How to Fix There was a problem starting LogilDA.dll Error

LogiLDA.dll is the DLL error on Windows 10. Many Logitech users have reported this error on Microsoft Support. They posted that, We are facing a problem  with the error message – “There was a problem starting c:\windows\system32\logilda.dll Error The specified module could not be found.”


This clan of error messages usually appear shortly after or during a device is either switched on, or revived from sleep, or restarted.

If the method is long-held or is accomplishing multiple tasks at a time, this LogiLDA.dll Error warning may show soon after the Windows 10 device works in operating mode.

What is LogiLDA.DLL used for?

The LogiLDA.dll file is related to Logitech Download Assistant. If you are using any Logitech device like Logitech mouse or keyboard then you have to install the Logitech Download Assistant app. It will install all compatible device drivers on your Windows 10.

If you face any problem while starting LogilDA.dll, this could probably refer to the following:

  • The file wasn’t correctly installed and is absent from the program.
  • The current update must have caused the program to locate for this file in the wrong location.

How to fix LogilDA.dll Error on Windows 10

Restarting the device is the first step suggested when fixing any Windows 10 dll problem.

Method 1: Update Windows 10

Step 2: Updating is the following advice while adding new features and further enhancing device protection against viruses and malware and other file errors.

Note: Make sure to connect to a reliable and long-lasting power source while updating.

Method 2: Reinstallation of the mouse device drivers

While this LogilDA.dll Error may be a result of the simple installation of the Logitech programs, but the same is also expected to be provoked by the installed drivers for your mouse.

Go to Device Manager and then go to Mice and other pointing devices. Then right-click on your mouse name, and select Uninstall device.

After finishing the process, disconnect the mouse, restart the Windows 10 device, and then reconnect.

Method 3: Disable the LogiDA after startup

Press Ctrl + Alt + Del, click Task Manager, and then click startup.

From the list of programs set to run.

Right-click LogiDA, and Disable.

Note: While this may not fix errors related to the program, but it will cause Logitech download Assistant to run and display error messages automatically.

Method 4: Uninstall Logitech program

Uninstalling the Logitech program can be used to fix the problem while starting C Windows LogiLDA.dll.

Just open Start > All Apps, Right-click Logitech program, and Uninstall.

You can also go to Control panel and find the Logitech program and its drivers and then reinstall them.

Uninstall and then reinstall can fix many problems at a time which were created during initial installation.

First, uninstall Logitech download Assistant following the above instructions and then download Logitech Gaming Software from the Logitech Website.

Methods 5: Edit the Registry

LogiLDA error occurs due to the incompatibility of the Logitech Download Assistant. To solve this issue, you’ll have to edit the Registry.

Note: Logitech Download Assistant is temporarily disabled to run with starting on the computer. To avoid the problem altogether, entry is to be deleted. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Hold Win + R and type in REGEDIT.

Step 2: Click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run key.

Step 3: Find the Logitech Download Assistant and delete the entry.

Step 4: Now reboot the system to the changes to be effective.

Method 6: Remove Logitech from Startup

Another method to avoid the whole registry entry is as follows:

Step 1: Download CCleaner and Open it.

Step 2: Click on Tools, and then startup. Select Logitech Download Assistant from the list and click Delete.

It is a more straightforward and less complicated process. Reboot the computer to take effect.


What is the Logitech Download Assistant?

Logitech Download Assistant is an official app by Logitech designed to make their devices work with Windows 10. It will help you to download all the required Logitech drivers automatically.


Restart, update, reinstall the mouse drivers, disable, and uninstalling the Logitech programs help solve the majority of the issues while others can be solved following the instructions as mentioned above.

For more Windows 10 errors and its solutions, keep reading our blog.

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