10 Best Browsers for Mac Review in 2021

If you are a mac user, you should always choose the best browser for you, which could be greatly workable for you, and it should be a wise decision as it is crucial.

Browsing is part of our daily life, and to have a good browsing experience; you should always get the best browser so it won’t be a problem for you while you are surfing on the web.

We should be reviewing down the list describing the best browser for mac according to their features and qualities. It will include some honest reviews about them.

As being a Mac user, it might be possible that you would’ve ever thought that why your browser does not contain a lot of options.

The browsers available on our list will make you think twice, and you will surely be shocked after seeing their features.

When you choose the best browser for your Mac device, there will be some points that you should consider as an essential aspect.

The features of these browsers play an important role so that you can easily compare those features with others for a better review.

The speed, multi-tasking, and smooth usage are worth considering.

⭐ Best Browsers for Mac Reviews:

Below, we have discussed the names and features that will describe you as the best browser for mac, depending on their qualities and user experience.

  1. Brave
  2. Safari
  3. Chrome
  4. Firefox
  5. Maxthon
  6. Microsoft Edge
  7. SeaMonkey
  8. Yandex
  9. Vivaldi
  10. Camino

10- Camino


Camino is considered the best browser for mac as it is a greatly workable browser for mac devices and is widely used by several users.

It is basically an open-source browser. It consists of great features and allows you to block the sites that consist of phishing and protects you from them. They provide you with great security and do not let you get stuck in any problem.

It allows you to do tabbed browsing, which is pretty much interesting. Camino also allows you a scrollable tab bar that lets you drag and drop the tabs with ease to arrange them according to you easily.

This browser can block the ads or pop-ups of several sites. While few can’t be blocked, it is still a big deal as it is a great feature and will provide you with a smooth and easy browsing experience. 

This browser has built-in malware protection, and you can have a safe/secure browsing experience, so that is why it is considered the best one so far.

Not only secure, but this browser is fast also and runs at a very great speed and does not provide you a slow service. It is pretty much simple and easy to use.

👍 What We Like:

  • It is an Anti-phishing browser
  • It allows you to block the ads and pop-ups on several sites.
  • It allows you to drag and drop tabs for rearrangement.
  • It provides you protection from malware. 

9- Vivaldi


Vivaldi is a very simple yet the best browser for mac as it lets you with several great built-in features so that you will not be able to leave this browser once you start to use this browser.

It provides you with high-quality protection from hackers and lets you block unwanted ads according to your will so that they won’t be bothering you while you are browsing/surfing on the sites of your choice.

This browser lets you browse with a great and smooth user experience, not regret using this app for sure.

It is pretty much an easy and simple browser with a lot of features. Vivaldi allows you to re-arrange your tabs according to your wish, so that you might not think of using another browser instead of this one. 

It is a very well usage app and lets you access all the sites you want without having difficulty.

The drag and drop tabs feature allows you to increase your user experience with a great user experience.

It lets you access your favorite sites, including social media feeds, Chatting apps, or news sites, without a problem. 

If you want to use a way too easy and simple to use so anyone can use it without having problems, this browser is the best one for you.

It is a great workable browser that protects you from malicious errors and hackers to be completely satisfied by this browser’s service.

It is widely rated by several people, and it is the choice of them. It is simple, fast, and easy to use the browser for one who does not want to face any mess while browsing on their mac devices. 

👍 What We Like:

  • It provides you with great security
  • It allows you to rearrange the icons very well.
  • It consists of great built-in features.
  • It allows you to block unwanted ads.

8- Yandex


Yandex has made its way into the list of the best browsers for mac because of its fastest speed as it consists of a great speed and is a perfect match for MacBooks.

It consists of a great feature, and it is named the turbo mode, and it boosts up your browser’s speed.

Whenever the speed slows down, the turbo mode automatically enables and boosts up your browser with an unbelievable fast speed.

This browser provides you with a great opportunity with which you can view the browser interface differently.

It consists of great security features and protects you in every available way, which might include Anti-phishing or malware protection.

Another interesting feature in this browser is that the payment details or passwords you provide to the sites with this browser are completely secured. 

