What is issch.exe? Is it a Virus? – (GUIDE)

So far, we have carried out an extensive piece of discussion on the use of executable files and how often they get infected with malicious adware and spyware!

Here we are going to talk about this issch.exe executable file information. You might be wondering whether it is a virus or not, here you can check out that.

You can consider this important fact that this file is part of the Install shield update service. This service is provided and offered to you by Flexera Software.

If you are using this service, then it is optional for you to install this issch.exe file.

Furthermore, this file runs and functions in the background and it is the part of the end-user system.

Moreover, it detects and identifies when the developer is going to make any of the automatic updates in its software product.

This file automatically and instantly schedules a task for you. While utilizing this service, you will not get the configuration option to turn off or disable the use of this issch.exe file.

You cannot control the overall execution phase of this executable file. If it gets somewhat infected with a virus or spyware, then it is better and suggested to remove it.

Below you can see more of the details about this important topic:

What is issch.exe?


This file, issch.exe, as it is owned by Flexera Software Company.

You can know this critically important information that this software company is an American company. In addition, it is headquartered all in Chicago.

In the year of 2008, it was named Acresso and then in the year 2009, this company was given the name of Flexera.

Besides, this company comes up with software installation packages and that it gives and delivers to application producers and also different enterprises.

Most importantly, this issch.exe file, it stands and carries an abbreviation of Install shield update service scheduler.

All files that have this .exe extension, it signifies and shows this fact that these executable files.

They are not much needed by the PC operating system but virus writers keep an eye on them.

These spyware makers use the names of these files and give them to their products.

That is why the user fails to distinguish whether this is a valid executable file or whether it has worn a camouflage of a virus. 

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issch.exe File Information:

issch.exe File Information

Now jumping on to the file information of this issch.exe file! This whole process is given the name of the Macrovision FLEXnet Connect Scheduler.

At times, it is known as Macrovision Software Manager Scheduler.

Some of the users like to call and term this process with the title of Macrovision Update Service Scheduler.

If this file is not existing and prevailing in your computer, then no worries about it!

Your PC system operations will continue to work fine and perfectly. If you feel like removing the existence of this file from your computer, you can do that.

This file presence is not here to bring problems or obstacles in the functioning and running of your operating system.

If its location shows a subfolder area of “C:\Program Files\Common Files”, then this file is safe and trouble-free for your computer.

In addition, if it shows and displays the location details of C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\InstallShield\UpdateService\), even then, this file is secure to use.

This respective file is available in different and varied sizes.

Like, if you have Windows 10, then its file size will be different as compared to its file size that is present and located in Windows XP.

This file can be of sizes 81,920 bytes or 69,632 bytes and it does come in five other variants and versions.

If you are wondering where this respective and subjected program is loaded, then we can also give you correct and authentic details about it.

This program linked to this issch.exe executable file, it is loaded right during the windows boot process.

You can keep in mind this Registry key, like we have this, MACHINE\Run, Run, TaskScheduler.

Through this command, you can have an idea that this file is now being loaded up.

Before you use and load this file, you need to check out its technical security rating as well as other user reviews. Its riskiness state falls at 43%.

To remove this file, you can take assistance and guidance from its software vendor. Or you can uninstall its variant.

You can even update its version so that all threats and viruses can be removed from it.

It is from its location that you can decide whether this issch.exe file is a virus or not!

Like, if it is in a subfolder zone of your very own profile folder, then its security rating falls on the scale of 86% riskiness.

In this category, this executable file size is 1,316,352 bytes. It consists and comprises no visible window.

This entire process makes use of the ports to connect and link itself to LAN or to any kind of Internet.

Suppose, this file is present in the subfolder section of “C:\Program Files”, then its security rating will be around and about 84% dangerous.

And the file size will be 1,316,352 bytes. Lastly, if this file is in a subfolder zone of the user’s “Documents” folder area, then the security rating and average rate of riskiness will be 76% and the file size of this variant will be 805,376 bytes.

To run this program, you do not have to go to start up. Instead, you can make use of the InstallShield Update Service Scheduler.

By doing so, this executable file will be automatically and instantly searched for your convenience. 

Best Practices for Resolving issch Issues:


It is common to experience and face issch.exe issues, so how can you tackle with them, we will tell you!

Firstly, you can look for an uninstaller option for this file. If could not look for an uninstaller, then what you can do is to right away uninstall InstallShield Update Service.

This is an easy and quick way to completely delete issch.exe file Or you can use this option of Add/Remove Program function.

This function is part of the control panel. Click on the start menu, access Control panel, and hit on the Programs tab.

For the users of Windows Vista/7/8.1/10, they have to choose to Uninstall a Program option.

Furthermore, for the users of Windows XP, then can click and select the option of Add or Remove Programs.

If you get able to find the program that is named InstallShield Update Service, then click it. By doing so, the users of Windows Vista/7/8.1/10 will be able to uninstall this file.

Besides, the users of Windows XP, they have to click on the option and tab of Remove or Change/Remove tab. 

This InstallShield Update Service will give you prompts and certain messages and notifications. Follow those instructions and remove this issch.exe file.

You can use certain tools to manage these issch.exe issues. Like, you can utilize any kind of PC repair and optimizer tool.

These kinds of tools solve an immense number of PC issues and problems. Moreover, these tools protect your computer from any of the file loss problems.

In addition, these respective tools ensure and guarantee to keep your PC performance up to date.

Your computer will remain guarded against malware and any sort of hardware failures.

These tools not only resolve issch.exe, but they also help the user in optimizing and maximizing their PC speed and performance.

This method can be pursued in a manual way and manner. So, to solve your respective issch.exe issue, firstly, you have to download a reliable and strongly recommended PC repair and optimizer tool.

If that tool is Microsoft Gold certified, then that is amazing.

Plus, it should be compatible with the operating system of Windows 10, 8, and also with windows 7, XP, Vista.

Once you download this tool, then click on the option of start scan so that you can look and easily search for the Windows registry issues.

Identify all of the issues keenly, deeply, and patiently and find which issues are caused because of the presence of this issch.exe file!

You can repair and resolve all the issues by clicking on the button of Repair All. So, these are the simple ways and strategies that help you manage this executable file related issues.

So, which method you want to and how personally you deal with these issues, do let us know.

If experts will come up with more solutions, we will let you know.


There is still a lot more to come from the side of the issch.exe file, its usage, and purpose and to identify the signs and hints that whether it is a virus or not!

If you have more questions about this executable file, then share it with us and we will remove your queries.

So far this guide may have given you sufficient information.

On this platform, we have too shared extensive details on other executable files, do read out about them, and share your thoughts as well.

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