Best RGB Case Fans In 2021 [Ft. 120mm, 140mm & 200mm RGB Fans]

If you’re looking to upgrade your PC and enhance its performance, the RGB case fan can be an item you should consider to provide your PC with a stylish edge.

With a reliable and adequate airflow solution, the RGB case fan can be a solution to everything. 

Coming with tempered glass, the RGB case fan can apply playful light to your PC chassis, making it look attractive at the most reasonable price. 

Less amount of Airflow and Max noise level can be irritating for a crucial gamer’s PC build.

But with a range of RGB case fans to choose from, It’s essential to make the right choice for your PC. 

Well, the best RGB case fans aren’t known for their best combination of lights only but are also known for the most reliable gadget to improve your PC health.

In the list below, the best looking RGB case fans are included for the sizes of 120mm, 140mm, and 200 mm in the best premium price available.  

10. Corsair LL Series LL120 RGB

Corsair LL Series LL120 RGB

If you have been looking to replace your old PC window with something attractive and eye-catching, then you should consider the LL120 RGB case fan by Corsair.

Its unique set of color combinations and cool looks can certainly fill life to your average looking widow. This RGB case fan comes with various RGB LED lights.

The fans come in white color, which allows them to shine even brighter. You can customize the color and the special effects you want your RGB case fan to portray.

Talking about fans only, they’re simply amazing. From the moment you unpack them, you can witness their high quality.

Constructed with thick and even blades, you will not receive any type of noise from these fans ever.

Coming towards its Airflow production, you will be surprised by its best service.

The LL120 comes with a PWM fan controller that gives the user some space to adjust the fan’s speed according to the PC’s requirement. 

Coming with a wide range of 600 rpm to 1500 rpm, you can minimize noise production and airflow speed with ease.

Its only drawback is its high price range. The cheaper alternatives can be bought beside LL120, but the specification it’s loaded with speaks for its price.  


  • The addition of 120mm fan blades for minimized noise.
  • Inclusion of 16 independent LED lights.
  • Adjustable fan speed.
  • Customizable backlighting.
  • Offering best ventilation

9. Thermaltake Riing Plus 12 TT Premium Edition RGB

Thermaltake Riing Plus 12 TT Premium Edition RGB

The Riing Plus 12 TT is built beautifully to provide its user with ultimate stability and high-speed performance.

Its one of the best feature is that it comes with a high static pressure design and with nine blades equipped by each fan, the Riing 12 TT will provide you with a superior cooling system for sure. 

You will be able to feel its most pleasing textured design as soon as you unpack it.

This RGB case fan has been carefully designed and structured using high-quality material. Its white blades are what make this RGB case fan the center of attraction.

Each fan comes with 12 different RGB LED lights, providing the users with the feature to control them individually. 

Thermaltake created this set by using a modern approach towards its Riing Plus technology allows you to control these fans using your smartphone.

With its built-in voice command feature, these fans can be controlled by your voice too. This RGB case fan can add up to 16 controllers at a time in the software, which is likely to control these fans with ease. 

We call this device’s show-stealing feature that this RGB case fan is specialized to reduce both noise and vibration by making.

This gadget equipped with anti-vibration mounting technology that helps the fan with a lesser amount of vibration.

These fans also include rubber pads that provide extreme protection against vibration and use these RGB case fans hassle-free. 

With being loaded with fantastic detailing, this RGB case fan has a hydraulic bearing design to eradicate noises.

This design also helps to improve the thermal efficiency of the unit. 

Though this RGB case fan’s price is slightly higher than the other fan cases, this gadget is worth trying. 


  • Anti-vibration mounting technology.
  • Less noise production.
  • It has increased thermal efficiency.
  • Comes with patented Riing Plus RGB software.
  • Offers the best ventilation.
  • Customizable color and design.

8. Cooler Master MasterFan MF120R ARGB 120mm Fan

Cooler Master MasterFan MF120R ARGB 120mm Fan

Cooler Master is famous for the production of high-quality products. The ultimate Fan MF120R has been designed who loves everything about customization. 

With leading bright LED lights, an RGB controller is being provided to change the appearance and the speed of these lights.

