Fix This Copy of Windows is Not Genuine Error – 3 Working Methods

This copy of windows is not genuine is one of the common Windows 10 error and today we are going to share how to get rid of this copy of windows is not a genuine issue in Windows 10 PC or laptops. Many Windows 10 users have reported this problem with this copy of windows is not genuine. This is very frustrating especially when you are in the middle of any important work. According to many Windows 10 users, the started receiving this error after Windows 10 update.

This Copy of Windows is not Genuine Fix 2018 (Solved) with the help of some simple fixes. Once you experience this problem, the background of one’s PC may go dark. You still can perform other things on your personal Computer, like total your works, make use of the computer-like so and before on. It’s huge problems record which makes the customers discouraged when they’re busy with their works, though windows could be the star in the market. Included in this, this error will be the most frequent and preferred one.

Even when your merchandise is genuine, it’s still true that you get the Windows isn’t genuine error on the monitor. Then the solutions are extremely easy. In the event the above method isn’t helpful, you can have a look at below method which employs a third party application. Some users have reported this copy of windows isn’t genuine error Windows 10 Error may happen is because of an outdated version of Windows that should be upgraded.

Fix This Copy of Windows is Not Genuine Error

Nowadays you restart your computer, and this should be fixed. If your windows 7 computer reports the windows isn’t a genuine error, it’s possible to resolve it by following these steps, and as soon as you’ve completed this, the error shouldn’t ever reappear again unless there’s registry corruption or a virus or malware attack. Along with this error message appearing you’ll realize that the desktop turns black and then the subsequent message appears.

This Copy of Windows is Not Genuine

You will see that the error message disappeared after following the mentioned actions. In some specific laptops and PCs running on Windows 7, the message above doesn’t get the job done. If you aren’t able to find rid of the genuine alert message on your own, contact Windows 7 technical support.

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There are many possible reasons behind this copy of windows is not genuine 7601 error.

This error can damage your system, and it will also crash your operating system. Bad Effects and problems of error that are:

  • Black screen Stuck Error
  • Effect on performance
  • Battery issues and more.

This error of This Copy of Windows is not genuine is common in Windows 7, but you will face this error this error in Windows 8 or Windows 10 computers. The error is something which will make you frustrated and disturbed. This problem of not having genuine windows is very common when you try to access your system.

Windows 7 build 7601 not genuine: The main reason behind this message is not using the licensed version or official copy of Windows OS. If you are using the pirated version after sometimes, you will receive Windows 7 not genuine error.

Some users have reported that windows is not genuine error Windows 10 Error may happen is due to an outdated version of Windows that needs to be upgraded. If you are getting this error which is given above then, you just need to uninstall last updated Windows file. KB971033 is the common Windows 10 update after which you will receive windows is not genuine error.

Method 1: Use RUN to Fix this copy of windows is not genuine build 7600 Error

  • Open Run and then open CMD console as Administrator.
  • To fix this windows is not genuine error, Enter this command SLMGR -REARM

  • Then restart the system.

Method 2: Use RSOP to Solve the Error of  Windows is not Genuine.

Follow these steps to fix this error.

  • Open Run > type rsop.msc > Enter.
  • Navigate to Windows Settings and then Security Settings and System Services options.

  • Select Plug and Play in system services.
  • Right-click > Startup and choose an automatic option.
  • Then open RUN and enter gpupdate /force. This will update all files.
  • Restart your Computer to save changes.

Method 3: Uninstall update using Control Panel

  • Go to Control panel >System and Security.
  • Click on Windows update > check installed programs.

  • Find the update of KB971033 > Uninstall.

Make sure that you are using the Genuine version of Windows on your Computer before going to solve it. If you are using Pirated Version of Windows then you cannot blame the manufacturer for this error. So first install the Genuine version of Windows and try all listed solutions and if still, you are facing the error then comment below. You can also turn off Automatic updates to get rid of windows is not genuine error. Hope this guide on this copy of windows is not genuine will help you. We will try to fix it. Share this article with your friends.

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