What is Winstore.app.exe? Is It a Virus?

The real WinStore. App.exe is a Microsoft Windows program component.

The Windows Store is a Microsoft Windows digital distribution hub.WinStar.

App.exe is a file that doesn’t affect app PCs and is a part of the Windows Store.


What Is Winstore.app.exe?


WinStore. App.exe is part of the Microsoft Corporation Windows Store and is built according to version details of WinStore. App.exe.

App.exe is normally stored in the folder

 C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.WindowsStore 11610.1001.10.0 x86 8we kyb3d8bbwe\.’ The definition of WinStore.App.exe is the category “Store.”

None of the anti-virus scanners found something wrong with WinStore. App.exe on VirusTotal. The.exe user name extension indicates an executable program. In certain cases, the machine may be impaired by executable data.

To determine the WinStore. App.exe file on your Desktop is a virus or malware you can delete, or if it is simply a valid Windows program file or reliable application, you should read this for yourself.

Winstore.app.exe File Information

Is It a Virus or Malware?

The only aspect that will help decide whether a single file is a valid Windows operation or a virus is the position of the executable.

For example, the route would possibly look like C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Windows 10 Enterprise\WinStore.

App.exe Open Task Manager, go to View->Select Columns and pick “Name of the picture path” to add the Task Manager position.

For this program, it’s feasible. It may be a smart idea to look deeper into this phase if you consider a suspicious directory here.

The Microsoft Process Explorer is another device which can also help you detect crashes.

Start the system and activate “check legends” under Options (not installation included). Go to View now-> Pick columns and add the column labelled: “Verified signer.”

When the identity of a “verified signer” is reported as “unverifiable,” please take a look at the procedure for a moment.

Some important facts about Winstore.exe

  • Name: WinStore.App.exe
  • Software: Windows 10 Enterprise
  • Publisher: Microsoft
  • Expected Location: C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Windows 10 Enterprise\ subfolder
  • Expected Full Path: C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Windows 10 Enterprise\WinStore.App.exe
  • SHA1: 0D9BF99A6B331F4B71E721C1433FFD98AAC7F21C
  • MD5: A368043DA2B739591637350F8B99A1E8
  • Known to be up to 16384 bytes in size on most Windows;

You will determine whether you have any issues with this executable before removing WinStore. App.exe. You can get this process through task manager

Find your position and compare your size with the above details.

If you think you may have an infection, you will try quickly to fix it. You need to download and update a full software program such as this to uninstall the WinStore.

App.exe virus. Keep in mind that not all tools will identify some form of malware, so, until successful, you may have to seek multiple alternatives.

Therefore, virus features will affect the elimination of WinStore. App.exe itself. In this scenario, you must allow Network Safe Mode – a secure environment that deactivates most processes and loads only the resources and drivers most needed.

You will operate a monitoring program and a complete system overview while you are there.

Can I Remove or Delete it?

You can not without valid purpose delete a protected executable file, because it may impact the output of any related programs utilizing that file.

Keep the software and programs up to date to avoid potential file-related issues. About software issues, test drivers and software fixes are more common such that such issues have little or no risk.

A full system check with ASr Pro or this antivirus and malware remover is the safest diagnosis for such suspicious data.

When the file is extracted as malicious, such applications are often used to uninstall WinStore. App.exe and the related malware.

Nonetheless, you should be able to uninstall Windows 10 Enterprise from your computer with its uninstaller because it isn’t a virus, so you need to disable WinStore. App.exe.

You might want to uninstall Windows 10 Enterprise and delete WinStore.exe if you can’t find its uninstall. The Add and Replace function can be found in the Windows Control Panel.

  • Click on “Control Panel” and then “Program: o” (for Windows 8): o Windows Vista/7/8.1/10: press Uninstall a program, in the Start menu (right click on the bottom-left corner).
  • Tap Adding or Deleting Programs on Windows XP.
  • If you consider Windows 10 Enterprise software, press it, and then press Uninstall: o Windows Vista 7/7/8.1/10.
  •  Windows XP: To the program right of the tab Remove or Change / Remove tab

Follow the guidelines to uninstall Windows 10 Enterprise

How to Fix it?


Some of the easiest approaches to avoid WinStore. App.exe issues are to get a clean and tidy computer.

It ensures that you can search your devices, delete clean-grid and SFC /scannow from your hard disk, uninstall programs you no longer need, track all programs for auto-start (with MSConfig), and allow automatic updates for Windows.

Should not often forget to backup periodically or to identify recovery points at least.

When you’ve got a bigger challenge, consider recalling the last thing you did before the issue or last feature you installed.

Using the command resmon to determine the processes that cause your problem.

You can attempt to fix the installation, or in case of Windows 8, by running DISM.exe / Online / Cleanup-image / Restorehealth command, instead of reinstalling Windows.

You may consider the following programs helpful to help you analyze the WinStore.

App.exe mechanism on your computer; Security Task Manager displays all ongoing Windows activities and built-in, secret processes like the control of a keyboard and screen or auto-start entries.

The probability of Spyware, Malware or a possible Trojan horse is demonstrated by a single security risk ranking. This anti-virus identifies and eliminates from your disk spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, malware and trackers.


Having said that, the analysis for the Winstore.exe came to an end. We hope that we were able to educate you with all the important aspects of this Microsoft feature.

We hope that this article was beneficial for you and now you know how you will utilize this feature in your Computer.

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