What is khost.exe? Is it a Virus? – (GUIDE)

Let us be talking about in-detail regarding this subjected executable file, we are talking about khost.exe.

Most of the users, they assume that this file is safe to use and it never gets injected with a virus or spyware.

On the other hand, some users assume and believe that this is a risky file to be kept in your PC system.

Here we will explore in a deeper way that to how much extent this executable is secure to be used!

Furthermore, this file or respective executable program it itself installed by a user.

Like, whenever you are going to buy a new PC system, then there is a chance that you are going to likely install this file in your PC system.

Moreover, this file will remain secured for your computer if it is located in its official location. You can verify its location to see whether it is attacked by any spyware or not.

If this khost.exe file is not present in a proper disk location, then remove it because it is available as a danger and threat.

For the information, this whole program which this file is linked and connected to, it is given the name of Kontiki.

This acts in the form of a secure and protected delivery system. This program delivers media files and other kinds of related data.

Even more, this program of khost.exe, it appears and shows right there in your system startup.

Though this file is safe to use if it gets attacked with a threat, then it will further damage your PC operations.

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What is khost.exe?


Now, coming to the main topic of this piece of writing of khost.exe file, here you can know about it. This file is installed along with Game Spot.

Most importantly, it is part of the Kontiki Delivery Manager.

Through this program usage, you can download and make use of multimedia from any of the secure servers that are currently available on the internet.

In addition, this program is not needed by the computer. It is not a necessary and essential program. If you desire to delete it, you can do so at any time.

This program is often and frequently used by users who prefer to go for uploading and also downloading different kinds of peer to peer multimedia content.

As soon as you are going to start and turn on your windows, then this khost.exe file will also run and function in your PC system automatically and instantly.

You can stop its functioning by opening up and all go accessing the Windows task manager. Just go to this task manager section and terminate the functioning of this file.

Do this process manually and make your PC secure. You need to keep in mind that Kontiki is an America located peer-to-peer service.

It was founded in the year 2000. Moreover, it is currently and presently owned by MK Capital.

From this web page, you are going to get a detailed and well-researched security rating regarding this executable file program known with the name of khost.exe.

This program runs in the background and there is a heavy chance that it can get attacked by spyware or virus.

A large number of malware types, they are named after this khost.exe file, so beware about this situation and keep your PC protected.

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khost.exe File Information:

khost.exe File Information

Discussing the khost.exe file information, here we have collected easy to understand details for you.

Though this file is a genuine executable file and it is the official software component of the program named Kontiki delivery manager.

It acts in the form and state of the content delivery manager. In addition, this file runs and functions as one of the core processes.

The delivery manager is the host of this khost.exe file and you are allowed to remove if there is a requirement to do so.

You can know about this information that the Kontiki delivery manager is a well-known web portal.

It is a demanded delivery system that allows users to easily download and manage the extensive kinds of digital content formats.

Furthermore, if you want to pull any of the subscription content or you want to automatically subscribe for content, then you can use this khost.exe file.

This file at times acts in the form of sophisticated and easy to use download manager tool. It supports a wide number of Windows platforms.

The former name of Kontiki, it was Kollective agent. This specific and subjected company develops and comes up with solutions related to the area of digital content management.

Moreover, this founding company of khost.exe, it does carry out the processes of video distribution and software distribution as well as patch deployment.

But we have come to this conclusion that even this file, khost.exe if it is not present in your system, your whole PC functions will remain fine and keep on working.

The ideal and actual location of this file, it is existing and present in a subfolder zone of “C:\Program Files (x86)” or it is usually present in C:\Program Files (x86)\Kontiki\).

This file shows its existence in Windows 10/8/ windows7/XP and it is of the sizes of 1,032,376 bytes.

Besides, you can have this file in the size range of 1,461,800 bytes or 1,466,920 bytes. khost.exe is not considered as a main Windows system file.

And its technical security rating tells us that this khost.exe file is 20% dangerous and risky for your system.

If this system is not named and camouflaged as spyware, then this Kontiki Windows Delivery Management System (DMS) will remain to be marked as a secure delivery network.

That is used for the sake of the purpose of distributing videos and software and also audios and documents.

As a useful bonus tip for our readers, if this file is present in C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folder zone, then that is a warning sign for you.

This location tells us that this khost.exe file is not safe for your personal computer in any way and manner.

Best Practices for Resolving Khost Issues


You might be wondering how to solve these issues?

Below we have written down some of the best and recommended practices that how can you well handle these khost.exe issues.

It is an easy task to do and if you have a clear and thorough understanding of this task process executable file, then you can handle these issues in one go.

Firstly, you should scan your computer every four to five days. This is a highly important step for you.

Scan your PC by using a high and top-quality anti-virus scanner and kill all viruses and spyware.

Furthermore, this scanning job and disinfecting this PC, it will clean your hard drive.

At times, a small percentage of viruses can act in a highly and extremely contagious manner for your computer.

So, run anti-virus software and solve this khost.exe issues in a seamless and hassle-free one go way!

There is a section present in your computer system that runs automatic updates.

These updates will tell and provide you an understanding that how many threats are present in your computer, how many issues are existing and what kind of spyware and malware are existing in your PC!

Moreover, through these updates, you can know which files are infected and need a scanning job.

So, solve these khost.exe issues by running an automatic updates job at your end.

Then we have these resmon and restore health commands, they can help you out in this area too.

These commands restore the health and infected operations of your computer.

Like, as soon as you run these commands, then all files infected and been attacked by spyware and viruses, they will become disinfected.

Or if these methods do not work for you, then you can go to the security task manager and manually delete this khost.exe file.

You have to make every possible attempt and every single initiative to keep your computer secure and safe.

These commands and above-written practices decrease the likelihood of attacking your computer or your executable files with any potential spyware, or malware or a Trojan.

There are other more practices that can instantly solve khost.exe linked issues of yours.

In the near and coming soon time, we will pen down and provide those details to you.

Right now, you can follow these solutions and see if your khost.exe file or any of your executable has gotten rid of virus and spyware attacks.


So, what’s the bottom line? There are lots of other task processes and executable files that act as spyware or virus for your system!

So, to deal with those camouflaged viruses acting as an executable file, you can follow and abide by the below-written practices.

If you have followed some other approach while dealing with these executable file issues like we have khost.exe, then share that with us.

You can keep tuned and in touch with us as more of the information on resolving these problems are coming up.

Try out these techniques and let us know whether they solve your problem or not.

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