Which Mobile App Metrics Should You Take Into Account?

Developing mobile apps allows you to offer a service to people while making some money. If you want your mobile app to succeed, you must identify which mobile app analytics matter.

App metrics make it easy to see what people think about your app while collecting data on what works. However, if you don’t focus on the right metrics, you can overlook critical details and insights, so you should start by identifying which metrics matter.

App reviews

As you release an app to the public, you need to track reviews and see what people think. Most platforms will host apps that allow people to post written reviews automatically. Doing so gives you feedback to improve the app.

For example, if a person posts a five-star review, you can see what they like about your app and keep doing it. If you notice multiple negative thoughts, you can see what people dislike and make changes to your app based on the information.

See if you can maintain over a 4-star rating with your app to show its overall quality. As you retain the rating and have people post positive reviews, you’ll get more people to try your app and see what it offers.

Keep track of updates

Some developers think they can create an app and leave it alone once they make it. However, they can’t ignore updates to the app since updates allow the creator to make improvements and address bugs. 

All the large corporations, such as Apple, offer updates and provide details for those updates. If you take the time to do the same with your app, you can post updated information in the app description so people know what you changed.

You should also provide information about the updates in the app itself, so people can easily access it whenever necessary. While you may not need significant updates, performing maintenance on your app every few weeks will show the users that you care.

Total downloads

Not only must you go through the app reviews and updates, but you must consider how many people download your app. After all, if you don’t have new people trying out your app regularly, you won’t boost your income and spread your app to others.

See how much your downloads increase each month to understand if your ads and brand outreach work. If you notice you get consistent or more downloads each month, your app shows signs of growth.

However, don’t discount a slowdown in downloads. While you should strive for more downloads each month, you still benefit from any increase in downloads, so look towards them and understand their benefits.

Total use by people

Depending on what app you use and what it tracks, you can see how long people use your apps. For example, language training apps will track what lessons people complete and how long they spend on the app.

Such information gives you an idea of if people use your app often. However, you may discover people only use your app for a few minutes at a time.

If you notice people don’t use your app often enough, you must identify ways to make your app more appealing. For example, you can add new features to it, ask users what they want, and focus on making your app useful to the average person.

Your ranking on app stores

Most app stores keep track of who performs the best in different areas. For example, you could get the most downloads, a great overall ranking, and similar points. See where your app ranks in those stores to keep track of your performance.

You should aim to maintain your ranking or strive to get higher in the rankings, depending on your position. For example, if you currently hold the number one spot, you must maintain it. You can still strive for first place if you have the second spot.

You can improve your app if you don’t have enough downloads to make it on the rankings. But, first, see which order you want to reach and put your effort towards it, so you can appear in more searches and get more downloads.

People who download through ads

When you have a mobile app, you need to reach more people if you want more downloads. Loads of companies do so through app install ads. These ads show how the app works and give users a button to go straight to the install page.

Install ads usually play as ads on other apps, so you can make deals with other developers to show off your ads. Doing so will help you reach more people to boost your downloads and other metrics.

If you decide to use ads, track them and see how many people visit your app. You also need to see how many people download your app based on your ads to determine if your ads work.

Ad revenue

While you post ads on other apps, you can also build your ad revenue by playing ads. Luckily, many app stores allow you to play ads while people use your app to help you make money.

Your ad revenue increases as more people watch your ads. Doing so may tempt you to fill your app with ads, but it can upset people and make them uninstall your app. Instead, you must focus on finding the right balance of showing ads while making the app suitable.

You can keep track of your ad revenue to see if people use your app often and how much money you make through it. You can also offer in-app purchases to boost your income even further, so you help yourself make more money.

Parting shot

Metrics matter in any aspect of business, so app metrics will help you understand your customers. Then, when you go through the metrics and see increases or improvements, you’ll see what your customers want and expect from you.

Doing so requires you to identify which metrics matter the most and which will provide you with the most data. You may need to sift through the information, but doing so will help you track the right metrics to help your business.