AeXNSAgent.exe Windows Process – What is it?

In this article, we are going to discuss some Windows problems that you have or you might face when doing some work.

This error or we should call this pop-up notification appears on your display then what should you exactly do?

Here I will discuss all the important factors that you should know to tackle this message in Windows.

This is a program and I will talk about it after this trust me when it comes to having multiple options for management then this program comes handy.

With that, if you are a computer geek and have a similar work field then this program can ease your work.

It is an agent that can manage multiple things and run multiple software-hardware migrations at a time to help you do multitasking on a whole another level. 

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What is AeXNSAgent.exe?


AeXNSAgent.exe is an easily executable file which is generated by Altiris Agent, now:

Altiris Agent is a program that helps in the communication between the server and the computer network.

Although this file is not categorized as a critical windows file if removed then you might face some problem running the Altiris agent. 

Altiris eXpress provides you a feature that can help you manage your computers and PCs.

And with that, you can easily deploy software, disaster recovery, and you can manage other operating systems, and you can also manage hardware migrations as well. 

With this program you will get support for multiple consoles, you will have the management system of both hardware and software, there is a chat functionality,

A feature to manage security, you will be able to gain the support of software inventory management systems, and with that, there are endless possibilities to use this program.

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AeXNSAgent.exe File Information:

AeXNSAgent.exe File Information

This process which is named Altiris Agent is a part of software Altiris Agent or by Altiris ( or Symantec (

Description: AeXNSAgent.exe is not recommended for use in windows because it might not be as essential as other process programming software.

You can find this file specifically in a subfolder of “C:\Program Files (x86)” (typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Altiris\Altiris Agent\). 

Known file sizes on Windows 10/8/7/XP are 1,523,712 bytes (31% of all occurrences), 1,277,952 bytes and 6 more variants. 

This AeXNSAgent file is not a part of the windows system file. But it is a file that is created by the software itself in the location mentioned above. 

This file is not visible in windows you have to find it. 

AeXNSAgent.exe is a sneaky file that can have access to your keyboard and it also keeps a record for your keyboard, with that, the input and output for mouse and the when it foes all of these things it hides again.

That’s why a technical security rating was calculated to measure the risk factor of this file and it was 47% risk to keep this file in your windows.

Dangerous right?

But you should also calibrate this result with other users just to be sure.

Important Fact on AeXNSAgent.exe:

As it is malware it can also camouflage it some. Don’t worry some malware have this kind of power.

And if it is located in C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folder it can behave like a spy on your computer.

That’s why you should frequently check that the AeXNSAgent.exe process has become a threat to your computer or not. 

Now: to do that I will recommend you use Security Task Manager to verify your computer’s security risk how much there is a risk or not.

Why this? Well, this security manager is top downloaded among the community of security and threats of the computer.


Best Practices for Resolving AeXNSAgent Issues:

AeXNSAgent Issues

If you want to keep your computer risk free from AeXNSAgent then you would want to keep your computer clean and fresh.

This is how you can avoid letting this agent on your computer. And the main question arouse that how can we keep our computers clean?

Well, you would want to run a scan for malware and clean your hard drives using these methods mentioned below: 

  1. Cleaning
  2. SFC /scannow, 
  3. You should install some additional programs that you don’t need.  
  4. You can use MSConfig to auto restart your programs and with this, you can also enable windows.
  5. Automatic Update. By this I mean you should always keep your computer backed up as a periodic backup, or you should do this at least your reset points aren’t set. Does the question appear that will you face an actual problem? Well, to avoid this you should recall the last thing that you did or any software that you recently installed right before the problem that you are facing appeared.
  6. You can also use the resmon command if you want to identify the problem that you are currently facing. Even if there is a serious problem then avoid reinstalling windows and rather choose to repair on windows 8 and other updated versions.
  7. If you are executing an online command of 7DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth command. Then you will be able to repair your damaged operating system without losing any data.

To be able to analyze the AeXNSAgent.exe process in your computer you should follow the points mentioned below to make sure there is no mishap. 

A Using Security Task Manager will help you see all the windows tasks that are currently running.

Either it can be simple windows tasks or embedded hidden processes which include a keyboard, the browser monitoring, or any autostart entries.

Them from there you can get a rating of security threats that will help you determine which process is potential spyware, malware, or even trojan. 

B Now: if you are not satisfied with the Security Task Manager then you can also use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware as it can easily detect any hidden or sleeping spyware, adware, or trojans.

With that, it will remove all the Keyloggers, malware and any tracker embedded in your os or even in your hard drive.


If there is any process that is causing any disruptions in your operating system then it is most likely to be this process as it is easy to enter and it can be hidden until you take notice.

Basically if not taken care of at the right time then this process can be a parasite to your computing system as it will be eating your computer from inside.

So, I would recommend you take notice of any irregular activities happening on your computer as if it is late then it might kill your system.

So, make sure that you have the right tool to tackle such abundance and if you have then you should use it regularly because you never know when this process starts and eventually damage your system.

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