How to Boot Into Advanced Startup Options in Windows 10

The Advanced Startup Options is the central solution for all the errors that come up in your system. It is available in all versions of Windows, from 7, 8 to 10. If you want to reset the PC settings or restore your system or boot into the Safe Mode or Startup Repair, navigating to the Advanced Startup Options menu is important. So today we will be discussing how to boot into Advanced Startup Windows 10.  Various boot options are merged into a single screen in both Windows 8 and 10, giving you an access to various repair tools and a chance to change the Windows startup behavior. So if you are looking for Windows Startup settings and dual-booting your system, then you can go ahead with this Windows 10 Startup Repair loop.

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Boot Into Advanced Startup Options in Windows 10

There are three simple methods by which you can boot your system into the Advanced Startup Options. So whenever you want to perform System Image Recovery or want to troubleshoot follow these methods to restart your PC in Advanced Startup mode.

Method 1: By Giving your PC a Hard Reboot with Shift + Restart

The first method that you can try to get into the Advanced Startup Options is by pressing the Shift key and then clicking on the Restart option. Usually, this works normally, but if it doesn’t you can try doing it either from the Sign-in screen or from the Start Menu. When you press this combination, your computer will let you through a number of options, follow the given steps to reboot your system in Advanced Startup Options Windows 10.

Step 1: Click on See Advanced repair options, followed by Troubleshoot option.

Step 2: In the Troubleshoot window, click on Advanced options.

Step 3: Next click on Startup Settings from where you can finally restart your system.

You can go ahead with F4, F5 or F6 to restart your system. This method is quite suited when you face the advanced boot options windows F8 not working problem. Or you can also try the next method.

Method 2: Reboot your PC using Command Prompt with PowerShell

The second method that you can try if you do not want to open the Windows 10 boot manager, is by issuing a command with PowerShell. With this method, you can boot into Advanced Startup Options Windows 10 easily.

Step 1:  Press Windows +X > Windows PowerShell as Administrator.

Step 2: typethe command > Enter.

shutdown.exe /r /o

Step 3: System will restart automatically > redirected to the Advanced Startup.

Method 3: Reboot the Settings

Step 1: Open Settings.

Step 2: Click on the Update and Security > Recovery.

Step 3: Advanced Startup > Restart.

Step 4: Wait for a few seconds. Then go to Troubleshoot> Advanced Options> Startup Settings> F4/F5 or F6.

So this was another method that you can try if you are facing the Advanced Boot Options windows F8 not working error.

These were the three easiest methods that will help you boot into Advanced Startup Options in Windows 10. And by chance, if you have no startup settings in Advanced Options, then you can try the Shift+ F8 option to boot your system. if you need any further suggestion or help, leave your query in the comment section.

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