This browser also consists of a built-in password manager that encrypts all the information you provide to the sites so that if one wants to steal the information, they won’t be able to read it.

This browser’s settings are situated in one place, so you won’t need to rush here and there to find the settings.

It is an easy-to-use browser with several functions, and one can easily take advantage of them with ease.

You are also provided with a feature that allows you to save multiple photos, videos, etc. in the collection of Yandex online with just a click.

Its fast speed allows you with great user experience, and it will probably be the best one for you if you want to finish your work or browse at a very high speed.

👍 What We Like:

  • It provides you with the fastest browsing speed.
  • It encrypts your information, which you provide to other sites.
  • It consists of turbo mode.
  • It consists of a built-in password manager. 

7- SeaMonkey


Seamonkey is the best browser for mac as it is a very lightweight browser that provides you with several pretty much satisfying features.

This browser allows you to work with most of the third-party extensions with the same consistency and smoothness.

It is considered the best browser because it is a very lightweight browser and consists of various interesting features that provide you a great user experience.

It does not create interruptions while browsing and works with the same consistency and speed.

It does not even glitch and consists of an integrated HTML editor, which is pretty much helpful for you.

The more of its features include Email client, IRC client, and newsgroup. It can provide you with almost the same browsing experience as Firefox and is the best one so far.

It does not only include interesting and helpful features but is a pretty much lightweight browser. It is effortless to use, and one can simply use it without facing any difficulties.

It provides you with good security and protects you from malware attacks and Anti-phishing with great ease.

If you want a simple browsing experience with important features necessary for you, it is the perfect app for you. 

👍 What We Like:

  • It consists of email client
  • It provides you with an integrated HTML editor.
  • It is a lightweight browser.
  • It consists of a feature called IRC chat.

6- Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the best browser for mac as it is widely rated by mac users as the best internet explorer so far.

It is also known as revamped internet explorer. If you are looking for a great, easy to use and fast browser for you, it is the one you are looking for.

It provides you with a smooth user experience without any interruptions to assure you a great user experience for sure.

When you look closely, you will get to know that most of the features that are present on this browser are the ones that are used in Google.

Most of the features of this browser are similar to Google and work great with this browser.

It consists of the engine that is the same one that is used by Google.

This is so far the best browser extension that can block the trackers for you. Also, it allows you to use the same number of extensions that are to be used by Google. 

This extension allows you to browse without any hesitation. It provides you with great security features to save you from malware attacks, and including this; it also protects your data.

The data or information that you provide to the sites through this extension are completely secured. 

You can use this browser with ease as it is a very easy to handle app. You can simply use this extension and enjoy the great experience.

It assures you that if one uses this browser, you won’t regret using it for sure as it is a great browser that enables you to do more.  

👍 What We Like:

  • It protects your data 
  • It uses the same engine as Google Chrome.
  • It allows you to block the trackers.
  • It comes up with a breakneck speed.

5- Maxthon


Maxthon is a very classy and easy to use browser as it provides you with a great user experience that is not known by several users but is so far the best browser for Mac.

It is the fastest browser and provides you with a great user experience. This browser provides you with lightweight browsing and won’t put a load on your Mac device. 

It is a browser that provides you with cloud backup, so using this browser won’t be losing the data inserted on this browser.

This supports data syncing with various kinds of data operations, and you won’t regret using this great browser for sure as it is the best one so far. Even it makes sharing files much easier for you than before. 

This browser lets you download the files or media from the sites online from the browser itself, and it is pretty much easy to do so.

It will show you a download option when you will move the cursor over it, which is pretty much interesting that other browsers do not provide you. 

The features of this browser outperform and are very much easy to use. It consists of three different modes, including a night mode, which is used to protect your ideas, and others may include a smart reader and an inbuilt screen capture.

It is a great browser to be used with a Mac device without any hesitation as it is a perfect usage. 

👍 What We Like:

  • It is a very lightweight browser
  • It is a well-performing browser
  • It allows you to download things online.
  • It consists of a built-in night mode.

4- Firefox


Firefox is the best browser for mac as it is one of the oldest browsers, but still, it is competing with the top browsers for mac.

It provides you with the best browsing experience for mac, and it has recently gone through a few updates.

