What is AtkexComSvc.exe? (Short Guide)

In this guide, we will be discussing AtkexComSvc.exe. We will also provide you with several solutions that may help you solve this problem on your PC. 

AtkexComSvc.exe.is a software application. This is a component that comes with the  Asus Motherboard Utility. You may find this file at “C:\Program Files (x86)”—particularly C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\AXSP\1.02.00 and not elsewhere.

However, there is a doubt about this file being harmful but it may cause your system’s booting process to run slow. There are several cases reported where trojans and viruses disguised themselves as AtkexComSvc.exe executable files.

And in case you encounter such a problem, we have provided several approaches that will help you resolve this issue in your system.

What Is AtkexComSvc.exe?

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Atkexcomsvc is software for clear communication. It has the purpose of recording the input of the keyboard and mouse. File size can differ by location; the subfolder size is 920,736 bytes in the user profile, whereas it is 918,144 to 920,736 bytes in a default Windows Xp/7/8 location.

However, when downloading or turning on specific software, Atkexcomsvc.exe can create errors. This should be noted that these errors will only occur with ASUS or ACER computers.

If you ever have the error when you have a device from other manufacturers, it is likely to be a malicious disguise to prevent detection. It is also recommended that if it is put in any folder other than C:\Program Files or its default directory, you must automatically uninstall the file.

AtkexComSvc.exe File Information

We search for numerous ASUS community groups and Discussion Boards to find out more about AtkexComSvc.exe.

Computer users needed to learn about the heavy use of AtkexComSvc.exe, the AtkexComSvc.exe bug, the activation AtkexComSvc.exe and the uninstallation AtkexComSvc.exe.

A customer reports that he first found that his system was acting oddly AtkexComSvc.exe a few days earlier. He has done a lot of online work and noticed that AtkexComSvc.exe is a component of Asus Motherboard and many Asus users have issues here.

However, no remedy to his dilemma was made available.

  • Another user in the forum clarified the essential function of Asus Motherboard Utility in keeping drivers and BIOS up to date and that AtkexComSvc.exe is needed to run. He further explains that all Asus computers have been preinstalled and that Motherboard Utility starts by default when you boot your system. When you have issues with AtkexComSvc.exe, you should, however, fix it. You may even attempt to reach Asus to ask them to help disable it.
  • Another PC user reports that AtkexComSvc.exe has a severe memory leakage issue. He says it took 7 MB ofRAM at the beginning of the process.However, ram consumption increased to approximately 2 GB of RAM by the end of the week. After researching on the Internet, he pointed out that there was an issue several years earlier and he was quite shocked that Asus did not provide a solution to resolve the memory leakage. The only advice for other users was to disable or uninstall the atkexcomsvc.exe by heading to the Control Panel of the Browser.
  • A computer user also mentioned that he experienced AtkexComSvc.exe related memory leakage and heavy CPU consumption. He suggests searching the Asus folder with an ASUS laptop so that the power loss can be identified. The customer claims that he fixed the problem every few hours, not indefinitely, by restarting the operation.
  • One user also states that the thermal sensors AtkexComSvc.exe  analyzes the temperature of the modules on your Asus device. He adds that you may find a yellow triangle in the Device Manager if you do not operate this program. In fact, the computer user states that you require AI Suite II from AtkexComSvc.exe  and it could be built along with Asus GPU Tweak II.
  • One user reports that AtkexComSvc.exe   interferes with his COM ports and prevents communication of TI MSP430 with the PC. He said that after downloading the driver from the ASUS website it was set up on his system.
  • Another source also states that 10-25% of the machine CPU is commonly used AtkexComSvc.exe  . Nevertheless, the performance of the system normally does not improve significantly. However, if you believe that AtkexComSvc.exe   is corrupted with a virus, he suggests scanning the computer.

