How to Fix Windows Update Not Working Issue

If you are stuck on Windows updates or unable to update your Windows OS, then this article can help you. Not only Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 users are facing this Windows Update Not Working issue. Microsoft frequently delivers security patches and software updates to fix windows bugs and patches. Windows 10 users are facing some serious issues while installing the latest update.

Here, we’ll explain how you can get Windows Update working again as it fails. Users are asking questions like Windows Update Not Working or Windows 10 Update stuck at 99. Windows has an integrated troubleshooter that will attempt to detect and automatically resolve any troubles with Windows 10 Update. Windows includes an integrated troubleshooter that could be in a position to help fix a stuck update.

When the tool starts, follow the directions on the screen and troubleshooter should correct the situation. It should take care of the rest. The computer software is excellent for maintaining your everyday computer uses and keeping you in addition to the world. If you feel as though your computer should have updates. You should know what is set up on your PC. If your computer hasn’t been updated for quite a long time, it may take longer. You will be requested to restart the computer as a portion of the installation practice.

Reasons for Windows Update Not Working

Many users are asking Why is my Windows 10 not updating? Read the below reasons.

  • Windows Update is corrupted – Due to the Corrupted or Damaged Windows update, you will face this error.
  • Windows Update service not running – Sometimes due to disabled Windows Service, you cannot install new Windows Updates.
  • Windows Update Servers Issue – Sometimes Microsoft servers are down and this is why you are facing Windows update is not working.
  • Windows Update not working, unavailable of storage – Check that you have enough space to download the new Windows 10 Update. This is the main reason for Why won’t my Windows Update install? issue.

How do I fix windows not updating?

You can fix the issue with the below-mentioned steps. One of the easiest things to do is, restart Windows Update Services.

Fix Windows Update Not Working

Windows 10 is among the largest Windows releases that Microsoft ever declared. The new Windows update came with many issues and bugs that forced some people to either roll back to an older version of Windows or not updating in any way. Microsoft is trying to make Windows 10 a stable operating system and that is why the company is releasing a new update every time for Windows 10. It is very important to download and install a new Windows update but what if you can’t install the Windows 10 updates.

Solution 1: Free up disk space

Some Windows users have experienced this problem after installing a new Windows update. Now chances are this new update occupies all the remaining storage on your PC, and now you cannot install any new software. You have to free up some space on the hard drive. The April 2018 Update requires 16GB of free space and 20GB for 64bit. If you do not have the required storage on the hard drive, then the April 2018 Update will fail to install.

Solution 2: Run Commands using cmd

If you installed any new software and after that, you are unable to install the new update then try to uninstall that software or restore your computer with old Windows Backup. If you are searching for How do I fix Windows Update service not running? then read the below steps.

1.  Clear up your Temporary Files folder, Cookies folder & reboot. After that try again to update your Windows OS.

2. Run Command Prompt as administrator and type following commands one by one.

  • net stop wuauserv
  • net stop bits
  • Go to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistributiondelete all.

Restart Device. Now type the following commands one by one > Enter:

  • net start wuauserv
  • net start bits


3. Run system file checker.

4. Re-register the following dll files manually.

  • wuapi.dll
  • wuaueng.dll
  • wups.dll
  • wups2.dll
  • wuwebv.dll
  • wucltux.dll
  • wudriver.dll

Solution 3: Clear Updates Download Folder

If Windows Update download is stuck or refuses to install, then something is really wrong. Now you can try to fix this issue by clearing the Windows update download folder where all update files are located.

Step 1: Go ‘RUN’ using Win + R and then copy and paste this line > Enter.


Step 2: Now delete all the data in the folder. Press CTRL + A to select all > Delete.

Solution 4: Run Windows Update troubleshooter

Microsoft has released its official Windows Update troubleshooter to fix all the issues related to Windows 10 updates. If you are facing issues while installing a new Windows 10 update, then try to run this built-in troubleshooter.

This will restart the Windows Update service and clears the Update cache. This will fix the Windows Update Problem.

Step 1: Open Start menu > search for Troubleshooting. Then select Troubleshooting Settings.

Step 2: Now find Windows update Troubleshooting. Click on it and wait for the results.

If you are working to use an internet service which demands webcam, odds are you will face issues if you’ve already updated your Windows 10.

Our top-class services include Microsoft product support, antivirus problems, malware problems, spyware problems, wireless router problems, printer problems, and non-computer devices, etc.. Windows Update Service Not Running is the typical issue since there are many means to solve the problem and you are able to repair it easily.

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  1. I had a similar issue with my work PC when trying to upgrade to 1803. I went through all of the troubleshooting steps on your site and fixed the issue.


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