Video Scheduler Internal Error is a Blue Screen of Death Error in Windows 10. The error VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR appears during Program installation. Whenever you are installing any Windows software, you will see this error code. Here in this article, we are going to share some working solutions to fix the error. This is a Serious BSOD Windows 10 Error and you have to fix it before it crashes your whole system.These will crash your PC and cause you to lose your data.

How to Fix Video scheduler Internal Error

Not only software but when you install new hardware, you will face this error. This is a Blue Screen of Death error related to Windows 10 system files. So many users have complained about this error and also they posted what works for them to fix the error.

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Here are some working solutions:

Method 1: Run System File Checker and Check Disk – CHKDSK

Step 1: Open cmd as admin > type chkdsk /f /r, then hit the Enter key.

Step 2- Press Y > Restart your PC to allow Windows for a disk check.

Step 3-  Once again open CMD as administrator.

Step 8- Type the command sfc /scannow > Enter.

Step 8-  Wait for some time and you will see a log of system scanner. If there is an issue, you will see there. Simply fix it and you are good to go.

Method 2- Install Windows updates

Step 1:  Go to Settings > Updates and Security > Check for updates.

Step 2- Click on Install updates. This will download and install all the available Windows 10 Updates. Reboot PC and the error will be solved.

Method 3- Scan for Faulty Drivers

Step 1- Press Windows +X to open Device Manager > Scan for Hardware changes.

Step 2- Look for the device driver that has a yellow mark > Right click > Uninstall > Yes.

Step 3- Search on the official website to download the drivers. If you don’t want to download all the drives one by one then you can use Driver tools like Driver Easy. These tools will scan your complete system and download all the required drivers automatically.

Method 4- Uninstall Graphic Card Driver

The last method that you can give a shot is uninstalling the graphics card driver.

Step 1- Go to Device manager using Win + X and find NVIDIA graphic card > Uninstall.

Step 2- Control panel > Uninstall Program related to NVIDIA graphics.

Step 3- Restart PC. Now download the latest NVIDIA Driver software from the official website and install it. Once done, check if you are facing the error or not.

Thats’t it for now. Hope the error is now fixed. If not then comment below. We will assist you to fix any Windows Error.

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