What are Vulkan Runtime Libraries and Why We Need It?

Vulkan RunTime Libraries are normally designed by display card manufacturers like NVIDIA or AMD. The problem is, many users think that Vulkan RunTime Libraries are malware and they remove it but it is not a virus. So make sure that it is there on your System. Nowadays we see more and more malware attacks and thus computer and Internet users are more careful now. In such a situation, any unknown file name creates worries.

Now Vulkan RunTime Libraries is the file that creates worries. When you see Vulcan Run Time Libraries service in Task Manager in Windows then you think this is a virus or malware file. Vulkan is a new graphics standard just like OpenGL and DirectX.

Vulcan Runtime Libraries installs on your PC without your permission with the NVIDIA installer. Vulkan RunTime Libraries are used for 3D performance in gaming. Many users instantly go to Control Panel and then uninstall Vulkan Libraries from your computer.

What are Vulkan Runtime Libraries?

It was installed by Nvidia when you update your video driver. But keep in mind that, it’s not malware or a virus. So do not remove it. It won’t damage the Windows operating files. A runtime library is always particular to the platform and compiler.

The Vulkan runtime libraries are an essential part of the XNA framework and all its applications. With this, XNA games can be played on a Windows 10 PC or on the Xbox 360 game console. While the XNA is a simple application, the Vulkan runtime libraries are something new. It allows game developers to enjoy a 3D environment that is rich in detail.

With the new framework, XNA developers have the chance to perform 3D tasks that were impossible before. So it is important for XNA developers to learn how to use the Vulkan runtime libraries.

Vulkan Run Time Libraries in Windows 10

You may upgrade your drivers automatically using Driver Easy. So before going to remove any file, confirm that it is not from Vulkan Runtime Libraries. If you’re using a Windows 10 PC, then go to the SettingsApps & Features. Search for Vulcan Runtime Libraries.

If you are not sure whether you’ve Vulkan Run Time Libraries installed on your computer then follow the steps given below

  • Hold Windows key and press R
  • Type appwiz.cpl and press Enter

  • Now scroll down and find a program named Vulkan RunTime Libraries.

Also, you can go to Settings > Apps and then search for Vulkan Run-Time Libraries.

Some Windows 10 users reported that after removing Vulkan Run Time Libraries, Windows Defender stopped displaying malware attack notifications.

Vulkan Run Time Libraries is a brand standard, a 3D graphics application programming interface similar to DirectX, for better 3D performance. Vulkan Libraries provide increased performance and much more balanced CPU/GPU usage.

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If you find it, it means Vulkan Runtime Libraries is still there and if not then you have to install it. Sometimes Windows Defender or Antivirus may flag Vulkan as a threat, but it is not. So do not remove it.

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