It increases its reliability and is clearly focusing on its other features to compete with the other browsers. 

The battery life of these mac devices is no more being affected as this browser has been updated.

It is pretty easy to use a browser to use it without facing any difficulty. This browser provides you with several extensions that you can use without facing any difficulties.

After the upgrades, this browser now has pretty impressive and outstanding changes. 

Firefox now contains a built-in tracker blocker so that no one would probably be able to track down your activity.

It provides you with a smooth and reliable user experience, and if you start using this browser, you will be very much impressed. 

The dark mode feature enables you with a good user experience, and you will be very impressed by this feature.

It allows you to sync the data and passwords to provide the information to the pages again and again.

It is an excellent browser and tries hard not to let your mac device heat up.  

👍 What We Like:

  • It consists of a built-in tracker blocking system.
  • It provides you with a dark mode. 
  • It provides you with password synching. 
  • It provides you tons of extension.

3- Chrome

google cromeo

Google is indeed the best browser for mac and is known to almost everyone, so you will surely be trusting it as it is the most trusted extension and widely used extension.

It is not just for the use of windows but is highly compatible with Mac devices. This extension is popular since day one and is still rated on top of the sites till today. 

It uses several extensions so far, including the plug-ins, and can handle the mac devices very well.

This extension uses a very high-performance engine and won’t let you down in the browsing.

It provides you with a great user experience and comes up with several great features that are very easy to use.

Google can provide you a great user experience, and you won’t regret using it for sure.

It can also provide you a smooth usage even if you are using multiple tabs and is pretty much lightweight.

It does not let your mac device heat up while using this browser, which is well-efficient. 

This chrome provides you with great speed and is the fastest browser for mac devices.

It also lets you access all the google family’s apps, including Drives, Docs, Photos, etc. and hence is an amazing browser to be used with mac devices.  

👍 What We Like:

  • It provides you with several extensions.
  • It lets you handle multiple tabs without any problem.
  • It is a fast usage browser.
  • It lets you access all the apps of Google. 

2- Safari

safari aa

Safari is the best browser for mac, and it comes with all the mac devices, so you don’t have to worry about the reliability and features as it is so far the best one for a mac user.

It provides you with a dark mode to easily switch it on whenever you want for the protection of your eyes.

Including this also provides you with great features that may include Siri’s suggestions, great security, etc.

It notifies you when you are running on weak passwords and provides you with suggestions to improve it.

This browser also provides you with great protection and prevents you from hackers’ attacks way too much efficiently.

It consumes very less battery of your device and can provide you with a great user experience while browsing or surfing through different sites. 

This browser comes with customizable settings as per the site you are accessing and has been the default browsing app from the beginning.

It uses the fastest engine to run, which is named Nitro JavaScript. This browser is great for the users, too, as it allows you to read without any distractions and is way too comfortable to use. 

It is a great and multitasking browser which is built to fulfill the needs of a mac user.

👍 What We Like:

  • It consists of a dark mode
  • It easily lets you switch between tabs. 
  • It provides you with customizable settings.
  • It also provides you with Siri’s suggestions.

1- Brave


Brave has been rated the best browser for mac and is yet the most powerful app to be used, which is great.

It provides you with several features that you might be able to use with great ease. This browser consists of great privacy features to protect you from viruses or malicious attacks.

It allows you with an easy interface and is pretty much easier to understand so that anyone can use it without facing any difficulty. 

This browser consists of built-in ad blockers so that the ads won’t disturb you while you are browsing. It also uses a script blocking feature, which is very promising and provides you with great user support. 

This browser lets you block unwanted content even from the social media platforms like Facebook etc.

It even uses the features you will find in most VPNs, so you won’t be needed to use any of the VPN with this browser.

It will provide you with a web page that will lead you to a PDF converter, but it also consists of a distill page feature that can remove the extra features from the page which are bothering you.

This is a browser that one can easily use without facing any difficulties, and it makes the page more easily readable.

It allows you to block the login buttons for Facebook or even the embedded posts from Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.   

👍 What We Like:

  • It is the most powerful browser for mac.
  • It is straightforward to navigate
  • It consists of a built-in ad-blocker 
  • It also consists of a script blocking feature. 

