How to Update MSI Motherboard Drivers on Windows 10

MSI is known for long-lasting quality. To have an excellent gaming performance, you need your MSI motherboard drivers to be updated. We need device drivers to perform essential functions of the motherboard. It is always advisable to download and update the latest Motherboard Drivers. Without proper drivers, most of the components do not work correctly.

Update MSI Motherboard Drivers

We have to use MSI Motherboard Drivers for smooth functioning and excellent gaming experience. The motherboard is the heart of your computer, contains several interfaces related to your hard drive, ram, processor, and others.

Like several devices on your computer, the motherboard also requires drivers to help to communicate with the operating system. We get some drivers from Windows, others from computer or Motherhood manufacturers. You can identify your drivers using the device manager. Show updating drivers play a crucial role.

How do I update my MSI drivers?

The motherboard drivers can be updated in two ways. The first way is to download them manually, and the second way is to download and install them automatically, which is the most recommended method. Installing drivers manually is a pretty quick and process. You need to open the device manager.

Check the properties of the device for which you need to install the drivers. You can finish the installation process by choosing the driver software and picking it from the list of drivers.

You can also use 3rd party driver update tools like Driver Easy to update the drivers automatically.

Download MSI Motherboard drivers manually

New drivers for the motherboard get released by MSI regularly. To download the drivers, you need to visit their website, and you have to check for the latest drivers. Thus you can understand the driver, which is required for your motherboard. You can always download the drivers manually from the support section.

When you visit the website, you can enter the product name so that you can get the results very quickly.

Step 1: Visit the website of MSI drivers.

Download MSI Drivers Manually

Step 2: Enter the name of the MSI Motherboard Driver in the search tab that’s present on the site.

Step 3: Downloading instructions will be given on the website’s screen. Choose the driver you want and follow the instructions as they are quite straightforward.

Note: It is always recommended to check for the latest drivers released. This helps you to have an excellent gaming experience.

Downloading and installing the drivers automatically

When you do not have the time, patience, or knowledge on how to download them manually, you need not panic. You can do it automatically. You can do it automatically with the help of Driver Easy. 

Here we need not understand the system running on our computer for downloading. We need not worry that we will download the Wrong Driver. Driver Easy handles the complete procedure. 

Step 1: Visit Driver Easy’s original webpage and download it. Run the application after it’s done being installed. 

Step 2: You can now click the “Scan “button. This assists Driver Easy with scanning and detecting any issues in your drivers.

Step 3:  There is an option called update in the Driver easy.

This helps you to download the correct version of drivers. You can install the drivers manually, or you can use the button update all so that they get even installed. 

Furthermore, with a pro version, you get all the updates of the latest drivers, and you also receive a guarantee of getting your money returned within 30 days for your upgrade.

How do I download MSI driver and install it from CD?

Every computer manufacturer provides you with a CD or DVD. This contains the drivers that are mostly used for the operating systems. They also have some additional tools, along with useful software. Windows 7 mostly finds the drivers updated in the Microsoft database. They can download them and install them automatically.

 You need not worry if your driver is not found on the Microsoft database as you can get it from the desk. It is always advisable to install the drivers provided by the manufacturer. For the chipset and graphic card, it is still advisable to go with the manufacturer drivers mainly.

  • First, you need to insert the disk into the optical drive.

  • After clicking the start button, you need to give a right-click on the computer to select the properties.

  • You can find the device manager on the left menu.

  • You will find the hardware with a yellow exclamation mark, or you can find the device which you need to install the drivers using the CD.

  • You can select the update driver software by giving a right-click

  • You can use the browse button and select the optical device. Your drivers get installed after you press the next button.

  • You need to wait until the process finishes and then click the close button

MSI motherboard drivers are significant to perform any task. Hence you should keep them updated.

You can get it from the MSI website, or you can use CDs provided by manufacturers. We need to check the compatibility of the driver before downloading it.

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  1. Thanks mate. Finally found my solution here. Using MSI Laptop for Gaming. I can’t play CSGO on it but after updating MSI Drivers I am now playing it without any problem.


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