Practices for Resolving AtkexComSvc.exe Issues

Resolving AtkexComSvc.exe Issues

If you have recognized that Atkexcomsvc is disguised virus or trojan then you may instantly try to fix this issue as it may affect your computer’s performance.

We have mentioned below several Practices for Resolving AtkexComSvc.exe Issues. 

Method #1: 

Junk files can collect from regular usage or web browsing in your computer over time. Such junk can allow a third-party application to behave slowly or trigger an atkexcomsvc.exe error if it is not sometimes eliminated.

With Disk Cleanup you can clean up temporary data, which not only resolve your atkexcomsvc.exe error but will boost your PC’s efficiency dramatically. Here is the following measure that you may try.

  • Click the Start Button
  • In the Search box, type “command”. Press CTRL-Shift on your keyboard simultaneously and then press Enter.
  • A dialog box will appear on your screen. 
  • Select “YES”
  • After that, a black box will appear.
  • Search for  “cleanmgr”
  • After this, your system will start calculating the size of the space that you can recover on your disk.
  • A dialogue box for Disk Cleanup will emerge, with a set of checkboxes. Check for the term “Temporary data.”
  • Pick from the categories that you want to clean and press Enter.

Method #2: 

When the error continues, a solution proposed by WinOSBite would be to delete the faulty files from the operating system. Here the step that you need to take;

  • Press Windows key + R simultaneously.
  • Open the Control Panel
  • Search for “ AtkexComSvc.exe associate software” from the list. 
  • Move the cursor to the file, press right-click and then click Uninstall to delete the files.
  • Restart your computer, check if the error is still present or not. 

Note: The above-mentioned steps are only useful and eligible for Windows XP/7.

Method #3: 

Windows System Restore to recent system modifications can also be used.

System Restore will help you resolve your issues on atkexcomsvc.exe by restoring device or software files on your Computer while things are already running correctly. Follow the following steps:

  • Go the Start Button and Click it
  • Search “System Restore”  in the search box, and press Enter
  • Pick for System Restore for the available list.
  • At this stage, the system would ask the administrator password. Enter the password
  • A Wizard will open. Follow the measures to pick a point to restore. Then have your system fixed.

Method #4: 

A further repair suggested by file.net is the scanning, uninstallation, and operating system restoration with various methods.

Follow the following measure to perform this:


  • Press Windows key + Q or go to the Start Button.
  • Here search for ”command” and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter together to launch it as an administrator.
  • Search for the command sfc /scannow and press Enter


  • Press together Windows key + X to open the Start menu. Or you can simply go to Start Button and open the Control Panel.
  • Search the first “Program and Function” menu item and click on it, or disable a program in the category Tab.
  • Then, you may look for the unnecessary files and programs to remove within the list of already installed programs. 
  • When you are done identifying unnecessary programs, click the uninstall button on the top of the list. 
  • You may follow the guideline provided by your system, follow them to uninstall.

Fixing the Operating System:

  • Press Windows key + Q simultaneously or go to Start Button.
  • Here search for ”command” and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to launch it as an administrator.
  • After that, you need to find the command DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth and press Enter.


The 5th method is for the computer to be updated. In certain cases, the issues with atkexcomsvc.exe errors may easily be resolved by updating Windows on an on-going basis with the new software kit.

Here the following steps to do this;

  • Go to the Start Button
  • Find the “Update” and click on it
  • Windows Update window will appear on your screen
  • Click on Install Updates to start updating your windows.


AtkexComSvc.exe. may often act in your system as a problem variable. This executable file should, therefore, be deactivated. Our aim in this article was to provide you with all the fundamental and relevant facts.

Also, you might prefer to use the alternate option if you were not a computer nerd. It may be a spyware or antivirus program installation.

As it would obviously not be a smart idea to deal with this issue manually without significant skills and experience in knowing computer tools.

However, we have provided you with many methods that you may use to resolve this issue. We hope that this guide was helpful for you and you have got the solution you needed. 

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