A thermal detection mode is included within the design to detect changes in temperature and change this RGB case fan’s color. 

This master Fan’s hybrid design is built professionally to provide users with rigid stability.

The fans are textured with helicopter blades and jet engine, which produces static air and the right amount of airflow to protect your PC from overheated. 

A smart Fan sensor comes built-in with the fan to eradicate any jamming chance, making you not to worry about your cables getting tangled up.   

Furthermore, its silent cooling technology comes with the package too.

With ultra quality noise reducing rubber pads and noise binding equipment, you’re sure to experience peace for a couple of hours. 

Installing these RGB case fans are super easy, and installing this fan via the instruction manual doesn’t take more than 5 minutes.

This product’s highlight is quite incredible, and you won’t find anything like MasterFan MF120R within this price range, which makes this a great pick for every PC enthusiast. 


  • Different customization options for lighting.
  • Static airflow. 
  • Modern fan sensor to avoid jamming in the fan.
  • Super quiet and resilient
  • Install with ease.

7. Thermaltake Riing Trio 12 RGB TT Premium Edition 120mm RGB

Thermaltake Riing Trio 12 RGB TT Premium Edition 120mm RGB

In addition to the list, there’s yet fantastic addition to Thermaltake RGB case fans, and the Riing Trio is guaranteed to stand out in front of other RGB case fans.

It’s dazzling built promises to provide a high-quality cooling system. This fan comes with a nine-blade design, set to 12 rated volts and five running volts.

This RGB case fan provides superior airflow and cooling system with a minimized noise level.

But it doesn’t stop here; with the addition of hydraulic noise bearing technology, you can barely hear any noise produced by the fan.

Furthermore, its sealed fitted caps prevent any lubricant from leaking out. 

Crafted specially and being loaded with an anti-vibration mounting system, its thick rubber pads are placed to prevent any fan’s corners from any kind of damage.

This RGB case fan offers 16 different light combinations along with three different lighting modes.

These fan comes with 30 pieces of RGB lights allotted to each fan with four-light speeds and can be adjusted according to the user’s will.  

This fan has a built-in hub that can add five fans to each other and control them in sync without any difficulty.

Compared to the previous device, this device supports the voice command feature, now able to pair with Alexa to let her control this RGB case fan for you.   


  • It contains excellent software for controlling and monitoring fans.
  • Alexa voice control.
  • Anti-vibration technology.
  • Highly flexible options.
  • Cooling and ventilation with style.

6. Corsair ML120 PRO 120mm RGB

Corsair ML120 PRO 120mm RGB

If you’re looking for an RGB case fan that is eye-catching and attractive and delivers quality performance, then the ML120 PRO by Corsair can be a good pick for you. 

While the rest of the RGB case fan provides an option to change their appearance with limited light combinations, ML120 Pro doesn’t have any limit when it comes to RGB lighting.

You can customize these LEDs according to your choice with a wide range of modes to get your desired light display. 

What’s impressive is that these light changes can be controlled easily by your smartphone by merely installing Corsair’s app.

You can add multiple devices to your app and can contemporize just the way you like. 

Each light consists of 4 independent RGB lights attached to it for a sparkling bright light making it the most rigid RGB case fan ever.

While talking about its performance, ML120 will impress you with outstanding airflow capacity and reduced friction.

Using magnetic levitation bearing, this RGB case fan’s blades produce a much lesser amount of noise, delivering exceptional performance. 

With a wide range of 400 RPM to 1600 RPM, you can have a lot of flexibility to control and adjust this RGB case fan to minimize noise production and maximize the airflow speed. 

Each component of this fan comprises a high-quality material to sustain an extensive gaming PC’s peer pressure and provide extreme durability over a warranty of 5 years.   


  • Long durability. 
  • Most customization offers.
  • Adjustable fan speed.
  • Intensely bright lights.
  • Reduced vibration operation

5. Thermaltake Pure 12 ARGB

Thermaltake Pure 12 ARGB

You can realize why Thermaltake product is being used multiple times.

It is because Thermaltake is perfect when it comes to manufacturing PC accessories.

