Router Ping Test in Windows 10

Networking problem is a common problem, and you may not get an internet connection for the problem. Check every setting of your routers and connected cables with pc. Check your router’s LED light. Make sure that the green and red are working properly. If you are facing network problem, then use ‘PING’ command in the CMD. In many cases, it is very difficult to find out the real reason of network problem. But ‘PING’ command is a very useful tool that will help you to find out the problem and why it occurs. Using PING command, you can do many things to resolve the problem.

Without using IP address, you cannot get login the router management console which is a most useful tool to manage the routers. Using the tool, you can restrict the entry to the internet. You should change the default settings which ensure your network security. If you cannot see the login page and facing error message, then you should use a command in the CMD. From the start menu of your Windows click on Run or Search and there type ‘cmd.’ CMD page should run instant. In the body of the CMD page type ping -t.This ping -t command is called continuous ping which will describe what problem you are facing.

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Router Ping Test Guide

In the CMD, you put continuous ping command which will indicate the problem of your router. If you get a continuous response, then the connection is connected to your routers. If you get packet data and response time, then the connection is ok and working properly. Continuous ping command shows you the response time and shows data in percentage loss or receive packets.Then you can understand the connection is fast or slow.

  • Ping is used to testing the connection between the router and the PC
  • Ping is used to checking internet connection
  • Ping checks networks, and it sends packets to the router, and the router responds. If the router does not respond, then it is considered that router is not turned on or has a problem with in a router. IP is used by Linksys, Netgear, TP-Link, etc.

ping -t” is called “continuous ping.” If you type “ping -t” command in CMD. If you see feedback ‘lost packet’ that means connecting with a router is not setup correctly.You will get message ‘request timed out’. If you check your printer and server using “ping -t”.

You should know all of the steps in Windows 8.1.Following steps will work in windows 7 too.

  • Click on the start button.
  • In the Run box type ‘CMD.’
  • In the body of the CMD type ‘ ping -t (space before -t)
  • Press Enter
  • Clt+C (press together to cancel the window)

This is the best practice if you try it by yourself before taking the router to the manufacturer or dealer.

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