What Is Browser Cache In Mac? How Can You Get Rid Of It?

What Is Browser Cache In Mac

The temporary storage area used to store all the recently downloaded web pages is known as Browser cache.

It provides you with a facility that you don’t need to download the web page again; it will provide you the pages so you will have to load them.  

You might be wondering why this browsing cache is that important. Here’s the fact why it is so important?

So let me tell you something interesting. Your browsing must be cleared because your browser cache can create enough trouble for you if compromised or misused.

If a hacker tries to hack your computer by accessing your location and the pages or files you have accessed.

Smart Mac Care is basically a scanner that scans your device to find the browsers you have downloaded/installed on your Mac devices.

It cleans your browsing cache and internet history so that you won’t be sticking into a mess. It can’t be misused again, and it is one of the easiest ways to get rid of the browser cache without facing any difficulties.  

What Makes The Best Web Browser:

Best Web Browser

It depends on how exactly you are using the mac browser. You may need to require some good and different features and abilities. Also, there are four general categories to consider. 

[box title=”” border_width=”3″ border_color=”#02afef” border_style=”dotted” align=”left”]


If you are using something for a long time, you will get addicted to it, and it won’t be easy to switch to another thing with ease.

It is probably why most people use the very first web browser and do not use any other app as they are addicted to using it.

A person needs to experiment using alternative browsers and are not much hard to use, but they might provide you with better options. 


The slow speed can kill the best web browsers for mac. Even the greatest web browsers won’t be able to complete if there would be a slow speed.

No one wants their browsing page to take more time, as it is a significant feature. 


There are very few browsers that might not have been hacked or targeted by malware by the great potential of disrupting or, in some cases, they might be able to destroy your whole computer.

You can not surf too carefully as no one has ever promised to provide you heavy security. Some of the browsers are easy to use as browsers are secured and do not let you down.

Bells and whistles:

The Bells and whistles are the little things that are very much important for us. 

All of the best browsers for mac consist of different and great features for you.

They might be able to provide you with extension libraries, Chromecast support, and Configurable shortcuts. 


How to Change the Default Browser On Mac?

Default Browser On Mac

The person will be provided to choose the one you like from many options to have to go and check each of those browsers carefully.

You will be able to download any of them you like, but you will have to think carefully about them.

If you have made up your mind and you have chosen the browser you want according to you.

One will be needed to download the browser on the mac, so here are some steps:

  1.  First, you will have to click on the Apple menu and then simply go to System preferences.
  2.  Then find the general tab button.
  3.  You will have to find the dropdown menu named Default web browser and click on it to choose the browser you want to use. 

📝 Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is The Best Browser To Use With A Mac?

Many different browsers are good to use with a mac, but Safari, as the native browsing app, is considered the best one to be used with mac.

But apart from Safari, Chrome, Opera, and Firefox are named one of the best browsers to be used with mac. They are considered as the second-best browser choice depending on the rating of several people. 

Is Chrome Faster Than Safari On Mac?

Chrome is faster than Safari, but it is used to consume more battery power, and it does not contain as many developer tools as the Safari browser.

So, we consider Safari to be the fastest as it is great and easy to use and is way too much powerful and workable than chrome. 

What Is The Best Browser For Mac 2021?

Safari is still considered the best browser for Mac. If you do not want to use Safari and want to try another browser, Chrome, Opera, and Firefox are the three best browsers rather than Safari.

But still, Safari is recommended to you as it is a great browser with several features to provide you good quality browsing and user experience.

Is Firefox Or Chrome Better For Mac?

Comparatively, Chrome is considered to be the best browser for Mac rather than Firefox. The tools, functions, and speed of Chrome are way too impressive than Firefox, so that is why Chrome is top-rated. Chrome is a good browser, and there is no comparison between Firefox and Chrome.

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📚 Conclusion!

At the end of the review, I would like to tell you that Mac’s best browser depends not only on the features or qualities.

It also depends on the user’s choice that which one will be the best for them, or which one is suitable for you.

Please give them a proper read to get to know which one is the best for you.

If you have set up your mind and will download a browser from the above-mentioned list, click on the links given below for every browser.