How to fix Msftconnecttest Redirect Error? (Short Guide)

Msftconnecttest redirect error occurs by the supporting devices that are connected with your PC. some people are saying the reason behind these errors is the internet connection.

They can not connect to internet connection because of this error. After many different solutions suggested by many different people, the error still won’t go and is still attached to the screen and internet is not working either. 

Many people state that this error is showed up on their screen when they connect to WIFI and on a hotspot, the internet works fine.

Bu the solution of this problem is not through Hotspot, resetting browsers or removing browser from your screen and installing it again or factory resetting the browser.

The only way to fix this error is to discuss the error reasons why this is happening? And what we can do about it? So just let us take a quick look at why this is happening.

  • The connection issue is the main problem. As if you connect through WIFI in your operating system then the error shows up on your screen and stops the connectivity between the system and the internetting
  • The configuration of HTTP or HTTPS protocol should be done. If any of these two protocols do not start or they might not be selected then the error occurs. For this, you need to select the default browser so they can be selected for protocols.

What Is the Cause of the “Msftconnecttest Redirect” Error In Windows 10?


This can occur in Windows 10 by running the connection test every day.  The error can be triggered if your computer is ordered to perform a connection test every day.

If you want to prevent this error you need to stop your computer automatic connection and if your computer does that too so remove it immediately before this error occurs in your PC as well.

If you want to fix this error you will need the help of some steps and some methods that are below in this article.  The msftconnecttest error determined after you take some tests to remove it.

The problems do not come from any malware but if you are thinking of that more enough that you should run the tool Reimage to check if there is a malware problem or not.

The methods that are below you have to keep a close eye on every step they are making you learn so your machine should be safe.

If you do not keep a close eye on them the machine can take big damage also and do not bail out if one method fails so try every single method one of them will surely work. Do not lose hope after one method fails to remember that.

 Resetting Internet Explorer Settings

If you are using any other browser rather than Internet Explorer that this method refers to that browser. Make sure to do these steps to your default browser.

  1. First, close all the Windows screens on your system and just open Internet Explorer
  2. After opening Internet Explorer go to tools and find Internet options
  3. After that, choose advanced tabs
  4. After clicking on advanced tab a window will appear and as soon as the window appears click the reset button
  5. When all the default settings are set click on close and choose OK after that restart your PC

Reset the Network

Reset the Network

Reset the network can be also helpful to prevent the error from happening or if the error has already occurred then this can be the best way to remove it from your system.

Resetting the network can make your network good as new as if you have installed a newly Windows in your system. These steps will help you locate Network settings and will help you remove the error.

  1. First, click the start button or the Windows key on your keyboard to open the start menu
  2. After that, choose settings from the menu and find Network and settings in the settings window
  3. After choosing network and settings, wait for the window to open after the opening of the window click on the reset button and click yes when a confirmation message pops up
  4. After the network reset is complete, immediately restart the PC

Use the Registry Editor 

The registry editor can be an important source to fic this error as this editor can edit every software into your PC. you can edit anything in your system by the help of this built-in registry editor.

We hope this method completely remove your error from your system.

  • First, go to start menu or press the Windows key to open the menu
  • After that search run and open run bar
  • Type Regedit in the run bar to open the registry editor window
  • After that, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, SYSTEM, CurrentControlSet, Services, NlaSvc, Settings, Internet
  • then, search for Enable Active Probing and open it
  • After it opens change the values in it by 1 to 10
  • Close the editor and restart the PC to apply changes

Change the HTTP/HTTPS Configuration to fix Msftconnecttest Redirect Error

  1. First, press the Windows key + I to open the settings
  2. After, the settings window opens click on the Apps option
  3. Select the default apps from the left pane
  4. After that, choose default apps by protocol option
  5. After that, scroll down the window click on select a default option for HTTP
  6. Then, choose your default browser from the list 
  7. In the end, close the window and restart the computer

Repair Your Errors Automatically

Repair Your Errors Automatically

If you want to do this manually there are plenty other ways that can remove your software automatically.

A website named is doing all these things for you and they are free of cost, plus they are giving guarantee to remove the error from your system.

They are finding the best solutions for you only to remove the errors and that’s not all they can remove any type of error rather than msftconnecttest redirect error.

This software or website is recommended by us too so please visit this site to have a better experience with error issues. 


As we have learned all the methods that can remove the msftconnecttest redirect error. And we have seen the automatic method as well that will give you relief of removing the error manually.

And we learned of software name Reimage that can remove any type of malware from your we go to the end of this article.

I would like to say that every error comes for a reason and there is not a single error which does not have a solution for it. If there are any queries regarding this article or any other error we are here for your assistance.

We will give you any type of answer that is confusing you you just have to comment in our comment section to let us know and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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  1. This is all well and good. If you can’t open IE w/o username/password, you can never get to tools. I’ve tried all these fixes; nothing worked. Thanks for trying.


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