What is kmaestro.exe? Is it a Virus? – (GUIDE)

You might be wondering and have this ambiguity that whether this kmaestro.exe file is a virus or not, here we have collected the information for you.

Once you read and understand this piece of information, then you can well identify whether this executable file is harmful to your system or not.

This file is the part of BTC Kmaestro software component. Furthermore, this is a driver software program and also configuration linked software.

Users utilize this program for the sake of running multimedia keyboards. Moreover, this kmaestro.exe file is not part of your PC operating system.

You need to know that it executes and runs in the background.

To stop its running, you can use the windows task manager and stop the functioning of this kmaestro.exe file.

It is seen that this file has the potential to be attacked by spyware. Moreover, it is fully and wholly capable of facing logging keystrokes.

If your PC has got this executable file, then keep it secure and scan it regularly so that it does not ever get attacked by any viruses.

What is kmaestro.exe?


This file kmaestro.exe, it is the part of kmaestro main program. You need to know that it belongs and somehow linked to BTC kmaestro.

For any of your windows operating system, this is not an essential and crucial file. Its absence or presence should not matter for you.

If this file is there, then that is a danger for you because it can camouflage itself like a virus.

In addition, its actual location is present in the subfolder zone of “C:\Program Files (x86)”.

Or you might have seen that it is mostly present in the area and drive location of C:\Program Files (x86)\KMaestro\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\MMaestro\).

Talking about the sizes of kmaestro.exe, it is on Windows 10/8/7/XP that this respective file is of the size range of 245,760 bytes, 385,024 bytes.

There is a possibility that this kmaestro.exe file might be present in some other variant in your PC system.

Besides, this file is not the main and core systems file. It records these keyboard inputs and the rest of its presence is not that significant!

When you start your Windows, then this file starts to function. You cannot see this program as it is not visible to you. This file also monitors applications.

You need to have an idea about the technical security rating of this kmaestro.exe executable file and it explains to us that this file is 73% dangerous for your system.

You need to take into account this security rating information and also user reviews so that you can clearly make your mind whether to use this file or not.

If you find this file right in a subfolder of C:\, then its security rating will come out to be 36% risky.

If you have this feeling that this kmaestro.exe file is now fused with some malware camouflages, then do remove this file right now.

You need to verify the scale of your OC system security every single day. It is suggested to use this security task manager option.

It can keep your executable files all safe and sound and they will not become the victim or target or malware camouflages.

kmaestro.exe File Information:

kmaestro.exe File Information

Here is the deal for you to know about this kmaestro.exe file information more and more!

As you have already understood that this is an executable file. It is the official section or you can component of mainboard XP support.

This filed program is developed and created by eColor. Talking about the Windows version of this specific and respective software, it is

Moreover, it is usually and generally of about 69632 bytes in terms of size. The version may differ from each other but the file size remains the same.

Furthermore, this kmaestro.exe is marked to put up a damaging impact on your system operations.

This is not a safe file as malware and viruses writers use its name. The decision is up to the user whether he wants to keep this .exe file on his computer or not.

As this is not marked as a valid and genuine Windows operating system file, that is why you should not use it!

This kmaestro.exe file is not linked and attached to reliable application sources, so remove it from your computer.

If you want to check whether this file is present in the correct path location or not, then simply go to the task manager, click on View, choose Image path and see where this kmaestro.exe file is existing!

The second you see that this file is the part of a suspicious directory, then without doing any further investigation, you should delete it from your PC system.

Or you can avail of this Microsoft’s Process Explorer tool. This option can explain to you regarding the authenticity and validity of this kmaestro.exe file.

Some of the users have voted that this kmaestro.exe file is safe to use and it is immensely important for their Windows according to them!

On the other hand, some users have voted and claimed that this kmaestro.exe file is probably harmful to their systems.

A few of the users have given their view that this file is all and probably harmless.

Some have given their feedback that this executable file is neither harmful nor important for them.

If your windows have any sort of error, try using reimage repair. If you want to know in-depth about it, then check out our review of Reimage Repair.

Best Practices for Resolving kmaestro Issues:


Now, the last part is all about making up your mind and taking into consideration a few of the effective practices to solve these kmaestro.exe issues.

We are confident that this piece of discussion will be helpful for you. And you can make your job all easy while using PC and executable files.

This is not a tough challenge to do so. You can do this job on your own no matter you are a beginner. To solve these file issues, you do not need an expert.

So, first of all, we would like you to recommend that a regular scanning job can help you in solving these executable file issues.

You can download a full-fledge security application tool for this job.

These kinds of tools detect all kinds of spyware and adware and give you several options for managing these issues.

Furthermore, you can disinfect the functionality and power of the virus present in kmaestro.exe if you delete this file from your system.

Run it in the safe mode, enable this option, and create a secure environment for your computer operations.

Or you can use this method to solve this issue, access the windows control panel, and look for the solution to this problem.

You need to go to the start menu, click on the control panel, and access programs. Identify the program that you want to uninstall and click on it.

If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7 / 8, then click on the option stating uninstall a program.

Moreover, if you are using Windows XP, then hit on the option of Remove program. This is how you can be instantly solving these kmaestro.exe issues.

The rest of the practices that you can opt for while solving these issues, it is to keep up and maintain a very clean and tidy computer every single day.

This is the key and main requirement that you have to follow. By doing so, you can easily avoid all the problems that are linked to this kmaestro.exe file.

You can use a resmon command; with the help of it, you can know which those factors that are causing this problem are!

In addition, we have restored health command, windows automatic update command, scan management command.

These commands are particularly designed to solve the issues arisen and caused because of the presence of executable files.

If you know some other command that deals with these issues and performs the same purpose, then share that with us.

According to all experts out there, they have advised utilizing this security task manager option. This option tells you all about the security risk.

And the user is instantly and immediately gets indicated about the potential spyware or malware present in his computer system.

Now, we have talked about possible and simple to follow practices that are about managing kmaestro.exe issues.

You can share with us the feedback that which practice you want to follow!

Likewise, you follow these practices and solutions of solving kmaestro executable file issues, you can convey to us your other issues.

As well that you are experiencing other executable files and we will provide you with solutions. 


Now, you have known the validity of this kmaestro.exe file! So, which of the strategies you want to opt and use to solve these issues, do let us know.

The list of executable files is just endless and the ways to tackle them, are unlimited too.

Firstly, you can follow these methods to solve and manage kmaestro.exe file issues, the rest of the details are coming over here.

For any ambiguity, you can ask from us at any time. Keep in touch with us.

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