What is axcmd.exe? Is it a Virus?

Today we are going to discuss all the information that you will need to know about the axcmd.exe.

This whole review has all the details of the axcmd executable file and its impacts on the operating system.

It is an important authoring tool that controls the working of important functions in different versions of the operating system.

It sometimes can create security breaches which could be comprehended if you know the right ways to resolve these problems. 

Want to know something interesting in this review?

In this article, we will give you a brief understanding of the executable file named axcmd.exe.

It comes wit lost all the versions of the Windows operating system because it is an authoring tool for CDs and DVDs.

We will not only tell you what the axcmd.exe is but also enlighten you about its brief history.

It will help you in making sure that you know the right stuff about the axcmd.exe when you came across it in your regular use.

You will also know easy and simple solutions to resolve any problem that axcmd.exe causes in your operating system.

We will also help in providing you the right information to remove these files from your system. 

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Without taking more of our precious time we will head straight towards the best assistance you can get online.

We will be providing you with all the information on axcmd.exe. It is an executable file that can be useful at times in the proper functioning of your computer. 

When you are gone through with all the information in this review all your doubts about the axcmd.exe will be elevated.

They will make sure you have all the assistance you need to understand the purpose and functioning of the axcmd executable file. 

What is axcmd.exe?


Alcohol Soft Development Team developed an executable file named axcmd.exe. This file is a software component of Alcohol 120%.

Like all other .exe files, this one is also executable. It comes with version for Windows XP and size is 205976 bytes.

But this may vary depending upon the version you have. Also in some cases, such executable files are malicious and cause severe damage.

This file belongs to Alcohol 120% that is a CD/DVD authoring tool. DLL files will store data, resources, and code that program/s need to function well.

Yet if these cause any sort of trouble, immediately remove them. Here axcmd stands for Alcohol Executable Command Launcher.

It is among the Windows-based software known for writing data on optical disks.

You can also use this program to emulate and mount disc images in .mds/.mdf formats. This software is common among software crackers.

It’s used to bypass disc copy protection methods. SecuROM, SafeDisc, and Data Position Measurement(DPM).

Many executable or .exe files may pose a threat to your system so you must know about it. For any file, it can be hard to deduce whether it’s malware or not.

The most common method to determine is by the location of the file. As for this file, the location is:

 C:\Program Files\Alcohol Soft Development Team\Alcohol Soft Development Team\axcmd.exe

You can determine the path with the help of the Task Manager. Go to View > Columns > select Image Path Name. This will add a location column in the Task Manager.

But if you notice any sort of suspicious directory then further investigate it. Apart from this, you can also use Microsoft’s Process Explorer. It will help with detecting any bad processes.

Simply start the program as the installation is not required. Next, below the Options, active the Check Legends. At last, go to > View > Columns > add Verified Signer in the columns.

If the status of Verified Signer of a process lists as Unable to Verify. Then you need a moment to take a quick look at the process.

Good Windows processes don’t need to have a Verified Signature label. Yet it is not necessary for bad processes either.

If your windows have any sort of error, try using reimage repair. If you want to know in-depth about it, then check out our review of Reimage Repair.

axcmd.exe File Information:

axcmd.exe File Information

This file, like many others, is not crucial for Windows OS and may cause serious problems. Located in a subfolder of the C folder, it has different sizes.

For Windows XP/7/8/10 the sizes are 203,928 bytes, 205,976 bytes, 4,608 bytes, 220,544 bytes, or 222,592 bytes.  

When you start up Windows this program also starts and has a visible window. Though it is not a Windows system file yet certified by a legitimate company.

It can manipulate other programs in your system and appear as a compressed file. So the whole security rating is 20% dangerous.

Beware: some malware can camouflage itself, pretend to be axcmd.exe. This happens especially when located in C:\Windows folder.

Use Security Task Manager to keep a strict check on axcmd.exe. If it is a threat then the application will handle the rest.

On the off chance that this program causes any issues, at that point, decide whether it is legit. Try not to rush things or you will end up losing data.

You can either look for this file in Task Manager. Or on the other side, you can search for its location and afterward check the size.

In case, you notice any of the above-mentioned facts to be true. At that point, you have malware in your system.

Your first step must be to fix it. So relevant deletion, security applications must be downloaded.

Generally, these sorts of malware remain undetected by common tools. Hence you will need to try various applications/tools beforehand.

Even the process of deletion will have an impact on these viruses. We urge you to always enable the Safe Mode with Networking.

This precaution will not only guarantee a safer environment. But will also load the required drivers while disabling others.

Best Practices for Resolving axcmd Issues:


One of the best practices to resolve to avoid issues is a clean computer. If you keep a regular check and scan your computer for any malicious infection.

The chances of the system falling a prey will automatically lessen. 

With the help of ASR Pros or malware/anti-virus removal, you can do a complete diagnosis.

It will help in doing a complete system analysis of suspicious files. If these applications classify any of the files as malicious it will delete axcmd.exe.

Also, get rid of any associated malware in the system. On the opposite hand, if you need to delete axcmd.exe even it’s not a virus.

You can simply uninstall Alcohol Soft Development Team with any uninstaller. Also, you can use the Add/Remove Program from your Windows Control Panel.

Use cleanmgr and sfc/scannow to uninstall such programs you no longer require.

Use Msconfig for monitoring any autostart program and to enable automatic Windows updates. Along with these commands, always define recovery points and keep regular backups.

Sometimes the problems are too big to handle. So the only option left is to uninstall the files.

Yet again you need to first recall the last performed operations that might have led to issues.

Use the command resmon and it will help you to identify the problem causing processes. Once you know the problem, you can take the necessary measures to get rid of it.

You might think that the ultimate solution is to reinstall the Windows, but hold up! First, try to repair the installation and use the command for Windows 8:

 DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth 

This above-mentioned command will let you repair the OS and won’t cause data losses. In case you need some help with the axcmd.exe program, here is a little something.

These 2 programs will help in analyzing the axcmd.exe file.

Security Task Manager:

It will display all the running tasks of Windows, embedded hidden processes. For instance keyboard, monitoring of browser, auto-start entries.

The level of security risk will point towards the program is malware, Trojan, spyware, etc.


It will detect the presence of any key loggers, trackers, adware, malware, Trojan. And removes them from hard disk.

It can be an amazing choice if you want every information and complete analysis of the axcmd.exe perfectly.

Wrapping It All Up!

These are all the best solutions that you can adopt to make sure you can resolve problems generated from axcmd.exe.

This review contains all the information that you will need. I am sure that you will love the contents of this article to your extent.

The reason behind it is that it covers every aspect of the things related to the axcmd.exe.

All the things here are properly organized and helps the readers to reach the information they need to find fast. 

The whole content is not only helpful but also well researched too. This makes everything useful and authentic in every term.

We hope that after gaining all the information from this article, all your doubts would be elevated properly. 

But if there is still something which is left unclear about the axcmd.exe then there is no need to worry about it.

You can ask us for any type of assistance that you need from us and we would be glad to help.

We will make sure you have all the answers that you had been looking for. 

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