15 Must Have Windows Applications You Should Install in Your New PC!

This guide will be very helpful for you if you have reinstalled your Windows or bought a new PC.

In this guide, we will provide you with 15 windows applications that you should have installed on your PC. 

We have included only the most useful and amazing applications that will provide you with a lot of benefits.

Let’s take a look at what those 15 Applications are!!

Windows Applications! 👇

Windows Applications

1- Internet Browser

Internet Browser

To access your online documents, work, and connect with your friends,  you would need an internet browser. And among all the browsers, Google Chrome is our favorite pick.

It is super fast and includes a variety of amazing features to provide you with a great experience. This is a browser that will facilitate all the features you need.

But, with all the amazing features, there are also some negative aspects of Google Chrome. The foremost reason due to which many people avoid Google Chrome is because of its pervasive tracking and it consumes a lot of RAM.

Though this is our suggested browser, you still have many options such as Firefox, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

2- Messaging: Rambox 


You can use at least one texting service to keep your friends in touch throughout the day.

We couldn’t pick the right messaging service with too many things to choose from, and it depends on what your friends use.

So why not choose them all? 

Rambox is our choice for the best Windows Message App. It allows you to add accounts from dozens of popular messages such as WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, GroupMe or Hangouts, etc.

The software also adds a new tab for each service you use, which will help you to keep up with each group in one browser.

It has several extra features that make it easier than opening them in your browser and when it is time to concentrate you can simply close the app.

While there are some limitations to Rambox’s free plan, it offers more than competitors like Franz for free.

3- Cloud Storage: Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive is the best if you are considering installing a cloud storage application. It facilitates you with large storage of 15 GB, that you can use across your Gmail accounts and Google Photos.

For any major site, Google Drive provides an app that helps you to take your files everywhere.

The app is now called Google Backup and Sync on Windows, and it helps you backup folders on your external devices as well as on your PC. 

It is also super easy, and good with Google’s productivity suite, to share the file with others. Google Drive is a crucial application either you can use as a cloud flash drive in your backup or for common files.

4- File Compression and Extraction: 7-Zip

Windows promotes neutral computer files, but anything other than fundamentals requires a resource that is powerful.

Although this is not the most interesting type of app, it is critical that you deal with archived files of some sort. 

File Compression

7-Zip is the file compression or extraction application of the gold standard. It is compact and easy to use in seconds and stays inaccessible when you don’t need it.

If you like advanced apps, you can find them in 7-Zip. Just its old existence is the downside of 7-Zip. Take a peek at PeaZip, a related tool with a far more appealing interface, if you can not get over it.

Anyway, obviously, you don’t have to pay for WinRAR tools.

5- Media Player: VLC


The best and most popular third party media player available for Mac is definitely VLC Media Player.

VLC Media Player is the most common media player that you will find in most  PC, Android, and ISO.

Why? Because it is extremely compatible with providing an amazing number of video and audio files. 

Possibilities are that if you have a video or song that you won’t load into QuickTime or iTunes in a barely licensed format, it would work for VLC. 

Many believe that VLC is a player for video; while this is half that supported by VLC, it can also stream music, build playlists, support Blu-ray, and play multi-channel streaming services without ads for such multi streamers.

The best all in one alternative of iTunes for Mac. You can download it from any trustworthy website, it’s free of cost and the best part is, there is no ad. 

6- Music Streaming: Spotify

Music Streaming

With the availability of music streaming services, there is no longer a need to buy an album digitally or physically.

Music streaming platforms have made it easier for music lovers to listen to music all over the world without hustling as much as years ago.

These platforms will make a playlist of their own related to the music category you like the most rather than importing and organizing your own collection of mp3.

There are a number of options available for you in terms of music streaming, but we would recommend Spotify.

It is not just a place for music, but you can also listen to educational or informative podcasts.

For avid listeners, the premium upgrade of Spotify is definitely worth trying. 

7- Image Editor: Paint.NET

A person should be able to install an image editing program if he/she wants his or her hand on photo editing, needs a way to blur confidential details on screenshots, or wants to delete old images.

Image Editor

Photoshop is the gold standard, but many free tools are readily accessible on the internet. Our top choice is Paint. NET. The Microsoft Paint is much more effective but you are not confused by loads of frustrating resources.

You can easily bubble up parts of an image, self-level photos, and add text and shapes in just a few clicks to your pictures. You can expand its functionality too with many plugins.

8- Office Suite: LibreOffice

Office Suite

You would always need software that helps you deal with work-related to office, spreadsheet, presentation, or documentation.

And for this purpose, you must be thinking that Microsoft Office is your only way. Well, it’s not completely true.  

One of the best alternatives to Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Word, etc is LibreOffice. It is definitely something that all Windows users should have installed on their PCs.

It is an amazing software, that once you have got used to its feature, you are not looking anywhere else. It offers you everything you need to make your work look professional.

Other than that, if you want to use another alternative then you can try FreeOffice. 

9- Security: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Although, Windows 10 has an integrated Windows Defender that is good enough to deal with ordinary viruses or security problems. But, it is still a smart option to install secondary anti-virus software to be on the safe side.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

For this purpose your best option is Malwarebytes.

You can download it from the internet and it is free. It will help you detect the malware that your Windows Defender might not be able to catch.

Thus, it will keep your system protected from virus or trojans attack. Moreover, for better security experience you can upgrade to the premium version of Malwarebytes.

10- Screenshots: ShareX

The screenshot feature on Windows is useful to record important details or capturing funny moments.

The fundamental snipping method and the Snip & Sketch applications have a prebuilt collection of tools, for a better experience, you need to up the level.  


A free screenshot tool you won’t find better than ShareX. ShareX has an impressive feature set at no cost with tons of capturing methods, a potent built-in editor, automated screenshot steps, and additional features like a color grabber and ruler. 

Moreover, you can also try PicPick, if you are not comfortable with ShareX functionality. 

Other Five Must Have Windows Application For Your PC

In the section, we will tell you about the remaining five applications that you must install in your PC.

We will not discuss in detail about these five applications. A brief overview of these applications will be enough to give you an idea about them. 

1- ClipClip


It enhances Windows clipboard usefulness many times. It allows you to keep copying of entries in close proximity, scan your clipboard history with regular snips for quick access

2- Last Pass

This is a very useful password manager that is free of cost. It helps you greatly in keeping records of your password and creating strong logins. 

3- TreeSize Free

TreeSize Free

This is a great app for keeping a track of free storage on your device. It provides you with quick details about the storage and tells you which folders are consuming the most storage. 

4- Macrium Reflect

This is one of the highly recommended free backup software. Backup software is essential as they keep your data safe when your system fails or crashes. 

5- Express VPN

Express VPN

This is a highly reliable VPN service that allows you to access block content and protect your web activity from your internet provider.

Packing Up!!

Having said that, this is our 15 recommended applications that your PC must have installed in it. These are our personal choices, the list might differ as you read other articles. 

We are hopeful that this article was helpful for you and now you can install in your PC all the essential and useful tools that are going to be helpful for you in the future.

You can contact us in case of a problem or leave feedback, we value your comments and look up to it. 

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