro?

Ans: Of course YES. Playing on such a monitor having 144 Hz or 240 Hz, with a powerful beast-like Playstation 4 Pro would be a perfect combination.

Using a higher hertz gaming monitor simply improves your gaming experience with no lagging and smooth visual gaming.

PS4 Pro is also compatible with a 60 Hz monitor but it is never going to give you the best of the experience that the PS4 is capable of.

So buying a 144 Hz gaming monitor is highly recommended by us.

I am switching to PS5, Should I update my monitor?

Ans: Well, for this one we don’t have an exact answer but yes we can provide you with the detailed information so you can decide it on your own.

A PS5 is capable of providing us the best visual experience on an 8K QLED gaming monitor. However, PS4 Pro’s capabilities are limited to 4K.

PS5 is the latest console on the market and this beast can provide us with the best realistic gaming experience on an 8K QLED.

It is also compatible with a 4K gaming monitor and will provide you with the best gaming experience of your life, so you can also use it with a 4K gaming monitor.

However, we suggest you buy a 8K QLED gaming monitor if you are to switch to PS5 from PS4 Pro. But the choice is totally yours!

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📚 Conclusion:

In the end, we hope that you get more closer to what to look for while searching for a gaming monitor for your PS4 Pro.

You need to keep all the measures into consideration while searching for a PS4 so you can get an unlagged and more smooth visual experience of your life.

Hope we will prove to be helpful in getting you to know more about a gaming monitor. Thanks a lot for reading till the end.