Each version of this brand is different from the other, having its own specifications and capabilities; each product has its own worth. 

This model features an Analog ARGB controller used by the users who don’t carry an RGB cable motherboard, thus making it different from the other versions.

Pure 12 comes with a durable design that helps you differentiate it from the other plans. Each fan consists of its own LED lights, which can be set according to your desire.

Pure 12 offers a wide range of options that suit your requirements regarding these RGB lights’ color and the fan’s speed accordingly.  

Like the other models, this device also comes with a nine-blade fan design that provides efficient airflow pressure with minimized noise and vibration.

With coolers attached to each of the fans, you will get rid of overheating PC problems instantaneously. 

This device also contains hydraulic bearing technology, promoting this device to reduce friction, making this RGB case fan one of everyone’s best choices.  


  • Reasonable price range
  • Cooling and ventilation with style
  • Attractive shiny lights and different modes
  • Low noise and vibration production.
  • Balance static airflow with ease.

4. DEEP COOL RF120 3in1 RGB Fans

DEEP COOL RF120 3in1 RGB Fans

DEEP COOL RF120 3in1 can prove to be one of the best RGB case fans within its price range.

This carefully created RGB case fan will offer you a solid build design to improve its life span and last longer than other RGB case fans.

While testing these fans, it is hard to observe the fans’ noise and vibration, even running it at full speed.

Cool RF120 provides a maximum airflow capacity up to 56.5 CFM and never lets your PC to overheat even during extensive gaming for a prolonged period. 

Due to its ample airflow, this gadget won’t disappoint its users in delivering a modern cooling system with ultra stability and performance.

This RGB case fan’s only drawback is that it doesn’t offer an outstanding light show to its users. But the adjustable limited color modes and speed make up for it.  


  • Unique cooling system.
  • Good airflow consistently.
  • Long lifespan.
  • Reasonable price range.
  • Comes with a great design.

3. Antec Prizm 120 ARGB

Antec Prizm 120 ARGB

Antec’s Prizm 120 is a perfect pick for a heavy gamer looking for an RGB case fan that offers ample airflow and the best cooling system. 

Coming with a dark black aesthetic design, this gadget is without any doubt the slimmest RGB case fan we’ve come across.

Its black design helps its LED lights shine even better and gives tough competition to other brands.

The set compromises of 18 independent LED lights that can be adjusted through your smartphone. 

All the fans and lights are built to be customized with ease allowing them to be synchronized. 

The Prizm 120 is textured to optimize heat dissipation and provide a smooth cooling effect.

The users and installed with a hydraulic bearing technology that assists the device in producing the right amount of airflow for your PC, ensuring a minimized noise production. 

This RGB case fan comes equipped with the lights at its corner, making these fans not too flashy for the user.

Moreover, the airflow mode with a superior speed and wide range of colors is enough to astonish any PC enthusiast. 


  • All the fans can be synchronized through the motherboard. 
  • Delivers fantastic cooling
  • It offers a slim look.
  • Wide range of customizable options.
  • Offers ultra-quiet operation

2. NZXT AER RGB 2-HF-28120-B1-120mm

NZXT AER RGB 2-HF-28120-B1-120mm

NZXT is one of the brands whose name is enough to bring its high-quality assurance to our mind.

NZXT provides its users with a uniquely shaped RGB case fan with a sparkling light system to produce better visuals.

The evenly produced light dispersion and wide range of color combinations are enough to make your PC look stylish. 

Apart from how eye-catching the fan looks, NZXT’s prime priority is to provide its users with quality performance.

As a matter of fact, providing a proper exhaust system and keeping a check on the airflow pressure isn’t difficult for this gadget.

Due to its high speed and incredible RPM, the fan never fails to deliver a consistent airflow.

The Winglet texture of the blades reduces resistance, and even after a prolonged gaming period, you won’t find your PC getting overheated. 

The drawback of these fans is that while operating, they create a louder noise.

Though the noise production is manageable via a fluid dynamic bearing, the fans’ excellent airflow and speed make up for it.

With providing ultra-durability and consistency to its users, this gadget is said to be very commendable. 


