Fix INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE Error in Windows 7, 8, 10

If you are looking for ways to tackle the issue then you have reached the right place. One of the most troublesome errors that Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 can witness is that of the inaccessible boot device. The error brings itself the blue screen of death, a colon that taunts us and a left parenthesis at the top. I mean which Windows user would want to experience this? The person is not only left devastated but clueless as well If he is not aware of ways to tackle the issue. And if such is the case then don’t worry, we have got your back. We have researched and listed ways to deal with the issue.

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The error happens due to the resetting of the PC by keeping or removing all the files. The option to take this protocol is present inside Setting, Update and Security, then Recovery in Windows 8 and Windows 10. There can be other reasons too like updating the previous Windows OS to the latest one. When the error takes place then there is a loss of accessibility between Windows OS and the System. There is a sort of partition at the time of startup. It will keep restarting the computer and when this happens, you might even lose data. So, it is imperative that the issue is resolved properly.


If you’re encountering INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE issue on a PC, check to see whether you are employing an SSD alongside a challenging disk. Therefore, a cross-checks of all of the connection and connecting tightly may also repair the issue. It is possible to easily solve just about all the system difficulties.

In major situations, the error is generated because of a corrupted hard disk of yours. If it doesn’t reoccur, the issue is solved. Hence, it will not appear anymore on your computer. It occurs when they attempt to install both the updates at the same time. There are four solutions to repair the issue. It can be caused by installed Windows packages. If there’s a problem linked to loss of information, you should discover if your device works or not. There are not any recent hardware changes.

If you’ve got multiple RAM chips then try and booting the laptop utilizing single chip at a moment. Await the disk to be removed and get started browsing for devices. Is it true that your system not enables you to eject iPod properly? You will need to discharge the system from the residual charge as a way to start the laptop. In the event the system is unable to access the system RAM then the computer won’t boot. The uninstall process might take a couple of minutes. Remember that reflashing BIOS is a sophisticated procedure, and you’re able to cause permanent damage in case you don’t do it correctly.

Solution 1:  Change Settings in BIOS

In the BIOS settings, find SATA Mode > select AHCI Mode instead of IDE from the list. Save configuration with pressing F9.

Solution 2: Check the External hardware

In this method, you will have to check if there is any external hardware that has been recently attached to the system. If that is the case then remove the hardware and restart the PC again to check if this fixes the issue.

Solution 3:  Enter the Safe Mode

  • Restart PC, press F10 or F2 to enter the Boot Options.

  • Navigate to Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Settings > press 4.

  • Restart PC and this will fix INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE Error in Windows 10.

Reset your PC

  • Navigate to settings > Update & Security
  • Recovery > Get Started > Reset PC.

  • Keep my files” or “Remove everything.”
  • Next > Reset.

  • Done. Check if you are still facing the inaccessible boot device error or not.

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