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What is acs.exe? 


The authentic acs.exe file is a program part of the Qualcomm Atheros configuration system.

Atheros setup service is an Atheros wireless system Management Service and the acc.exe operates the application Atheros setup program.

It is not a necessary method for Windows and may be removed if bugs are identified.

Installed for Atheros wireless LAN equipment is the Atheros network program and there are also additional features of this program configuration options for those devices.

Only the Windows platform supports this program.

Acs.exe is an American firm that specializes in cellular designing and improving chipset for semiconductor technologies for network connectivity.

In 1998 the company was established by John L. Hennessy and Teresa Meng.

In 2011 the company was purchased by Qualcomm for 3.7 billion dollars and rendered it a subsidiary and changed its name to Qualcomm Atheros.

The full form of ACs is the Agnitum configuration service and this acs.exe extension shows an executable file on a folder.

In certain instances, executable files will destroy your machine, and if this program is a Trojan or the files belong to Windows operating system or a trustworthy program in your computer so you can delete it.

If your windows have any sort of error, try using reimage repair. If you want to know in-depth about it, then check out our review of Reimage Repair.

Drivers and Applications of acs.exe:

Applications of acs.exe

Acs.exe program is an ISOfile that is a part of Fujitsu PC Corporation drivers and applications recovery CD Lifebook P series Windows XP tablet PC version 2005.

The windows edition of the software is typically around 36864 bytes in size but that varies from the edition you have. 

Using known tools can be helpful when solving your acs.exe problem particularly because these are mostly free.

The security task manager for instance gives you specific details about the attached file that’s running on your device and it can also acknowledge you.

How to figure out whether this is the initial device or Trojan acs.exe.

What is it?

The best thing that can help you decide if a single file is a valid Windows operation or virus so it is the executable position itself.

You have to open the task manager to decide the route and go to view and choose the columns.

After that you have to click on the path name image to add a position column to the task manager and if you consider a strange directory.

So more investigation into this method may be a smart idea.

Microsoft System Explorer is another application that can also help you spot faulty processes and you have to start the software with no installation required and triggers to search legends under the options.

Now you have to check and choose columns and select any one of the columns as a verified signer.

How to Verify the Signer?

If a procedure’s verified Signer so the status is classified as unable to validate instead you can glance at the mechanism for a second.

All Windows processes have not been checked and the signature is verified but none of the poor ones do either.

There are also some important facts of the acs.exe program like its name, its publisher and its software and you can also include its expected full path or expected location.

The MD5 of this program is 78779FF21418…

When you have had some issues with this file you can decide if it is trustworthy before removing acs.exe and also consider the method in the task manager to do this.

If you are tied to having a virus then you will urgently attempt to patch it and download it to activate a complete Protection Program like this to install the virus acs.exe.

You can also try other options if you are successful to detect all tools that are the type of Malware in your program.

Additionally, the virus configuration will also impact the deletion of acs.exe.

In this scenario, you need to allow a safe mode for networking a protected environment by which most of the processes disables and only loads the utilizes and drivers that are most required.

You should operate a monitoring application and a full review of the program if there.

acs.exe File Information:


For Windows operating systems and other causes of relatively few issues, the acs.exe is not essential.

The file avx.exe lies in the sea folder Windows system32 and it is the documented file for Windows 7, 8, 10, and XP.

Which has 28 percent of all experiences and the file sizes are 499,796 and 36864 bytes along with 14 more versions.

The name of the program is ACS and it also has a background process. 

Regarding the file’s author, there is no other information about this file, and this software is not used because the file isn’t a key object in Windows.

In the Windows folder, this program file is undefined and will also hide because of the technical safety rating.

You should also take user reviews into account and this file is also 71 percent dangerous. 

Installation Method:

There are the following options for installing the acs.exe program

In step one, you have to uninstall the D-Link range booster or outpost firewall from your PC and after that, you have to uninstall a program by using the control panel applet. 

In the second step, there is our customer service like so you have to contact them and find an update for their vendor website.

If acs.exe is stored in the C folder in your computer so there are program files or subfolders which have the ranking of security is dangerous about 31 percent.

The files are all occurrences about 10 percent and the sizes of the files are 368,864 and 3,408,736 bytes and the additional variants are 21 in this program.

The acs.exe software is not being used and the script isn’t a key module in Windows.

Because there is a coded signature to the paper which is signed by verisign.acs.exe which is capable of tracking queries or monitoring the application.

File Sizes of acs.exe:

The acs.exe is stored in a folder Windows or subfolder and the security level is risky at 52 percent, regarding this file.

There is no information and the file sizes are 499,797 bytes, 495,700 bytes, 499,796 bytes, 36,864 bytes, or 503,512 bytes with 10 percent of all occurrences.

On Windows, this program is not a system file and the software is not used because it is not the main file for computers.

The users must have complete knowledge about these kinds of viruses because they can be harmful to your operating system and can also damage your files easily.

So be aware to install these kinds of software which can destroy your computer system.

Best Practices for Resolving ACS Issues:

The following applications have been useful in helping you evaluate the function of acs.exe on your PC.

All active Windows lists function as a security Task Manager, even internal secret operations such as screen control, keyboard, and autostart entries.

Steps to Follow:

  • In the first step, you have to go to the start menu which is available on Windows 10 and at the right side of your screen bottom left corner then you have to click on the control panel and then under the programs in Windows XP and Windows Vista for installing or removing and adding the programs.
  • In the second step, you have to find the items program and click on it and after that, you have to go on Windows XP and Windows Vista 7 8 and 10 for uninstall or add or remove the tab which is to the right of the program.
  • In the third step, you have to follow the prompts to remove the acs.exe program.

Some of the easiest approaches to prevent issues with acs.exe is a clean and tidy machine and this means a scanning Malware and cleaning your hard drive with scan.

Now and clean manager by installing programs that are no longer need for your computer and you can also monitor any auto-start program with MS configuration which is enabling the updates of automatic Windows.

Do not neglect to always render daily backup or at least to identify points of recovery.

How to Fix it?

Seek to recall the last thing you did all the last program you updated when the issue first emerged and you should have an actual problem.

Then you have to use the six Resmon command which can identify the processes that affect your problem.

Except for the issues you are best off fixing the system then reinstalling Windows for executing for Windows 8 and last versions like cleanup-image, DISM.exe online program, and restore health command.

Without losing your data this allows you to repair your operating system.


During Windows operating system deployment there are some error messages that occur in your program so it is necessary to maintain a record of where and when the acs.exe program happens.

If you follow these steps, you can easily remove viruses from your computer and you can also protect your data with all the trojans and other files that can harm your computer. 

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