  • It comes with a classy design.
  • One of the best airflow and cooling system
  • Provide desired visual effects
  • Cooling and ventilation with style

1. UpHere RGB Series Case Fan

UpHere RGB Series Case Fan


One of the favorite brands among the gamers, this RGB case fan by upHere never disappoints to deliver a large amount of cooling capacity and best performance at a low price. 

One of this RGB case fan’s best features is that it enables its user to choose between how many active fans they want.

Being loaded with hydraulic bearing technology and rubber pads, these features keep your fan well protected and minimize noise production while being used to improve this ultimate fan’s efficiency. 

With a built-in water cooler system, providing an essential cooling system isn’t a big deal for this fan.

And with limitless modes and color combinations, this fan’s software is easy to use and enables users to control it via their smartphone.

Coming with tons of prime specifications, this RGB case fan can be one of the best.  


  • Extremely reliable
  • It Will adds class to your PC
  • Cooling and ventilation with style
  • No limit to color customization. 

💸 Things to Consider Before Choosing Best RGB Case Fans:

RGB Case Fans

Modern RGB case fans are highly engineered devices, and choosing the cheaper RGB case fan can cost your PC to overheat and crash.

To enhance your Pc performance and provide a better attractive, eye-catching look to your computer, here’s a comprehensive list of specifications we buyers should consider while buying an RGB case fan.

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The Color :

RGB case fan focuses on providing its user the best possible default color combination consisting of these prime colors – red, blue, and green.

Some brands have introduced more colors to convert a PC into a machine with an aesthetic look. 

Thus, if you’re looking for an RGB case fan that comes with a wide range of colors with a smooth customization option, you should pick one that comes with software that can be used smoothly and efficiently.

The more comfortable to use the software, the more you can do with it.  

The Size:

RGB case fans come in a wide range of sizes, which defers from 25mm to 250 mm. Each set of size comes with its benefits and drawbacks. You need to select a size that fits best with the chassis of your PC. 

Before optioning an RGB case fan, an essential factor to determine which size you should go for is the amount of airflow and cooling your PC requires.

The bigger the RGB case fan’s size, the more airflow and cooling it delivers and, therefore, likely to produce more sound than others.  

The Noise:

Using an approach towards modern technology, many RGB case fans are now available to produce comparatively low noise while functioning.

Noise production is one thing you must consider beforehand. Therefore, to pick a relatively quiet fan, you need to look out for the dBa amount an RGB case fan makes. A chart is attached below for your reference.

The Speed:

The speed of an RGB case fan is an essential feature to be considered. This feature can’t be overlooked as a fan’s speed determines how many revolutions (RPM) it makes within a minute.

You need to know that the higher the revolutions per minute, the higher the RGB case fan’s noise.  

Since both features can prove to play a vital role in your PC performance, it’s referred to go for a device that allows you to adjust the speed of your RGB case fan according to its user’s need. 


A fair amount of Airflow is necessary for your PC to avoid it from being overheated and getting crashed.

Generally, the fan consists of two types, the airflow fan, and the static pressure fan. 

Airflow fan delivers a natural cooling effect to your PC and is Legitimate at work as they inject air at a higher CPM rate.

In contrast, the Static pressure is built to throw air precisely and is considered better when dealing with problems like CPU heat sync. 

It’s complicated to choose between these two as they both are best in their way, so it’s preferred to give them an RGB case fan that fits your PC chassis. 

The Design:

Most people fail to realize the importance of an RGB case fan design, and mostly goes for its backlighting and performance. 

Besides determining how cool your PC chassis looks, it’s recommended to go for an RGB case fan that is easy to mount and offers features like rubbers pads that last longer and increase your RGB case fan’s durability. 

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📚 Conclusion!

Few Pc components are essential on which your entire PC performance is based upon, and your RGB case fan is one of them.

Since many companies are producing a wide variety of RGB case fans, many people fall for the outlook and the low price of the RGB case fans but don’t let the low cost fool you.

RGB case fan doesn’t contain a specific price range and offers a different wide range of styles and shapes to choose from. Before selecting your design, be sure to go through the specifications that the RGB case fan is offering.