Whats is WD Discovery.exe? – How to Fix it? [A Complete Fixing Guide]

You all know how to operate a computer and which file is more important and which is not. Similarly, there is a file in your computer which is a .exe file meaning an executable file named WDdiscovery.exe.

This file is located in your program file’s folder as we will further on disclose its location to you but for now, let us study what this file actually does to your computer.

It is a hypothesis of some people that this file works like a virus in the computer and some say that it works to protect the operating system from other viruses. 

If you have seen the file format of this WDdiscovery.exe so you can determine various things like this file is an executable file and many executable files can harm your computer in some cases.

With that said, in this article, you can learn about the file and decide whether the file is a virus for your operating system or whether the file belongs to the operating system.

What is WD Discovery.exe?

WD Discovery.exe

WDdiscovery.exe is an executable file which was developed by Western Digital Technologies.inc and this component works under the name of WD Discovery software program.

This application from WD is used for connecting some personally used applications to your device such My Passport, My Book and My cloud. So just stay up to date, manage, download and install these applications to entertain yourself in the easiest way.

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Many people say this is a type of trojan, malware or a virus which comes with a good name but can har your computer in different ways so let us find out together by reading this complete article is whether it is some kind of trojan, virus or malware or is it just an application that works its way out.  

WD Discovery.exe File Information

WD Discovery.exe file Information

WDdiscovery.exe belongs to Western Digital Technologies. The file is not an important source for Windows or any other operating system and will cause some relative fewer problems in your operating system like every other application does.

The file is located in C:\ Program files (x86)\ Western Digital\ Discovery\ Current\. As the file is an outsider to Windows, therefore, the size of this file on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 is 13, 179, 660.

The company of this file is always trustworthy by any of the operating systems. Although the file does not originally belong to them, all the operating system just keep a check just like they do with the other applications.

However, the program does not consist of a visible window and the file can not be found by everyone because it is hidden if you want to see the file you would have changed your hidden files settings by going in your computer properties.

On top of that, the application WD discovery starts automatically when the window starts. Moreover, the file can record keyboard and mouse inputs plus it can monitor the application as well as it can manipulate other programs to become malicious when it gets worse.

Therefore, the technical security rate issued for this application danger is 42%. But it’s quite less by many other devices so you should not have to worry about the file. 

If you want to uninstall this application in some future or immediately after installing it then you should learn these steps or ways to uninstall them. The first way is to safely uninstall the program by just uninstalling the main device from your computer.

For this, you should go to Control Panel and in the Control Panel click on Uninstall a Program and after that, find the program and uninstall it.

The second way is to consult with the WDC’s customer service as with that you can ask them how you can improve this program or how you can remove this program completely from your computer.

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The last is that to search for a newer and a better version so you do not face any problems and always install that software that is compatible with your system so your system should be same from malicious programs. 

We would like to share another important news with you that will be beneficial for you in case if you are interested to know more about WDdiscovery.exe.

Sometimes a malware camouflages through your system and named itself WDdiscovery.exe. The malware can be located in C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System 32.

Therefore, you should keep a check of this file to see if the process is a threat or not plus we would like to recommend Security Task Manager that will automatically verify your computer’s security.

This Task manager was the top download pick for PC world and The Washington Post. 

Best Practices for Resolving WD Discovery Issues

WD Discovery Issues

The best practices for resolving WD Discovery issues can be various. If you keep cleaning your computer daily that will avoid all your issues that this file will create.

The cleaning of a computer means running an anti-virus malware scan every day so if there any viruses they can be detected and removed.

You should clean your drive every day by the help of Clean Manager (cleanmgr), with the help of Scan Now (sfc/scannow) and by uninstalling the programs that you no longer use. 

You can check which programs auto start by using Microsoft Configurations (msconfig) and should update your operating system daily by enabling Windows Automatic Update. Always make sure to back up your data so it can be saved if something gets wrong.

After keeping a check on all these things something gets wrong even then and a serious problem occurs you should check the last thing you did means the last thing that you installed on your computer or to check where the problem started by checking the last thing you were doing.

The resmon command can help you identify the problem that is causing you this much trouble.

If a problem occurs instead of reinstalling the whole operating system you are advised to repair the installation or if you have Windows 8 or a bigger version of Windows you are advised to execute DISM.exe/online/clean-image/Restorehealth command.

This command will allow repairing the operating system without losing any data of yours. 

If you wanna analyze the WDdiscovery.exe there are only to ways to do so. First, Security Task Manager, it will show you all the running processes and programs including the hidden programs that are anonymously working into the system such as the keyboard, browser monitoring and autostart entries.

The Security task Manager will tell you the security risk rating of every program because every program has a unique security rating that will help you identify which is malware, spyware or a Trojan.

Second, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, it will instantly detect and removes all the types of viruses from your hardware such as sleepy spyware, adware, malware, Trojans, keyloggers and trackers. 

FAQ’S – WD Discovery.exe Windows Process

Is WD Passport good?

The WD passport is one of the best WD’s portable drives. The drive is very fast plus it is rugged, versatile and has many other features which are strongly encrypted.

The best part is that this software works on every operating system right out of the box does not hurt either.

Is WD SmartWare backup any good?

The WD SmartWare backup does an incredible job by providing automatic backups to every other WD software.

As WD my book is good choice for an essential backup plan and the ability to protect the data with a password and with a 256-bit encrypted code does a solid job in backing up your data.

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WD Discovery is a tool that can give you extra drives so you can have many other drives for much other software.

The program also have its own applications that will help understand and make use easy of your personal belongings simply by just sitting on the computer.

As we have asked you for your opinion on this file as this is some kind of virus or just a regular program that can be hard sometimes like other programs do.

So if you have thought about and read the article thoroughly then you would be able to answer this question so we will be waiting for your answer.

Plus, if you have any questions regarding this article or any other similar article we are here for your assistance, you just have to comment in our comment section and we will try our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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