What Is Touchup.exe? How To Remove Or Fix it? – (Guide)

An executable file can be damageable for the computer, in other words, they can harm your computer in various ways. Most probably executable files are for running a certain program or to install certain software or a program.

They are best for keeping some software setup plus they are not so much recognizable by any operating system. This is article is all about an executable file whose name is Touchup.exe.

This file actually works for Electronic Arts projects such as games like FIFA and much more. Electronic Arts is a company who produce games. The company is best known for sports games such as FIFA and much more sports games that are famous in this world.

These executable files are best for games so they can carry a whole lot bigger file in a compressed form. Some say an executable file is harmful to the computer and can disrupt all the operating system functions.

Now we ask you what will be your decision if the question is asked from your that whether the executable is harmful to the operating system or not.   

What Is Touchup.exe?


Touchup.exe is an executable file which is a component of Demo do Fifa 14 and is a development of Electronic Arts. The file’s size is not so big which is for the size is 1.94 MB. 

The file is created for support of a game called Fifa 14, therefore, the file will work only under the supervision of the game. We allow you to decide whether the file is harmless or it is just another file that can harm your system in a hidden way. 

Is Touchup.exe Safe, or Is it a Virus or Malware?

If you want to find that the file is legitimate to process or not then you should head to see its location.

If the file lies in its original location where it should be then the file is harmless to your system but if the file is at another location where it should not be then you should immediately remove the file from the system.

The location of Touchup.exe is in C:\ Origin Games\ Fifa 14 Demo\ fifa14_demo.exe. If you want to confirm the location of the file you can use Task Manager for this purpose.

Go to Task Manager then click on the View tab and select columns, enter the image path name that you have to enter or you can say add the location address of the file if you find a suspicious directory in the Task Manager.

We believe then you should take immediate action on the file. 

There is another way to solve this problem, we mean that there is another tool that can solve your problem the tool name is Microsoft Process Explorer.

This tool can easily identify the location of the file and will tell you if the file is harmless or you should delete it immediately. All you have to do is to start a program and check the checkbox where it is written Legends.

Then go to the View tab and select a column, add Verified Signer to one of the columns.

If the Verified Signer of the file that you have inserted is stated as Unable to verify then you should start to investigate the or just take immediate action towards the file.

As many of the Windows files is not harmful and all the file does not have a Verified signature as well. If you find some suspicion towards the file then you should first the determine that the company of the file is trustworthy or not.

So for this, you should find this process in the Task Manager. 

If you have a slight of a suspicion that the file contains any kind of virus then you should consider downloading Malwarebytes which is a full security application and will identify any malware or virus in your system.

But you should take this in your consideration that not all tools can detect every virus so you should pick 2 or 3 antiviruses for an option.

Some times the functionality of the virus itself can delete the Touchup.exe or any other file which is suspicious to be a harmful file.

But if this situation occurs you should switch your system to safe mode with networking as in this mode only those file open that are important for the system and you can easily analyse your file here without any interruptions. 

Can I Remove or Delete Touchup.exe?

If you are thinking of removing a file you should not remove any file before analysing it because it can affect many other files that are indulged with the suspicion file.

If you want to prevent this from happening so you should have to make sure to keep your files up to date and to keep your software functionality going you should check for updates daily so you can avoid corrupted files as well. 

Many people think that file Touchup.exe is not safe for the system as this is your duty to check if the file is harming your PC in some kind of way or not. If you want to diagnose the file we would prefer to diagnose with Reimage.

If the file is found malicious this software will automatically take care of the situation. 

Common Touchup.exe Error Messages

Touchup.exe Error Messages

These messages are the most common messages that this file show on the computer screen when something happens or the file stops working.

  • Touchup.exe application error
  • Touchup.exe failed
  • Touchup.exe is not a valid Win32 application
  • Touchup.exe is not running
  • Touchup.exe not found
  • Can not find Touchup.exe
  • Error starting program Touchup.exe
  • Faulting application path Touchup.exe

How to Fix Touchup.exe?

Fix Touchup.exe

If you want to keep your computer then you should perform these things on touchup.exe. This means you should daily perform malware scans and clean your hard disk with cleanmgr or scanner/ SFC.

You should also take care of those programs that you do not use which means you should uninstall them to make some space and to avoid corrupt files in your system plus you should keep your Windows and your programs up to date.

Make regular backups so if any problem occurs you can easily go back to your previous restore point where there was nothing bad and can be aware of the problem that is coming your way. 

If any big problem occurs to think about the last thing you did or the last thing you installed on your system. Use this resmon command that will easily identify the problem which is causing in your system.

You should try to install some programs you some antivirus to keep your system secure rather than you are reinstalling your whole window.

If you are a concern for Windows 8 this command will help you restore all the system to the nearest checkpoint DISM.exe\ online\ cleanup image\ restore health. This command will allow you to restore your system without data loss.

If you want to analyse Touchup.exe on your system you will need this program to help.

Security Task Manager is that program that will be the eye of your system as this process keep an eye to all of the processes that are running in your system whether the process is hidden it can be found on Security Task Manager.

Any security risk rating will indicate if the file is trojan, malware, virus, spyware or any other kind of virus. Therefore, an antivirus will take care of any of the viruses which the file contains whether it is a trojan, virus, malware, spyware, adware or any other kind it will take care of it.

Download or Reinstall Touchup.exe

If you want to download or reinstall the file. It is necessary to download the file from its original site rather than any other site because they can be virus contain files. As a matter of fact, the virus comes into your PC in the form of a duplicate file. 

We will recommend that you should reinstall the file from its original site. 


As we are at the end of the article just make sure to understand all the information given in this article. Be careful with the malicious files because they can cause you programs corrupt and can give your system some damages as well.

If you have any queries regarding this article feel free to comment in our comment section we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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